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Nanochill presentation final with videos

Nanochill presentation final with videos






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    Nanochill presentation final with videos Nanochill presentation final with videos Presentation Transcript

    • WHAT IS THERMONOMICS®?Thermonomics® is the result of 20 years of research by three DuPont surfacechemists and 10 years of rigorous lab and field testing.The end result Is a patented space age lubricant that is a highly cost effective,sustainable technology approved by the US Department of Energy as a Provenand Safe technology to help the world consume less energy and help toreduce energy consumption related to Refrigeration and Air Conditioningcost.§ In 1990, a U.S. patent was awarded§ In 1999, Thermonomics® was acquired by Enron Corporation, andlanguished in the courts due to the legal issues with Enron Corp.§ In 2009, Thermonomics® was acquired by Thermo Holdings LLC of Arizonaand is now being re-introduced into the marketplace. 2
    • FEDERAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (FEMP)EVALUATIONS CONFIRMED THE FOLLOWING BENEFITSOF THERMONOMICS®INJECTING THERMONOMICS® INTO YOUR REFRIGERATION AND/OR COOLINGSYTEM HAS BEEN SHOWN TO…§ Increase the refrigerant oils ability to lubricate by 1500%§ Reduce mechanical friction and equipment wear by 85%§ Extended air conditioner, refrigerator and other cooling equipment life§ Decrease air supply temperature as much as 4 to 10+ degrees§ Enables equipment to run quieter§ Reduce operating costs§ Increases metal’s resistance to oxidation (rust) 78% 3
    • HOW DOES THERMONOMICS® WORK?Laymans Terms:Thermonomics® is a lubricant that when injected into the refrigeration systemwill greatly increase the units efficiency. The efficiencies reduce the electricaldemand on your equipment thus reducing your kilowatt usage and saving yourbusiness money.Technical Terms:Thermonomics® lubricant when injected into the HVAC and refrigerationsystem creates highly conductive and electromagnetic molecules that embedthemselves into the space lattice of the metal thus filling the grain boundaryand stabilizing the metal surface.This molecular polarization will displace the isolative layer of non-polarizedmolecules and will not allow the refrigerant oil build-up to reform. The result isa surface free of stagnant oil hindering the heat transfer rate of the metal.Thermonomics® molecules greatly increase the heat transfer rate throughelectromagnetic heat propagation. 4
    • WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF BUSINESSES THAT USE THERMONOMICS ®?§ Hotels § Residential units§ Motels § Apartment complexes§ Restaurants § Office buildings§ Grocery stores § Banks§ Small & Big box retailers § Industrial & manufacturing facilitiesTHERMONOMICS® CAN BE USED IN ALL SIZES OF COOLING & REFRIGERATIONEQUIPMENT THAT USES REFRIGERANT§ A/C units § Ice machines§ Chillers § Food service refrigeration§ Walk-in coolers § Automobile compressors§ Refrigerators & freezers § Refrigerated trucks 5
    • WHO USES THERMONOMICS®?Thermonomics® is in use in hundreds of Federal Buildings across the countryincluding the Pentagon and the Department of Energy in Washington D.C.Thermonomics® is also in use in hundreds of businesses including Outbackrestaurants, IHOP restaurants, Raymond James and Bed Bath & Beyond.
    • THERMONOMICS® TECHNOLOGY HAS BEEN EVALUATED AND APPROVED BY THE FEDERAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (FEMP) FOR USE IN GOVERNMENT INSTALLATIONSTHERMONOMICS® REDUCED THE COOLING PORTION OF THE ELECTRIC BILL…21.30% U.S. Government – Federal Energy Management Program Report on PolarizedRefrigerant Oil Additive (Thermonomics®)24.00% U.S. Department of Energy, Environmental & Energy Resource Center –Bridgeman’s Data Report21.97% City of Austin, Texas Analyses of Multiple Energy Saving Techniques20.30% Alief Independent School District Performance Report32.10% Burger King, Houston, Texas Performance Report40.20% Smith Aerospace, Grand Rapids, MI – Roof top unit 7
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    • FLORIDA ELECTRICITY RATES HAVE SKYROCKETED OVER THE PAST 5 YEARS 15¢ per KW 10¢ per KW 8¢ per KW 6¢ per KW 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 11% 17% 25% 30% 25% ??% 22
    • POWER BILL BREAKDOWN AND ESTIMATED SAVINGSCost Saving Estimates per every $1,000.00 of electrical usage 24
    • POWER BILL BREAKDOWN AND ESTIMATED SAVINGSCost Saving Estimates per every $1,000.00 of electrical usage 25
    • THERMONOMICS® IS PROVEN TO REDUCE COOLING COSTS BY AS MUCHAS 10-40%...WILL YOU LET FP&L KEEP YOUR MONEY OR WILL YOU…§ Donate a portion of your savings to your favorite charity?§ Establish a scholarship fund for deserving kids?§ Purchase new equipment for your business?§ Catch up on some bills?§ Donate a portion of your proceeds to your place of worship?§ Start an annuity and let your savings enjoy compounding interest?§ Set aside money for retirement? The choice is up to you because IT’S YOUR MONEY! 26
    • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSCan manufacturers void my warranty if I use Thermonomics ® in my equipment?The Magnusson-Moss Consumer Product Act of 1992 stipulates that “manufacturers may notvoid a warranty if a third-party lubricant is added unless that equipment manufacturer candemonstrate that the lubricant caused harm to the equipment.”*The FEMP report quotes a letter from the “Carrier Corporation:” to one manufacturer, datedMarch 1989, which stated, “At this time, Carrier knows of no negative effects (of Thermonomics)on the reliability of Carrier Compressors.”Is there adequate liability insurance to cover any issues that may arise due to the addition ofThermonomics® to the equipment?Thermonomics® carries adequate liability insurance to cover the possibility of any problemscaused by the addition of Thermonomics ® to any refrigeration system. A certificate of thisinsurance coverage is available on request.Has there been any known damage to equipment or failures due to the installation ofThermonomics® in equipment?In over 5,000 + applications of Thermonomics ® , no equipment failures have ever beenexperienced. 27
    • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSIf our equipment is new, will installing Thermonomics ® into our equipment benefit ourbusiness?It has been proven in the lab and in the field that Thermonomics ® will reduce the energy usageup to 40% off the cooling portion of your electric bill when equipment is 5 years or older.Although instant savings in electricity costs will not be realized in brand new equipment like itwould be in older equipment, the life extension, maintenance saving properties and futureelectricity savings would make installing Thermonomics ® a very wise investment for newerequipment.Is there any equipment downtime when installing Thermonomics ®?Thermonomics® is a one-time installation per unit, easier to install than adding Freon to asystem. When installing Thermonomics ® in your equipment, your business will not experienceany downtime because installation is done while your equipment is running.Thermonomics® installations are done by certified and approved Thermonomics® installers.Are there any *tax incentives for my business to save Energy?Yes, The federal government is offering deductions of up to $.60 cents per square foot totenants or owners of buildings in which individual heating and cooling systems meet targetlevels that would reasonably contribute to an overall building savings. *Consult a TaxProfessional-Churches do not qualify for tax incentive. http://www.efficientbuildings.org 28
    • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSDoes reducing my energy usage have any other benefits besides cost savings?Yes, you do your part to reduce America’s dependence on oil, and for every 1000 Kw ofenergy you save your business reduces 1 ton of green house gas emissions from polluting theearth’s atmosphere.Does NanoChill Technologies Inc. offer it’s customers any Guarantees?YES, WE GUARANTEE that Thermonomics® will make your treated equipment run moreefficiently, smoother, quieter and help reduce energy consumption.WE ALSO GUARANTEE that by installing Thermonomics ® to your system that refrigerant oilwill circulate much more freely, extending the life of your equipment.WE ALSO *GUARANTEE that if Thermonomics® fails to improve the efficiency of yourequipment and save your business at least 10% on the cooling portion of your electric bill wewill provide you with a full refund.*Equipment must have been in operation for a minimum of 5 years to qualify
    • THERMONOMICS® IS PROVEN TO REDUCE COOLING COSTS BY AS MUCHAS 10-40%...WHICH PLAN MAKES THE MOST SENSE?Plan A: INSTALL THERMONOMICS® AND…§ Do your part to reduce greenhouse gases and our nations dependence on foreign oil.§ Take advantage of Federal Government Tax Incentives.§ Cut the cooling portion of your electric bill by as much as 10-40%.§ Use your savings to increase the value of your business.§ Extend the useful life of your refrigeration and cooling equipment.§ Use a portion of your energy savings to do good works and deeds.Plan B: DON’T INSTALL THERMONOMICS® AND…§ Don’t do your part to reduce greenhouse gases and our nations dependence on foreign oil.§ Don’t take advantage of Federal Government tax incentives.§ Don’t cut the cooling portion of your electric bill by as much as 10-40%.§ Let FP&L continue to use your money to increase the value of their business and not your business§ Don’t extend the useful life of your refrigeration and cooling equipment.§ Don’t use a portion of your energy savings to do good works and deeds and instead let FP&L choose how they will spend your money. 30
    • The presentation has concluded…we appreciate your time!
    • Technical Data and Test Results
    • Technical Data and Test Results
    • Technical Data and Test Results
    • Technical Data and Test Results
    • Technical Data and Test Results
    • Technical Data and Test Results
    • “ASHRAE” THE AMERICAN SOCIETY of HEATING REFIRGERATION and AIR CONDITIONING ENGINEERS“ASHRAE”, The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, reportsthat oil molecules from the refrigerant oil stick to all the metals surfaces inside the system forminga stagnant oil film which migrates throughout the system.This causes a reduction in the efficiency of most equipment of 2% - 8% per year. Over the years,this will result in considerable internal damage to the system and cause a great deal of frictioncaused by increasing the heat transfer in HVAC and refrigeration systems. This will dramaticallyaffect the heat transfer of the equipment, causing higher electric costs. 40