Faces of Homelessness Presentation


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A presentation about homelessness in Billings, Montana.

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  • The cost of homelessness can be quite high for those experiencing homelessness and for taxpayers subsidizing public systems. During the course of a year, a chronically homeless individual often cycles through public systems including shelters, jail, addiction/mental health treatment facilities, and emergency medical centers. The $15,000/individual was estimated using the Billings Addendum in 2007, the cost to serve the chronically homeless was estimated by the Community Crisis Center.

    chronically homeless: a homeless individual or family with a disabling condition that has either been continually homeless for a year or more, or has had at least four episodes of homelessness in the past three years. A person or family may have been sleeping in a place not meant for human habitation and / or in an emergency homeless shelter, or staying doubled up with family or friends. A disabling condition is defined as a diagnosable substance use disorder, serious mental illness, developmental disability, or chronic physical illness or disability including the co-occurrence of two or more of these conditions.

    temporarily homeless: short-term homelessness lasting no more than six months, and excludes cases in which individuals have previous experience with homelessness.
  • Faces of Homelessness Presentation

    1. 1. TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. www.WelcomeHomeBillings.org
    2. 2. Homelessness affects everyone in our community; from the emotional and physical toll it takes on homeless individuals to the financial toll it takes on everyone else, no one is sheltered from its effects. www.WelcomeHomeBillings.org
    3. 3. Is this homelessness?
    4. 4. Or this?
    5. 5. Homelessness in Billings
    6. 6. HUD Defines Homeless as Living … 1. Outside or other place not meant for sleeping; 2. Emergency shelter; 3. Domestic violence shelter; 4. Motel or hotel paid for by a voucher; or 5. Transitional housing program for homeless persons. Emergency Shelter Domestic Violence Shelter Motel Paid by Voucher Transitional Housing Program Outside
    7. 7. Overall Homelessness Defined • Outside • Emergency Shelter • Domestic Violence Shelter • Motel/Hotel paid by voucher • Transitional housing program • Friends/Family; on emergency basis, short term • Friends/family, voluntarily, long term • Motel/hotel paid by self • Hospital • Jail • Psychiatric facility • Substance abuse treatment HUD Defined Homeless Precariously Housed HUD Defined Homeless Precariously Housed Overall Homeless
    8. 8. Average Homelessness in Billings For every 10,000 people living in Billings, 33 are homeless 64 of these individuals are veterans 321 390 711 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 HUD Defined Homelessness Precariously Housed Overall Homelessness *Represents averages of annual data from the 2006-2014 Montana Housing Status Surveys
    9. 9. Average Age and Gender of Billings Homeless 195 153 199 102 7 13 0 50 100 150 200 250 Under 18 18-30 31-50 51-61 62-64 Over 64 60% 40% Gender Male Female AGE *Represents averages of annual data from the 2006-2014 Montana Housing Status Surveys
    10. 10. DID YOU KNOW? Families with children are amongst the fastest growing sub-population of the homeless.
    11. 11. Myths about Homelessness … Homeless people don’t want to work…  Almost one third of the homeless in Billings are employed full or part- time. If you build it they will come…  They are already here, 47% of the homeless in Billings have been here over five years.
    12. 12. Length of Time in the Community Less Than a Month 4% 1-12 Months 10% 13-24 Months 9% 2-5 Years 12% 6-10 Years 11% 11-20 Years 15% Over 20 Years 21% *Represents averages of annual data from the 2006-2014 Montana Housing Status Surveys
    13. 13. Sources of Income 193 58 40 21 8 16 57 32 0 50 100 150 200 250 *Represents averages of annual data from the 2006-2014 Montana Housing Status Surveys
    14. 14. Sources of Non-Income Benefits 10 11 18 14 5 28 85 204 25 0 50 100 150 200 250 Section 8 Housing TANF Benefits Veteran Affairs WIC SCHI Medicare Medicaid SNAP Other *Represents averages of annual data from the 2006-2014 Montana Housing Status Surveys
    15. 15. Sleeping Locations 15% 22% 7% 8% 34% 13% Outside Emergency Shelter Motel with/Without Voucher Transitional Housing Family and/or Friends Other *Represents averages of annual data from the 2006-2014 Montana Housing Status Surveys
    16. 16. Ethnicity* 52% 7% 34% 3% White Hispanic Native American African American *People who identified as Asian, Pacific Islander, or other represented less than 1% *Represents averages of annual data from the 2006-2014 Montana Housing Status Surveys
    17. 17. Factors that Lead to Homelessness… • Conflict with family/friends • Problems paying rent • Incarceration • Domestic Violence • Evicted for reasons other than rent
    18. 18. Average Cost of Living Monthly Expenses Community Average Housing $650 Utilities $125 Food $300 Child Care ($22/Day) $484 Health Care $200 Transportation (car payment + fuel) $379 Other (phone, TV, clothing, misc.) $298 Taxes $407 Total $2,843 Based on a full-time employee who earns $8.25/hour ($1 above minimum wage) will have a net income of $1,367.
    19. 19. Disabling Conditions that Impact Housing Opportunity • Substance Abuse • Lack of Employment • Physical Disability • Mental Health • HIV/AIDS
    20. 20. DID YOU KNOW? It costs over $15,000 to serve one homeless individual for one year. If that individual is chronically homeless, the cost increases to $115,000 per year. The total annual cost to serve the homeless in Billings is $54 MILLION
    21. 21. Services Needed Jobs Affordable Housing Mental Health Services Addictions Treatment
    22. 22. • Gather research and data on chronic homelessness • Define Billings homeless problem • Develop strategies to address root causes of homelessness • Share knowledge of homelessness with public B E C A U S E N O O N E H A S T O B E H O M E L E S S . Mayor’s Committee on Homelessness
    23. 23. History Structure
    24. 24. No one in Billings has to be homeless. Everyone in Billings has access to tools and opportunities for safe, appropriate and affordable housing. The Mayor’s Committee on Homelessness has partnered with local organization and community members to develop and implement a comprehensive ten-year plan in the pursuit of ending chronic homelessness in the Billings community. Vision Mission
    25. 25. Billings Community Connect Billings Metro VISTA Project Service Provider Collaboration Social Enterprise Spare Change for Real Change Housing First Project Illuminate Homelessness
    26. 26. Who are the homeless
    27. 27. They are Individuals…
    28. 28. And Families.
    29. 29. They are made up of both the old…
    30. 30. and the new.
    31. 31. GET INVOLVED YOU CAN DO SOMETHING Remember: You can do something: Donate, advocate, volunteer…each effort moves us that much closer to ending homelessness in Billings. TO LEARN MORE: WelcomeHomeBillings.org Here you can learn more about the problem of homelessness in Billings and what our community is doing to stop impact it. You can find ways to contribute. And if you or someone you know is in need of support, you can find information on how to get help. DONATE TODAY Donate now by going online at www.welcomehomebillings.org/donate Or by mail at the following address: Community Development Division 2825 3rd Avenue, 6th Floor Billings, MT 59101 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO Mayor’s Committee on Homelessness
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