Strategic Planning 101


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Overwhelmed about the future possibilities for your business and the steps you’ll need to take? Watch our archived copy of this webinar here:

On February 13th, 2014, seasoned professionals, Micheal Burch, Welch’s Managing Partner, & Peter Cleveland, CEO of Cleveland Leadership Group presented what they know to be the most effective strategic planning approaches.

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  • Darryl
  • Darryl - introductions: MichealBurch, Managing Partner of Welch LLP since 2006, responsible for the direction and operations of Welch LLP, a professional services firm, employing over 160 people. Responsibility for specialty service support in all areas of strategy, with extensive experience in taxation, financial and estate planning, and cross-border consulting. Peter Cleveland, CEO of Cleveland Leadership Group Inc., brings 37 years of excellence in client service. He has demonstrated the ability to build an organization by setting the strategic direction and cascading that direction throughout a culture to create sustained, positive change.Through strong leadership, financial and interpersonal skills, he strengthens organizations, whether for-profit or not-for-profit. His leadership style is one of setting direction; then aligning all daily reporting, measurements and agendas around that direction; while mentoring people to achieve it.
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  • Definition: MichealKey Elements: PeterWhat does it mean to the CEO?: Peter ->Micheal
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  • What are the primary reasons Strategic plans fail or are not implemented?Who do you involve in the planning process?What information should you gather beforehand?A top down process or bottom up?How often should the plan be re-visited? When do you make the decision to re-tool if the results aren’t there?
  • Strategic Planning 101

    1. 1. Welcome to Today’s Webinar The Expert Toolkit Series: Strategic Planning 101
    2. 2. Ground Rules Questions Windows Mac Tablet • Attendees are in listen-only mode • This webinar is being recorded for future on-demand playback • Your participation represents acknowledgement that we are recording • Tweet questions & comments to: #WelchExpert
    3. 3. Presenters Micheal Burch, CPA, CA, CFP Managing Partner Peter Cleveland, BBA, CFE, CIRP, FCA CEO of Cleveland Leadership Group
    4. 4. What we will cover today • What is Strategic Planning? • Why is Strategic Planning important & how can it help you? • Essential tools of a good Strategic plan • Examples of high level initiatives/goals • Consequences of not having a Strategic Plan • Importance of reviewing the plan regularly
    5. 5. What is Strategic Planning? • Definition - The process of determining where leadership wants the organization to be in the future & how it will get there. • Key Elements – Set vision, Success Statement, Strategies, SWOT, Goals, Action Plans • What does it mean to the CEO? –It provides an agreed upon direction to align all stakeholders
    6. 6. Why is it important? • Without it, the organization drifts toward mediocrity • Helps align the organization in one direction • Its absence encourages silos • Gives understanding of how one part of the organization impacts others • Helps set process improvement initiatives
    7. 7. How can it help? • Organizationally • Personally o Critical Evaluation of o How I have to change current situation o Clearer performance o Creates a road Map toward expectation best practices & greater o Road to rewards success o Tool to gauge success
    8. 8. Essential Approaches • Create a reflective review of the previous 3-5 years • Create a mutually agreed upon vision • Develop measurable 5 year success statement • Break into annual plans • List strategies to get there • Develop step-by-step action plan
    9. 9. Developing High Level Goals/Initiatives • Create stretch goals for revenue & earnings growth • Cultural change is everything • What skills are missing to get there? • Train staff with the necessary skills to implement the plan • Upgrade performance review process • Tie rewards to plan implementation success
    10. 10. Consequences of No Planning • Organization stagnation • Incremental progress at best • Competitors pass you • Limits your chances of improvement • Short change all stakeholders • Accepting the status quo
    11. 11. Importance of Regular Reviews • Makes the plan a part of management accountability • Shows organization that the plan is here to stay • Minimizes risk of reversion • Opportunity for remedial action
    12. 12. Recommended Reads • ‘50 Steps to Business Success’ by Peter Cleveland • ‘Leadership Gurus: Speak Out!’ by Adele Alfano & Kathy Glover • ‘Strategy & the Fat Smoker’ by David Maister
    13. 13. Q&A Micheal Burch, CPA, CA, CFP Managing Partner Peter Cleveland, BBA, CFE, CIRP, FCA CEO of Cleveland Leadership Group