Proxibid and WeGoLook Partner to Provide Item Verification for Buyers and Sellers


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Proxibid and WeGoLook today announced an exclusive strategic partnership that will provide Proxibid’s online community with first-hand access to WeGoLook’s network of more than 7,000 inspectors.

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Proxibid and WeGoLook Partner to Provide Item Verification for Buyers and Sellers

  1. 1. Proxibid and WeGoLook Partner to Provide Item Verification for Buyers and Sellers
  2. 2. Proxibid, the worlds largest, most trusted online marketplace forbuying and selling specialized assets, andWeGoLook, an online verification company focused on providingpersonalized reports from certified inspectors nationwide, todayannounced an exclusive strategic partnership that will provide Proxibidsonline community with first-hand access to WeGoLook’s network ofmore than 7,000 inspectors.
  3. 3. Through this partnership, sellers in Proxibid’s marketplace canimprove buyer confidence in their sales by providing certifiedinspections conducted by WeGoLook agents, and which will beavailable on auction items to provide buyers with an extra level ofassurance in their online purchases.
  4. 4. Through Proxibid, buyers can use WeGoLook’s services to ensurethat items they are unable to view in person are verified, puttingtheir minds at ease prior to making a purchase or deposit, nomatter how large or small.
  5. 5. WeGoLook employs more than 7,000 agents, or “Lookers,”staggered across the country that will inspect any item, from asmall antique coin to a six ton bulldozer.
  6. 6. Each WeGoLook report may include current photos, video of aworking demonstration, VIN/Serial #/special markings andquestions that can be fully customized by the customer to meettheir specific needs.
  7. 7. Buyers can request specific pictures of the item, request thatWeGoLook asks the seller certain questions or request that wedocument specific markings, to name a few. When it comes tobidding in auctions, timing is everything and with WeGoLook’s RushService, WeGoLook guarantees that the order will be completed andavailable in under 24 hours.
  8. 8. For buyers of heavy equipment, AG machinery and heavy dutytrucks, WeGoLook offers ACI Inspections. WeGoLook has the largestnetwork of third-party, ACI Inspectors providing the most complete andprofessional report in the industry. The inspection includes anextremely thorough condition report, 50 quality photos and a videodemonstration of the asset in use.
  9. 9. Already purchased your item? WeGoLook can pick up your item fromthe auction site and deliver it to a shipper such as FedEx or UPS on thewinners behalf. For larger items such as autos or heavy equipment thatrequire transport services, WeGoLook can arrange for delivery throughour trusted network of transportation solutions while keeping the priceas low as possible.
  10. 10. Connect With US
  11. 11. About ProxibidAs the worlds largest, most trusted online marketplace for buying andselling specialized assets, Proxibid is the leading destination for assetholders and buyers alike. Proxibid offers multiple ways to sell online,including live auctions, timed auctions, instant purchase and classifiedlistings in the most secure, user-friendly marketplace in the world.Proxibid’s focus on innovation, and the Company’s expertise in bringingassets to a global online marketplace ensures both buyers and sellerscan maximize their bottom line with every sale. Every day, thousands ofsellers connect to hundreds of thousands of buyers in more than 190countries on Proxibid.For more information about Proxibid, please visit
  12. 12. About is an Online Verification company having over 7,000nationwide “Lookers” (background verified agents inspectors). TheLookers inspectors will travel anywhere in the USA to inspect or verifyany product, place or thing.WeGoLook mitigates risk for domestic and international consumers,businesses and property owners. A unique community composed ofthousands of agents throughout the USA, United Kingdom, Australiaand Canada are dispatched to auction items for sale, properties (rental,vacation, income), or people (online dates). They then complete anonsite verification report including current photos, videos, and sellerdemonstration, arrange transport and much more.
  13. 13. We help prevent Online Fraud• WeGoLook™ provides visual confirmation and a personalized report, completed by a real person, to verify a product, person, place or thing.• Over 7,000 (background check verified) Lookers who will travel in person anywhere in the US and verify an item’s existence by completing a personalized report including current photos, video and more.• WeGoLook™ customers are better informed, avoid costly surprises, plus benefit from unbiased confirmation without having to travel.