Onsite Vehicle Verification Services
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Onsite Vehicle Verification Services

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Dispatch a local WeGoLook inspector (starting at $49) to verify condition and existence of any vehicle in the USA. Onsite vehicle information report has pictures, videos, verifies VIN and more.

Dispatch a local WeGoLook inspector (starting at $49) to verify condition and existence of any vehicle in the USA. Onsite vehicle information report has pictures, videos, verifies VIN and more.

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  • 1. WeGoLook’s Onsite Vehicle Verification Helps Online Shoppers Avoid Fraud
  • 2. Don’t buy a car no one else wants. WeGoLook’s vehicle verification and inspection service has made shopping for a vehicle online easier and safe. It is also helping online buyers buy with peace of mind. http://www.wegolook.com
  • 3. “ A pre-purchase vehicle verification is a very important step when looking to buy a reliable preowned auto”, says Robin Smith, co-founder of WeGoLook.com. http://www.wegolook.com
  • 4. WeGoLook has made it easy for consumers to order a vehicle verification report to check on the condition and existence of any vehicle throughout the USA. http://www.wegolook.com WeGoLook will dispatch a local Looker who travels to the vehicle and completes an onsite report which includes current photos, video, observe a working demonstration, arranging transport for you and much more”.
  • 5. The verification service can be ordered online 24/7 by going to www.WeGoLook.com. The onsite verification service begins at only $49.00. WeGoLook.com has over 7,000 nationwide inspectors ("Lookers"). The “Lookers” will travel anywhere in the USA to verify the product, property, auction item, online date, etc. onsite. http://www.wegolook.com
  • 6. Consumers receive their online report featuring current pictures, videos and more. The following risks can be reduced from the online buying process:
    • Is the seller real?
    • Does the vehicle actually exist?
    • Does the vehicle start?
    • Is it the actual vehicle represented in photos?
    • Is the odometer reading correct?
    • Are the photos current or is there damage?
    • Other forms of vehicle misrepresentation or fraud.
  • 7. Here are a few advantages of ordering an inexpensive online verification report prior to purchasing or placing a deposit online: 1 Convenience – WeGoLook’s inspector will meet with the seller wherever the vehicle is located within the USA. Customers receive the completed vehicle verification report online which includes current videos, pictures and verification of make/model, etc. WeGoLook can also arrange transport and shipping. http://www.wegolook.com
  • 8. http://www.wegolook.com Peace of mind – Customers deserve peace-of-mind when spending thousands of dollars on an unseen item. The basic vehicle verification report starts only at $49.00. WeGoLook customers don’t become a victim of misrepresentation or fraud. 2 Trust – WeGoLook doesn’t buy or sell vehicles. We only inspect them and provide unbiased, independent and observational verification reports with pictures, video and more. 3
  • 9. Customers today are using our online verification services before purchasing high priced items online like an auto, motorcycle, boat, ATV, tractor, heavy equipment, lawn mower or anything else that could result in a large loss of money. http://www.wegolook.com
  • 10. http://www.wegolook.com We help prevent Online Fraud 
    • WeGoLook ™ provides visual confirmation and a personalized report, completed by a real person, to verify a product, person, place or thing.
    • Over 7,000 (background check verified) Lookers who will travel in person anywhere in the US and verify an item’s existence by completing a personalized report including current photos, video and more.
    • WeGoLook ™ customers are better informed, avoid costly surprises, plus benefit from unbiased confirmation without having to travel.