Wedo Auctions Webinar Hosting Raz Mobile Sept 25th, 2013


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Wedo Auctions Webinar Hosting Dale Knoop of Raz Mobile Sept 25th, 2013

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Wedo Auctions Webinar Hosting Raz Mobile Sept 25th, 2013

  1. 1. Live Fundraising Event Success
  2. 2. How do you produce a great event every time? Cater to your patrons!
  3. 3. Live Fundraising Event Common Live Event  Gala  Awards  Social Cocktail Style  Awareness & Community
  4. 4. Pre Event Decisions Who do we want attending the event? - Current Supports, Attract New Supporters, Affluent Individuals, Etc.. - This tells us what type of items to acquire and how much to charge for the event
  5. 5. Patron Attraction How do you market your event?
  6. 6. Do we market our events properly ? (Think Like Corporate America) - Gala, Social, and Themed Events: Fun and exciting on top of the cause - Award: Making your Award winner feel special and huge honor - Awareness & Community: Fun, exciting and family oriented
  7. 7. Fun & Exciting Flyer While stating your mission or cause!
  8. 8. Making your Award winner feel special and huge honor.
  9. 9. Improving Our Auction Items  Treat our auctions like a retail store! - People shop for what they like and others are attracted to the sales.  Find out what our patron like and will spend money on. - Auction Reporting and Tracking - Call and ask  What makes our auction stand out? - Change up our items from year to year - Put items together to create something different and higher value. - More items do not always create more income - Have price points for everyone in the room  Current Must Have Item: Men's watches, Cigar Boxes, Pet Baskets, Candy Baskets, Sporting items during that season, Sports and Celeb Autograph items, Classic Jewelry, Gift Cards to the top restaurants in your area, 3 Day Vacations
  10. 10. It’s Auction Time Trends in Auction Functionality  Mobile & Online Auctions  Pre Launching the Auction  Pre Authorizing Payment  Silent Auction Closing After Live
  11. 11. Mobile & Online Bidding Patron Benefits - Creates fun interactive activity for the patrons during the event - See and bid on items before the event even starts - Instant notification with they get outbid so they don’t forget what they are bidding on - Allows patron to enjoy the event and not stand by the bid sheets all night - Leave right after the auction is over without standing in a long line
  12. 12. Mobile & Online Bidding Organizational Benefits - Start Raising money before event starts - Patron does not have to attend to participate - Less volunteers need to run the auction - Allow the staff to interact with the donors and sponsors - No stressful collecting of bid sheets and data entry - Instant Reporting - Fast and Easy Checkout process
  13. 13. Why Pre Launching Your Auction  This allows us to market and build excitement for our silent auction and event  Patrons can start bidding and donating before the event starts
  14. 14. Pre Authorization  Eliminates the checkout process and patrons can now pick up their items with no long lines.  Your organization is guaranteed to receive their funds and do not have to worry about collecting after the event.
  15. 15. Increase Auction Activity  Promote bidding from the front of the room. Don’t rely on a text message to move people.  Create a large excitement as the clock ticks down  Leave silent auction open for 10 minutes following the live auction. (This allows those patrons who lost in the live auction to jump back into the silent and bid more)
  16. 16. Checkout Fast & Efficient - This is the last thing people remember at the end of the night. - Pre Authorization create a pick up line with no payment - Multiple line for credit card and one for cash/check - Proper amount of volunteers to help patrons get their items
  17. 17. Tracking for Our Next Event Whether we use mobile technology or pen and paper we must track the activity in our auctions. - What items had the most bids - What created the most amount of money - How money people participate - Who bought what - Top donors
  18. 18. Key Points  We must know what type of patrons are attending our event and cater the theme and marketing to them.  Know what your patrons will be interested in purchasing in the auction  Create a fun, enjoyable and easy way for individuals to bid  Develop a fast process for our patrons to checkout  Keep track of our results and data for the next auction (CRM)