Live fundraising event success Sept 11-2013


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Our Bi-Weekly webinar discussing how to maximize your fundraising capabilities. This week we had the pleasure of hosting Rob Herget of

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Live fundraising event success Sept 11-2013

  1. 1. Mobile Fundraising Event Success
  2. 2. Why would an organization use mobile bidding software to enhance their fundraising success?
  3. 3. We live on our phones! Email, Text, Facebook, Twitter, Picture, Skype, an d on occasion we talk to people with them. Phone Stats - 87% of the population with a household income of $75,000 and over - In the last year smart phone users over 65 has increased by 27.7%
  4. 4. Why would we want to use your personal phone? - How many of on the call know how to use our own phone? (This saves time and effort educating people how to use a bidding device) - How many people will turn around to get their phone if they left it at home? - Does anyone have patrons with kids at home?
  5. 5. Patrons Benefits - Creates Entertainment and a fun way to donate - Allows patrons to enjoy the event instead of hovering over the items - It allows your patrons to win every item they desire
  6. 6. Do we market our fundraising properly ? - Inform your patrons of the bidding process a head of time (Bidding will be done on the phone so bring your phones fully charged and ready to bid!) - Shoot out the registration instruction so they can bid before the event starts. (Major Advantage) - It not just bidding (Donations, Buy Now, Fun A Need, Voting, Etc…)
  7. 7. Non Profit Organizations Event Automation - Item Entry - Real Time Bidding Data - Fast Auction Data Reconciliation - Express or No Check Out - Reporting Following the Events
  8. 8. Improving Our Auction Items  Treat our auctions like a retail store! - People shop for what they like and others are attracted to the sales.  Find out what our patron like and will spend money on. - Auction Reporting and Tracking - Call and ask  What makes our auction stand out? - Change up our items from year to year (Some a good) - Put items together to create something different and higher value. - More items do not always create more income - Have price points for everyone in the room  Current Must Have Item: Men's watches, Cigar Boxes, Pet Baskets, Candy Baskets, Sporting items during that season, Sports and Celeb Autograph items, Classic Jewelry, Gift Cards to the top restaurants in your area, 3 Day Vacations
  9. 9. Pre Authorization  Eliminates the checkout process and patrons can now pick up their items with no long lines.  Your organization is guaranteed to receive their funds and do not have to worry about collecting after the event.
  10. 10. Increase Auction Activity  Promote bidding from the front of the room. Don’t rely on a text message to move people.  Create a large excitement as the clock ticks down  Leave silent auction open for 10 minutes following the live auction. (This allows those patrons who lost in the live auction to jump back into the silent and bid more)
  11. 11. Key Points  The world is revolving around our phones. The majority of our patrons have the capability to use there personal phone.  Mobile Bidding will cater to the new wave of donors  Creates great entertainment for your event and for the patrons  Streamlines the process for hosting your auction  Know what your patrons will be interested in purchasing in the auction  Creates great reporting for your next event