Effective Landing Pages


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What makes a good landing page? Learn what makes landing pages effective with these examples.

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Effective Landing Pages

  1. 1. Agenda The Approach The Breakdown Bringing it on home
  2. 2. Keeping The Promise  If you tell a customer that there is a sales rack at the back of your store, it better be there right? Same with online. Form or Online or Your Shopping Offline Ad Website Cart 04/21/2010 2 WebsiteBiz
  3. 3. Keep Users Focused  Keep your purpose focused  One objective only  Obvious way to navigate  Obvious next step 04/21/2010 3 WebsiteBiz
  4. 4. You Have 5 Seconds… tick tick tick tick tick  Within 5 seconds a Landing Page visitor knows if they are going to stay.  Online visitors SCAN - keep it simple and relevant. Write your landing page for scanning, not reading. 04/21/2010 4 WebsiteBiz
  5. 5. Embrace the Space  Use white space to direct the user’s eye and emphasize the area where you want their most attention.  Make sure your page does not look crowded, especially around your form or call to action button. 04/21/2010 5 WebsiteBiz
  6. 6. Be Relevant  What questions would they ask? Make sure they are answered.  Be as targeted as possible and ‘speak their language’ with graphics and text.  For example, if you sell men’s and women’s products, make a page geared to appeal to each gender. 04/21/2010 6 WebsiteBiz
  7. 7. Sell the Offer  Landing Pages promote offers, not products.  You don’t need product details, company information or more about your services.  You just need to confirm that they are on the right track, get them excited about it, and give them a clear path to go down. 04/21/2010 7 WebsiteBiz
  8. 8. Narrow the Possibilities  Lose the top and sidebar navigation; you want to keep them focused.  You can have footer navigation which tells the user the page is part of a greater site, a must for some and key to search engines.  You should also have your logo linked back to your site. 04/21/2010 8 WebsiteBiz
  9. 9. Help Them Picture a Better Life  Images can help or hurt. Your images need to promise a better life if they purchase from you - leave it at that.  SHOW ME THE BENEFIT! 04/21/2010 9 WebsiteBiz
  10. 10. Help Them Picture a Better Life  A too-great image can lure people away from your objective. Imagine using a celebrity using your type of product only to have people leave in pursuit of more info about the celebrity. Doh!  Also, the image needs a caption. Captions are more likely to be read than any other text on the landing page! 04/21/2010 10 WebsiteBiz
  11. 11. Design / Structure Wireframe 04/21/2010 11 WebsiteBiz
  12. 12. Example - Discuss amongst yourselves. 04/21/2010 12 WebsiteBiz