The Ultimate Guide To Header Tags In Seo
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  • 1. WebMarketingExperts
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  • 3. The Ultimate Guide to Header Tags in SEO
    If you have a website, you need content … if you have content, you need header tags!
    Header tags are a crucial part of your web content's readability and SEO value, because they create a framework for your readers to understand you within.
  • 4. The Ultimate Guide to Header Tags in SEO
    What is a header tag?
    Your headers are indicated in the HTML for your web pages by the tags H1, H2, H3, etc
    In SEO terms, Google pays more attention to keywords in header tags than in content, because header tags should be a strong indication of what the following content is about.
  • 5. The Ultimate Guide to Header Tags in SEO
    So, I should just fill my header tags with keywords?
    Not quite! A single keyword instance per header tag is plenty, and it should be a keyword which is relevant to the content below …
  • 6. The Ultimate Guide to Header Tags in SEO
    How should I write a header tag?
    First, think about what the main thrust of the page's content will be; this is your H1 tag
    Think about the rest of the content on your page, and the main topics within it. These are your H2 tags.
  • 7. The Ultimate Guide to Header Tags in SEO
    If there are any sub-topics within the H2 content, indicate them as H3 headers.
    Make each header between three and ten words long.
    A best search engine optimisation practice is to use keywords in the H1 and H2 headers - H3 tags are a very minimal contribution to your SEOrankings.
  • 8. The Ultimate Guide to Header Tags in SEO
    How many header tags can I have?
    Technically you can have up to 6 levels; most people don't go beyond 4.
  • 9. The Ultimate Guide to Header Tags in SEO
    And if you feel that you need any more than 3 header tags on a page you really should think about creating another subset of pages for the topic - spreading out your structure like this can have search engine optimisation benefits as well.