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Introduction to Video Advertising


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  • 1. The New Online Frontier and Video
  • 2. roi
  • 3.  
  • 4.  
  • 5. For the consumer: Consume content (reading) Participate in content (rating) Creation of content (publishing) Organizing content (RSS feeds) For brands: eCommerce Community Expand points of contact Attract new prospects
  • 6. Decade of technology evolution 1993 1998 Information Wave Access 2003 Distribution & Communications Wave Transact 2007 + Networking Wave Communicate Social Media Wave Participate
  • 7. Revolution of consumer power driven by a major generation change
    • Want user friendly, plug-and-play technology
    • Television, cable TV and internet important
    Baby Boomers (72 million ages 41 – 59) Generation X (43 million ages 27-45) Generation Y (60 million age 12 – 28)
    • Near universal PC, mobile phone use
    • Multimodal communication – voice, video, text
    • Music, mobile TV, video, multi-layer 3D gaming
    • Larger & more dependent on portability & connectivity of mobile devices
    • Want fast, seamless, top-of-line technology
    • Use handhelds, portable devices; play video games
    • Like to cocoon when traveling
  • 8. Monetizing Video Product Placement Advertiser Funded Video Mobile Video Video on Demand (VOD) Joost, Sky1 In Stream Video in-video in-content
  • 9. Online Video Ads Mainly Drive Site Visits; Some Purchase
    • 44% of users have taken some action after viewing a video ad
  • 10. Video Activities by Gender and Age
    • High propensity to share and distribute video content across all demographic groups
  • 11. Video Ad Formats 1. In-Video advertising
    • Pre-Roll: before content stream (:15 and :30 seconds)
    • Mid Roll: during content stream (:15 and :30 seconds
    • Post Roll: after content stream (no limits)
    • Overlays
    • Ticker Ad
    During video playback a unit Launches at the bottom of the player During video playback a unit Launches at the bottom of the player Roll Based
    • Ticker Ads
  • 12. Video Ad Formats 2. In-Content video advertising
    • Banner to Video Expandable
    • Video Overlay
    • Video Banner (468 x 60)
    • In Text Video Advertising
    • Video Subsites
    Video ad appearing on or over the content of a site
  • 13. Kraft Crystal Light Video Campaign Case Study
    • Kraft Video campaign ran across three months, across social media, entertainment and lifestyle sites
    • Brand impact study conducted by Kraft and Dynamic Logic revealed campaign raised awareness of Crystal Light by 21%
  • 14. Hilton Maldives Video Case Study
    • Web Liquid arranged for the Hilton Maldives Resort to be the first hotel participating in Tripadvisor’s new online video features.
    • Video (11 minutes long) has been played 11,673 times to date and rated a 4.5 out of 5 by viewers.
    • Prior to the 2006 Travelers Choice Awards, in which the property was selected as the Best Luxury Hotel, Web Liquid and Trip Advisor submitted video to ABC in Chicago
      • One-minute features was aired live during the news broadcast
  • 15. Measuring Video
    • Panel Based Measurement
      • Nielsen VideoCensus – a US based panel based measurement service leveraging content-tagging. VideoCensus will measure:
        • Cached video content streams
        • Peer-to peer video streams
        • Digital rights-managed (DRM) video streams
    • Ad Serving
      • Tracking video streams through third party ad serving. Key metrics include:
        • Time Spent
        • Clicks
        • Traffic to Site
        • Unique Streams
  • 16. Relevant Points of Video Distribution
      • Videos YouTube
      • Google Video
      • Yahoo Video
      • (Leading Hotels of the World)
    Single Site Distribution Points Network Distribution Points
      • Egg Network
        • 20M video streams a day
        • 75+ social media sites
      • Brightcove