Webistem Conferences Accelerator


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With Webistem Conferences Accelerator, simplify the management of your scientific conference !

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Webistem Conferences Accelerator

  1. 1. Your online Web 2.0 solution for the management of your conferences and congresses
  2. 2. Organize your conferences easily ! Flexible Solution Simple and fast Effective Personalized Thanks to Webistem Conferences Accelerator : - Eliminate the repetitive tasks - Simplify the organization of your conferences - Facilitate the exchanges between organizers and actors
  3. 3. FeaturesMain stages and features Registration of authors Receipt of abstracts and articles Control of the layout with reception of the communications Programming of the sessions Publishing of the communications A wide range of services Online registration of participants Creation of the conference website Transfer of publications on HAL open archive server Scorecards and statistics
  4. 4. ImplementationAdministrator Access Setting → Access control by password → Many options to adapt the system to your event. to the platform. The exchanges are secure.
  5. 5. Implementation Link to your website → The platform becomes integrated naturally into your site. → Just a simple link to direct your authors and reviewers.
  6. 6. Call for papersAuthors Registration → The system supports the author in its proposition. → It collects their contact information, validates the date format, the duplicates etc. Sending of the summary → The system gives the possibility to the author to enrich the next by formulas, figures etc. Modification of the summary → During the call for papers, a password allows the author to publish or to cancel its proposition.
  7. 7. Proposals reviewAssignment of proposals to reviewers → From the list of reviewers you have entered, the system can automatically assign the summaries offered by area of expertise.
  8. 8. Proposals reviewAbstracts Review→ An email notifies reviewersof papers to read and theiropinions are collected bythe platform.→ In case of delay, the systemcan send reminders.Validation by the ScientificCommittee→ The Scientific Committeemonitors the progress ofproofreading and willdefinitively accept papers.
  9. 9. Programming SessionsCreating sessions → The Scientific Committe sets the conference sessions by category (keynote, plenary, poster, etc.) → It means for each of them a president. The Assignments of the speakers → The administrator assigns the speakers in each session. → The program of the event is automatically updated on the website of the conference.
  10. 10. Programming SessionsCheck of the consistency → The platform ensures the consistency of the program : length of sessions, no assignment of the same speaker at two sessions simultaneous, presence of all the speakers agreed etc.
  11. 11. Acts Edition Reception of the complete documents → In possession of their password, the accepted authors send their complete document. → The platform enforces constraints of the layout for editing.Acts Generation Data Export → The system compiles the papers → At any time, the administrator can (abstracts and full papers) on various export the data managed by the system. media: CD, PDF, Internet. The layout This information is easily reusable is configurable. in standard formats.