5 Webiny Booking System - Guests, Requests & Special Offers


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5 Webiny Booking System - Guests, Requests & Special Offers

  1. 1. Booking System GuidePart 5Guests, Requests and Special offers
  2. 2. • Guests• Request manager• Special offersIn this guide we will walk you through theGuests, Requests and Special offers sections ofWebiny Booking System.This guide covers:
  3. 3. View guests• In the View guestssection you havean overview of allyour guests. Youcan add a newguest by clickingon the „Add guest“button.• You can edit aguest, view guestinformation orview gueststatistics from theguest list.
  4. 4. Guest statistics• In the Guest statistics you can see an overview of bookings made eachseason, an average stay (in days) and the average guest spending.
  5. 5. Requests• What are requests?• Every time a visitor to your website fills out aform it is registered as a request in yourbooking system.
  6. 6. View requests• The View requests section holdsall your received requests. Youcan filter them by language,status, type, guest,accommodation and date range.When you select a request fromthe list you will see a requestdetails below the list. The detailscontain request ID, type, arrivaland departure dates, requestdate, number of adults, youths,children and pets. The requestdetails also contain client detailsthat include client ID, name,email, language, country, phone,GSM, address, city and ZIP.• If the selected request has offersand invoices they will be shownto the right of the requestdetails.• You can create a new offer byclicking on the „New Offer“button.
  7. 7. Special offers• What are special offers?• Special offers are used to give specialdiscounts for a certain time period.• The special offer discount can be either apercentage or a fixed amount.
  8. 8. View special offers• View special offers section gives you an overview of all your special offers. You cancreate a new special offer directly from here by clicking on the „New special offer“button. You can edit, view or delete special offers from the list.
  9. 9. New special offer• To create a new special offer, thefirst thing you need to do is toselect the special offer template.• In the special offer details youneed to select the type of specialoffer (accommodation or lot), adda campaign name, define the startand end dates, specify thediscount and discount type(percentage or amount) and lastlythe special offer status (enabledor disabled).• In the Language data you need todefine the special offername, anchor and URL slug.Under menu association you canselect the menus that will holdthe special offer.• The Description editor at thebottom is used for content thatwill be displayed on the specialoffer page.
  10. 10. Need more help?• You can visit Webiny Q&A Forum• Also you can contact us on:Email: info@webiny.comTwitter: @Webiny_PlatformLinkedIn: Webiny LinkedIn GroupFacebook: Webiny Fan PageGoogle+: Google Plus Webiny Page