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Future developements and perspectives for the Sedo Marketplace and the opportunities with the news gTLDs, Matthias Meyer-Schonherr
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Future developements and perspectives for the Sedo Marketplace and the opportunities with the news gTLDs, Matthias Meyer-Schonherr


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Future developments and perspectives for theSedo Marketplace and the opportunities with the new gTLDs Prepared by: Matthias Meyer-Schönherr Director Business Development Sedo GmbH 1
  • 2. Sedo Awards and Industry Recognition Established 2001 Offices in US, Germany & UK World‘s largest domain marketplace Largest global partner network One-Stop-Shop domain solution provider > 14 Million domains for sale at Sedo > 6 Million domains parked at Sedo > 1 Million clients worldwide at Sedo > 77 Million $ domain sales revenue Awards: Domain Name Wire Survey Winner 2007-2009, Webhost Directory Award, Domainers Choice Award 2008, Best Overall Domain Solution 2010 In House Secure Transfer/Escrow Team Licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program
  • 3. Outline1. Improved Parking Statistics2. SedoMLS3. New TLDs and what we can do
  • 4. What are we talking about?
  • 5. Customer Feedback FocusOnline Survey, August 2010 2010 Group, Boston,feedback Continuous September Munich,SedoPro World Tour
  • 6. Customer Feedback Integrate better the The biggest problem parking and sales Make it faster 53.1 % > is load time Sedo should offer a sections! trimmed website. The SedoPro domain parking I want to view my I need to see which 46.5 % > Make it easier interface is extremely portfolio stats! keywords are to find what I need I wantcomplicated! a search clicked and Make it easier to function by ccTLD searched for! organize Remove that 3000 44.3 % > Make it What I want to see is support bulk changes a domains limit! I miss the option to History of optimizationeven for big portfoliosBetter looking pages! check my different changes! portfolios at a glance I want full details on 30.9 % > More the sources of traffic. customized Reports
  • 7. Sedo’s Next-Generation Parking Stats Product Goals1. Improved performance2. Improved usability3. New functions4. New structure
  • 8. PerformanceGive 10 domains with sum of views and sum of earnings from last 32 daysordered by earnings from an account with 500,000 parked domains. 2005 2011 6.93 sec 0.78 sec
  • 9. Improved usabilityFasterDelivers more dataNo more time outsEasier to scaleCan handle your future growth
  • 10. New Functions1. History of optimization changes2. Keywords searched on your parked domain3. Advanced filters4. Enhanced referrers5. Custom Quick Views6. Improved Portfolio management7. Available in 4 languages
  • 11. New Structure My Sedo Domain Management ReportingParking settings Sales settings Parking reports Sales reports (future plan) Domain details
  • 12. Customer and Press Feedbacki hate it Wow, talk about a leap forward… My favorite feature is that the the new interface is clean analytics seem more solid than and easy to use. other parking platforms I have used. Leonard Holmes, Comment on Das sieht fantastisch aus. …while the new interface is Sehr gute Arbeit. Sehr much easier to understand übersichtlich, mit neuen and manipulate, the biggest Werkzeugen improvement in my mind is und vor allem schnell. the speed at which it loads. Post on Andrew Allemann,
  • 13. Axel KaltzDirector of Sales Operations Patrycja Krol Country Manager Poland
  • 14. Sedo’s domain market visionAnyone wanting a domain name has access to the global inventory ofall names in the market.A purchase from the secondary market will be as safe and simple as itis to register a name from the primary market.The general public beyond the domain name industry recognizes andvalues domain names as assets that are an integral part of anybranding effort. Domain names are seen as a legitimate investmentchoice.
  • 15. Challenges• Imperfect global distribution network• Lack of standardization• Difficult and inefficient ownership verification process• Some registries don’t believe in the secondary market• Some registry rules prohibit easy and efficient transfers• The general public still does not understand the value of premium domain names
  • 16. StrategiesLinking all Aftermarkets to pool inventory so our partners have accessto all available names through one source.Working with ICANN and the registries to set standards and promotean EPP based, safe and efficient transfer process.Working through our marketing and PR efforts to educate the generalpublic about the value of domain names.Building products that provide standardized global access to all namesfrom the secondary market and a suite of services that enable theirmonetization, pricing and trade.
  • 17. SedoMLS Basic & PremiumSedoMLS provides participating registrars and their customersaccess to domains from our global inventory.1. SedoMLS Basic allows access to all domains listed for sale at Sedo. It requires the Buyer to interact with Sedo directly.2. SedoMLS Premium is our whitelabel, instant transfer integration. We work with most major TLDs and keep expanding our inventory through our new automatic SedoMLS inventory listing process.
  • 18. What is SedoMLS Premium?OpportunitySedoMLS Premium helps your clients to find the name theywant for their website from our inexpensive, fixed-pricedomain inventory (95% is valued below $5,000). It alsoallows to list the names for sale and pays a commission tothe registrar for each name sold.DevelopmentThe growth of our SedoMLS Partner network is a mainstrategic focus for Sedo in 2011 and 2012. We are quicklyadding registrars to the network every single month.ResultAs more registrars join the SedoMLS Premium network, theproduct is getting stronger and more lucrative !
  • 19. SedoMLS – What does this look like?
  • 20. SedoMLS Premium Integration Example
  • 21. More
  • 22. SedoMLS Domain Sales Network BuyerLarge Portfolios Registrar C Registrar A Registrar B Registrar B Buyer Registrar A Registrar C Buyer Retail Sellers Buyer Marketplace Huge market – many registrars Efficient channels – all names are priced Liquid market – immediate fulfillment
  • 23. Advantages of SedoMLS BasicGet your clients the name they want!You have access to our full inventory of names for sale. Ourbrokerage team can help acquire names that are not listed.Great additional benefits for your registrantsValue added services (pricing, parking, appraisals,brokerage, promotion of their names, etc...)Increase your domain renewal rate Once a registrant views a domain as an asset, they are more likely to renew the registration for the domain. Buyers of premium names are more likely to purchase a hosting package with it.
  • 24. Advantages of SedoMLS PremiumUninterrupted client experienceKeep the buyer on your website and get them the name they want instantly!Improved search and name spinningHuge domain inventory and best-in class searchtechnology (integrated with Domainsbot)Increase your domain renewal rate Offer your registrants a simple way to sell their domains through SedoMLS. Once a registrant views a domain as an asset, they are more likely to renew the registration for the domain.
  • 25. Selling Names with SedoMLS Premium Submit domains Benefits:Receive Price your Very Large distribution & liquidpayment names network means high sales Simply send us your domain names and we appraise them for you Total automation means you SedoMLS get paid faster! Sell domain Integration
  • 26. Buying Names with SedoMLS Premium Users do a search Benefits: No hassle! Sedo takes care of payments to sellersGet invoice less Send query Flexible commission! You decide to SedoMLScommission how much to charge per sale Great benefit for your registrants! Huge domain inventory and best- in class search technology You maintain relationship with Display your registrants Purchase domains
  • 27. SedoMLS Premium Transfers SedoMLS requests transfer 3 easy steps: 1. Integrate SedoMLS optimized search technology to your website, using a simple yetReceive 5% Unlock & powerful API returncommission auth-code 2. Send cart and buyer data to SedoMLS upon checkout 3. Enable backend inter-account domain transfer Transfer domain © LLC, 2009 -CONFIDENTIAL- 29
  • 28. TLDs that are .es
  • 29. TLDs that are•is in the approval process
  • 30. Sedo Product SolutionsLandrush, Conflict and Premium Auctions Registrar Parking (unused and expired names) Marketplace Integration Options (SedoMLS, Standard Marketplace) Expiring Products ChoicesValue Added Services for your clients (Brokerage, Pricing, Promotion, Buy, Park, Sell)Cross-Promotion and Partnership Benefits (Newsletter, Website, Affiliate Program© Sedo, 2010 -CONFIDENTIAL- 32
  • 31. New gTLD Auctions – Status Quo•ICANN has published new (final ? ☺) gTLDapplication guidebook as Steve explained in detail• There was good progress and sense of urgencyhas increased over the last three ICANNconferences
  • 32. New gTLD AuctionsMarket Situation:•Roughly >500 new gTLD applicants•Brands and generics•All of them needing a solution for sunrise / conflict/ landrush / premium auctions
  • 33. Once you want to participate you should have a solution for sunrise, conflict, and premium auctions included in yourapplication will be paramount. With a stellar record of working with registries such as Neustar and with new TLDs such as .co, .mobi, .me Sedo can offer its auction partners: The largest audience of global domain buyers Outreach to the domain community in multiple languages Expertise in running specialized auctions for registry operators & clients Custom marketing and promotional packages A dedicated account manager for your sunrise, conflict, or premium auction
  • 34. Thank You!Sedo.comFacebook: SedoPartnersTwitter: SedoPartnerspartners@sedo.comMatthias Meyer-SchönherrAxel KaltzPatrycja Krol