Social Media and Digital Engagement Tips for 2014 Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce talk


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Light hearted talk given in June 2014 to the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce as part of their 60 Really Useful Minutes series showing where companies can take simple steps to improve their online engagement and ROI. Presented by Craig McGill (@craigmcgill)

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Social Media and Digital Engagement Tips for 2014 Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce talk

  1. 1. ©WEBER SHANDWICK 2013 All rights reserved 40 useful minutes and Craig McGill
  2. 2. We know this stuff is kinda important, yes?
  3. 3. You know the basics yeah?  If on Twitter, use a tool like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck  Keep your tweets to under 120 characters so they are easy to share  Monitor for your Twitter name and brand name  Know what your keywords are and try to mention them in the first 100 characters of everything you do, especially blogs  Tools like Google Alerts, Google Analytics and make life a lot easier – and are free  Use Facebook Power Editor for better control over Facebook Ads  Respond quickly to people, engage lots, don’t stay on your own site  Mobile is only going to continue to grow as are visual sites  links are very useful (and you know to add a + at the end)  You know social needs to drive traffic, leads and sales for you
  4. 4. You know not to be stupid…
  5. 5. You know not to be stupid… (@needadebitcard)
  6. 6. You know this is online engagement 2014 style
  7. 7. You know it starts with this – knowing goals
  8. 8. And should end with happy business owners
  9. 9. But how do you do the bit inbetween?
  10. 10. Start by listening
  11. 11. Start by listening
  12. 12. Start by listening
  13. 13. Start by listening
  14. 14. Start by listening
  15. 15. Listen first – and keep listening
  16. 16. Then plan: editorial calendar General news Industry news Blog Tweets FB YT LI IG PIN INFO Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
  17. 17. Promoting today  Mon: Interview with Mally (with video)  Tues: Interview with Craig  Wed: How the Chamber uses social  Thurs: Liveblog from event  Fri: Wrap-up of event  Mon: 10 things to avoid when doing video  Tues: Chamber member profile  Wed: Edinburgh firms who do social well  Thurs: Tweets & slideshare from event  Fri: Follow-ups from event
  18. 18. Transformational Leadership  10 things you must do to succeed as a leader  10 things you should never do as a leader  Who gets customers right?  Interview with a risk manager  How do you pick the right team  Bryan Leslie interview  The best (and worst) fictional leaders – what they did right and wrong
  19. 19. 7:2:1 rule  For every 10 pieces of content you post…  7 should be non-promotional and helpful to others  2 can be semi-promotional  1 can be a blatant plug  That doesn’t mean you abandon relevance. A restaurant can share recipes or cooking videos that people want  Accountants can share tax advice on donations to charities
  20. 20. Don’t just use words
  21. 21. Prezi
  22. 22. Be a DJ
  23. 23. Tips for writing  Be mindful of SEO and keywords – and bear in mind, sites change  Mention lots of other people – and mention them in tweets as well as blog posts and videos  Short paragraphs, short headings  Have a sense of humour and don’t talk about yourself all the time  If you do video (and you should) have a transcript  Schedule, plan – and don’t be afraid to link back to old material  Use your data – see what people like and when they read it  Don’t always try and sell – but have a place people can buy from  People don’t mind lists and bullet points (I hope!)  Get others to blog and write on your site. Links are gold if you’re a good site
  24. 24. ROI  Multiple ways of calculating ROI in digital engagement:  Direct sales from clicked links  Regularly updated FAQs saving staff answering frequent questions  Always promoting your most popular material  MOOCs for online training  Online support forums  Use FOMO to promote  But make sure it is all joined- up, connected
  25. 25. ROI “Face-to-face” transaction can cost up to £11.28 whereas an equivalent contact centre episode expends £6.35 yet a similar transaction online incurs just 46 pence of cost. Scottish Government ICT Study
  26. 26. And what’s next? For people?
  27. 27. And what’s next? The Social Business?  A business that reacts quickly  A business that will have – in many cases – done away with a lot of middle management  Employees are amongst the most valued stakeholders and have a say in running of the firm  A company more open and engaging – with the goal of being helpful and improving – with all stakeholders  In many cases, non-silo models
  28. 28. Thank you