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10 reason why businesses should use slide share


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A small guide to why slideshare should be used in the marketing plan of an organisation.

A small guide to why slideshare should be used in the marketing plan of an organisation.

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  • 1. 10 Reasons why Businesses Should Use
  • 2. What is SlideShare?
  • 3. is the world's largest online community for sharing • Presentations • Info-graphics • Webinars • E-books
  • 4. Reasons why Businesses should use SlideShare
  • 5. 1 High Visibility SlideShare has 60 million monthly visitors. 3 Billion views a month That is 1,140 slides viewed per second !! Your website does NOT
  • 6. 2 Highly Professional Audience Slideshare’s main target audience are business communities seeking high quality content.
  • 7.
  • 8. 3 Thought leadership Showcase your knowledge about a subject Become the source of information Help people with your knowledge
  • 9. 4 Branding Create the image you have in your mind about your brand Differentiate your brand Challenge the norm
  • 10. 5 Generate Leads Can Go PRO!
  • 11. Add a form to your presentation Viewers can leave their Contact information You can then, follow up with the appropriate people
  • 12. 6 Analytics Measure the performance of your uploads
  • 13. Collect sales leads on your content Track your presentations by seeing how people spend time on it Which presentations are most popular with your target group
  • 14. 7 Easy to share It is extremely easy to upload content on SlideShare SlideShare automatically - Identifies type of content Formats it Identifies text for SEO optimisation
  • 15. 8 Hyper-links You can add your website link to the SlideShare presentation to increase traffic on your website
  • 16. 9 Followers On SlideShare, people who like your content can follow you + These can easily be converted to customers Go Viral!
  • 17. You can share your content on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and link contacts Plus you can embed on blogs, websites, company intranets ... And you can also connect socially
  • 18. Add a SlideShare URL to your business card to provide information about your company in a visual format 10 Add an URL
  • 19. Let your slides do the talking!
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