Olympics 2012


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Olympics 2012

  1. 1. Olympics 2012 Worth it? By kummy morla
  2. 2. Negative social impacts of the olympics
  3. 3. Topics• Noise pollution• Overcrowding• High security• Clearance of businesses• Tickets• Visas
  4. 4. Noise pollution One of the social disadvantages of the Olympics is the noise pollution. The noise pollution is caused by the number of different transport methods used to get to the location of the Olympics, the crowds in the Olympic village and finally the events going on in and around the various Olympic locations, such as the Olympic stadium. This may be a real joy to most but there are a few that may call this a nuisance.
  5. 5. overcrowding Due to the Olympics, the City of London has been overcrowded. This is a picture of a tube station during one of the Olympic days. It is obvious that the working people found it difficult to reach work on time, as this was the cheapest mode of transport. This also occurred in places such as Oxford street and other London tourist attractions.
  6. 6. High security Increased security not only in airports is increasing doubts about racist policing. In the City of London there is now 12,000 police, 21,000 security guards, US officials are bringing 1,000 agents (some of whom will be armed) and 500 FBI officers. Sponsors such as Coca-Cola will have their own private security personnel. Also 12,000 troops, including 4,000-5,000 specialist personnel, a partial militarization of the police, with armed police, CCTV networks are intended to be integrated, and mobile location tracking and facial recognition technology will be in operation and Ground-to-air missiles will be placed.
  7. 7. Clearances of local businesses 250 local businesses had to be moved out of the area, Such as H.Forman & Son. This would be bad for the local businesses as this location might have been a prime location for their business and they would have to spend extra finance to be relocated.
  8. 8. Tickets Ticket prices were very high. The Olympics is supposed to be about getting together as one big family and enjoying a fortnight of sports free to watch for everyone around the world. However the free to watch bit is not possible because of the expensive ticket prices. Even if you watch it on tv, you would not experience it, like how its supposed to be experienced. The One big family is also only available for the people who can get day passes for the Olympic Park.
  9. 9. Visas Referring back to the previous slide, the Olympics will not be available for people everywhere in the world as The UK Border Agency has made getting visas very strict and plane tickets really expensive. Some families flew and landed here but were shipped back as soon as they touched the ground.
  10. 10. In conclusion• Even though there may be more positive social impacts, for most of these facts ,there are disadvantages. Such as after the Olympics, the housing made for the sports people will be given sold back to the residents, who were moved in order to build the Olympic village. However, this may not ever happen ,as the past residents may not be able to afford the new housing as it may be too expensive. I think, due to Noise pollution, Overcrowding, High security, Clearance of businesses, Tickets, Visas and other social disadvantages that the Olympics was not worth it socially.