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Moodle is a virtual learning environment. As an official Moodle partner, Webanywhere offer a range of services from design and development to hosting.

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Moodle Brochure

  1. 1. The world’s most popular open sourcevirtual learning environment
  2. 2. Moodle VLE: The world’s most popular open source VLE Who is Schoolanywhere?“ The site encourages pupils to extend their school learning and also allows Founded in 2005, Schoolanywhere works parents to take an active with over 300 schools in the UK, providing interest in what their child is learning and how it is “ hosting, training, branding, support and being taught. content for over 120,000 Moodle users. We help schools to: -Raise standards in teaching and learning -Offer up-to-the minute information for pupilsMrs J Watson -Extend learning beyond the classroomAssistant Head, Lent Rise School -Engage parents in their child’s education We will work with your school to develop an entirely personal service and solution for you, ensuring you receive unbeatable value for money. • Reliable hosting • High quality content • Creative branding • Expert training • Practical course & • Friendly technical support user management Pack age Moodle mplete The Co
  3. 3. Get started with Moodle today: 0800 862 0131Did you know?Moodle is the most popular VLE for UKsecondary schoolsWhat is Moodle?Moodle emerged in 1999 from the Australian higher education community.Moodle is an open source virtual learning environment (VLE), also known as acourse management system (CMS). Moodle is designed to support social andcollaborative learning, and comes with an impressive array of features and ishighly configurable and extensible.Why choose Moodle? Cost effective - Moodle is open Accessible - Moodle have source and runs on robust, a huge commitment to freely-available open source accessibility and have outlined technologies. This means that a accessibility as a priority within school which uses Moodle can their developer guidelines spend more money on content for their VLE and training Extensible - Moodle is the market leader in providing No vendor lock in - Unlike a huge library of quality 3rd commercial learning platforms - party extensions which can you own your Moodle then be implemented for free, allowing Moodle to meet the unique requirements of each educational establishment Built for learning and teaching - Moodle is developed by people Ease of use - Moodle is easy in the education sector who to use and has a proven track have direct experience and an record of effective use from KS2 understanding of how to apply through to KS5 and beyond technology to learning and teaching
  4. 4. Moodle VLE: Did you know? Moodle is widely used by businesses, primary schools, secondary schools and universitiesContent Moodle servicesAs standard our primary school We can offer the following services to schools:Moodles come with a numberof subject driven PowerPoints toaid in a teacher’s delivery of the Branding We design your Moodle with your school colours and logocurriculum. All of these curriculum so that your learning platform is instantly recognisable toPowerPoints can be downloaded pupils and teachers. Our designers also ensure that youreasily and used as a resource Moodle learning platform is user and child - the classroom. We also havestrong partnerships with a numberof high quality e-learning resource Hostingproviders, allowing us to offer you Our servers are backed up, secure and stable whicha large selection of e-learning titles guarantees that there is no downtime for your Moodle site.for your Moodle. This means it can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.We also offer you the opportunity Supportto combine any of the e-learning We offer technical support over the phone and via email socontent we sell to create custom, that your users and administrators can successfully maintaindiscounted e-learning bundles for the smooth running of your Moodle learning platform.your school. Training All our training sessions are designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to optimise Moodle for your school. Our training sessions are delivered in two different formats: • On site, hands-on, group teacher training sessions • One to one remote training sessions Course Layout Management We work alongside your teaching staff to structure your Moodle according to your needs. We can also add other interesting elements to your Moodle site such as BBC Newsround RSS feeds, Google search boxes, Wikipedia and Clocks.
  5. 5. Get started with Moodle today: 0800 862 0131Did you know?Moodle is used in 211 different countriesIn-School MoodleWe have two different Moodle solutions available; the ‘hosted’ and the‘in-school’ Moodle.The hosted Moodle is the entry-level option and involves SchoolAnywheremanaging the hosting of your school’s Moodle.The in-School Moodle allows your VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) to behosted on a dedicated server at your school.From our experience the in-school Moodle has been shown to give a number ofnotable advantages, significantly: Lower costs for ongoing web Reduced load on your internet hosting and subscriptions connection The entire system is backed Moodle integrates with internal up and remotely managed by services, such as Active experts Directory for single sign on Should your internet Pages generally load 2-3 times connection fail, Moodle will quicker still be accessible
  6. 6. Moodle VLE: Did you know? Moodle can now be integrated with SIMS, allowing online parental reporting Moodle & MIS integration Integrating your Moodle VLE with your Management Information System (MIS) will not only significantly reduce the administrative duties of your staff but will also enable you to present parents with up-to-date attendance data on their children, improving parental reporting in your school. Until now, transferring information from your MIS into Moodle was a manual process. With Moodle and MIS integration software, this process is automated meaning your MIS data is available in Moodle. Why is parental reporting important? Targets have been put in place by the Government for parental reporting in schools, they are: • Primary schools will provide parents with online reports by September 2012 • Secondary schools will provide parents with online reports by September 2010 Moodle and MIS integration provides a solution to these targets. By having your Moodle VLE and your MIS integrated you can allow: • Parents to view useful information on their children such as attendance data • Teachers to take advantage of MIS data in the classroom and at home • Students to see a selection of relevant MIS data within the VLE SchoolAnywhere can integrate the following Management Information Systems (MIS) with Moodle VLE: • Capita • CMIS
  7. 7. Get started with Moodle today: 0800 862 0131Did you know?Moodle is more actively developed than anyother virtual learning environment availableCase Study - King Edward VIGrammar School, LincolnshireKing Edward VI Grammar School had set long term goals in mind whenthey decided Moodle was the most suitable learning platform for theirschool. They wanted their Moodle to be fully resourced, reviewedregularly, to contain effective links between assessment material andextension/support work and effectively used for access to Wikis andglossaries. They are now well on their way to achieving all their goalswith the help of Moodle.When their Moodle was first delivered they also decided to get themaximum amount of support available, tapering this off as their expertisegrew.This high level of support has enabled them to become skilledat populating their Moodle. They have now added lesson plans,homework, web links, worksheets, audio visual and admin resources totheir Moodle.King Edward VI Grammar School wished to host their own Moodle soif the internet connection was slow or non-existent they could still haveaccess to their virtual learning environment.This was achieved with the in-school Moodle solution, where theirMoodle was hosted on a dedicated server on their premises.
  8. 8. Moodle VLE: Did you know? Moodle is enjoyed by over 37 million users Case Study - Lent Rise School, Buckinghamshire“ Webanywhere Moodle platform is a versatile and Lent Rise School has been a WebAnywhere customer for the last 3 flexible way of providing years. The school is at the cutting edge of ICT, with pupils using their home access to pupil, ICT skills in all areas of their work. ICT has even been used to establish links with schools across Europe, Africa and Asia, contributing to the parents and the school pupils’ cultural awareness. community. Lent Rise’s Moodle (Lent Rise Learning World) is widely used by pupils, Webanywhere are teachers, parents and governors. Parents can raise concerns via the approachable and take into VLE and support their child’s learning through regularly checking their consideration the needs of child’s targets. Community cohesion is an integral and fundamental the individual school when part of the school’s vision, when Lent Rise came to choose the school’s planned and setting up VLE it was imperative it provided the necessary tools to enable parental Moodle systems. engagement. Lent Rise is now determined to ensure these tools are used, once a Pupils, parents and place has been allocated to a pupil, all parents meet the headteacher Governors all find Lent before their child starts school to discuss how the school and home can Rise Learning World a “ work together to support learning. valuable online resource. During this meeting, parents are shown how the school uses ICT and how it can be used within the home or after school to support pupil and family learning. When the school first started to use Moodle only 20% of parents had broadband access to the internet at home. Now, only 6%Mrs J Watson do not.Assistant Head, Lent Rise School Recently Lent Rise School has decided to opt for Moodle and SIMS integration to enhance their VLE. Integrating the two systems together will enable Lent Rise to present parents with up-to-date attendance data on their children and will significantly reduce the administrative duties of the staff.
  9. 9. Get started with Moodle today: 0800 862 0131Did you know?Moodle has a large collection of installations,currently totalling somewhere between 1.5and 2 million unique modulesCase Study - Mount GraceSchool, HertfordshireAt Mount Grace School there are in excess of one thousand registered Moodleusers amongst the staff and students.They have uploaded a large amount of third-party curricular content to theirMoodle, which allows students across Key Stages 4 and 5 to access thiscontent both at home and in school.Through Moodle networking, Mount Grace have connected their Moodle tothat of another local school, Hertswood. The two schools are thus able to shareonline materials and resources, effectively doubling the usefulness of their virtuallearning platforms.Having online resources across subjects gives students something to refer towhen completing homework assignments or writing coursework.Students can also leave feedback for staff- perhaps to request the type ofcontent they’d like to see added or to suggest ways in which the Moodleexperience could be improved.Teachers can use the Moodle to set homework tasks which can then becompleted by the students, allowing the teacher to review at a glance all thework completed online.Staff from Mount Grace school received in-school training on using Moodle fromone of SchoolAnywhere’s expert trainers.Two of their staff also joined up with a member of staff from Hertswood to visitour offices for an in-depth day’s training on the administration of Moodle.
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