Game development – a game changing move for investors


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Game development has matured. It has achieved new heights and reached the pinnacle. It has provided a wealth of opportunity for game developers as well as the app investors. As a result, many game development companies have emerged.

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Game development – a game changing move for investors

  1. 1. Game Development – A Game Changing Move for InvestorsGame development has matured. It has achieved new heights and reached the pinnacle. Ithas provided a wealth of opportunity for game developers as well as the app investors. As aresult, many game development companies have emerged.According to the recent survey it was found that there are more than 100 million mobile gamers in theUS. The game development industry is to reach $54 billion by 2015. 64% of smartphone users playmobile games daily, and 70-80% mobile downloads are games. In addition, consoles and PC games havealso come a long way. These are some of the astonishing numbers that have compelled manydevelopers to leave the conventional coding and gain expertise in game development for desktop,consoles and mobile.Game development industry in India has maturedmanifolds. India is already an IT outsourcingdestination and many development firms havemastered game development. They are experts ofthree- PC, consoles and mobile. They hardly seem tobe bothered by different display and size parametersof the devices.Benefits of game developmentWith continues proliferation of new gaming platforms,user demands are also on the high. Consumersdemand high-end applications to enhance theirgaming experience. As a result, to capitalize on thisdemand game developers from India are quick torespond and master the game development expertise.Benefits of game development are as follows –• It has a low barrier entry• A chance to capture a huge market share• Consumers preference• Games the primary driver of mobile devices• Expert hand can amplify your game development idea
  2. 2. Mobile games – The new era of gamingThe pace at which mobile devices are penetrating the market, it seems impossible that this storm wouldstop. In addition, present generation of mobile devices provides endless possibilities. They are alreadygearing to takeover legacy systems. They have screens with pixel densities superior to the conventionalcomputing monitors. The wireless internet speed is as fast as broadband connections and processorssimilar to desktop PC’s. These are some of the basic features that attract consumers towards usingmobile devices to fulfill their computing needs. As a result, providing consumers with something thatenhances their mobile experience would prove to be beneficial.Outsource game developmentOutsourcing offers numerous benefits. It is a cost effective, hassle free and an assurance of quality. Toharness benefits of game development, it becomes critical to outsource. The app stores for differentmobile platforms invite games that popularize their brand and user preference. To benefit from gamedevelopment, expert game developers from India seem to be the perfect platform to launch app ideaand get transformed into a cash cow. It is the premiere destination for outsourcing and has expertdevelopers with years of experience in developing simple to complex games.The future of the gaming industry is bright. No matter what the gaming ideas are, expert developers cantransform them into a viral buzz. Click To More Resource For Game DevelopmentVisit Us: LLC440 N Wolfe RdSunnyvale, CA 84085+1 (707) 234 5607enquiry@indianic.comLet’s friends us on: us on: