4 first class examples of responsive web design


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Responsive web design has become the need of the hour. It has led to the development of sites that can be navigated on several devices of varying screen sizes without any hassle. It also provides enhanced user experience to the visitors.

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4 first class examples of responsive web design

  1. 1. Responsive web design has become the need of the hour. It has led to the development of sites thatcan be navigated on several devices of varying screen sizes without any hassle. It also providesenhanced user experience to the visitors. 4 First-Class Examples of Responsive Web Design In today’s world, responding to the users’ requirements and behavior is the key tothrive in the market. As the technology grew, so did the web world. One field that has seenremarkable change because of this evolution is web designing and development. Arrival ofsmartphones and tablets has revolutionized the web world, and this led to the developmentof responsive website design. With the increasing access of Internet through thesedevices, responsive web design has become the need of the hour.This approach towards web designing and development has led to the development websitesthat can respond to the varying screen sizes of different devices. Be it a laptop, desktop,tablet or smartphone of any screen size, websites designed with responsive design canrespond to the variations; therefore, providing the users with enhanced user experiencewith smoother navigation.Given below are four first-class websites that showcase the beauty and usefulness ofresponsive web development. Smashing Magazine The very first example is the site that itself works as the knowledge bank for several web designers and developers. The designers of this site have worked neatly on making it responsive. The site adjusts itself very well with the horizontal screen size and very few sites do this. You can expand your browser window as much as you can and can see that it the site also expands without getting cluttered. Another good thing about the site is even at smaller screen sizes, its menustructure and layout do not degrade.
  2. 2. Garret KeizerGarret Keizer’s official has been designed with high flexibility so thatusers won’t find problems in navigating the site on larger screens. Ifthe screen or browser gets smaller, the font size of few portions of thetext changes and becomes smaller. The noticeable thing about thewebsite is that logos and other images of the site resize themselvesproportionally. Food Sense This one has a very neat layout accompanied with beautiful photographs. The elements of the site are designed such that they adjust themselves accordingly with the screen size. You’ll certainly fall in love with this site as it is a joy to navigate it on any device, and the pictures of the recipes shall immediately make you fall in love with it.Lancaster UniversityMaximum sites of universities and institutions are not so much intothe designing trends. Surprisingly, the site of Lancaster Universityhas been made with responsive web design. Though the site issimple, it carries a modern look. The USP of the site is that in spiteof the large amount of content that it has, it can be navigatedsmoothly in the smartphones and tablets.Responsive design is an excellent solution for all those website owners who want to reachout to their visitors, and that is why, it has received lots of attention in the recent times.However, responsive web designing differs in many ways from traditional web designing;therefore, if you’re looking forward to go with this designing, you’ll have to hire experts whohave hands-on experience on designing responsive websites.Responsive website design can help you to enhance your online presence by allowing yourvisitors navigate your site in various sizes. IndiaNIC offers you its responsive webdevelopment services that will help you to have websites that are easy to navigate in anydevice.For more details, feel free to contact us at:http://www.indianic.com/responsive-website-design-development.htmlMedia Contact Information:IndiaNIC Info Tech440 North Wolfe RoadSunnyvale - CA 94085Tel: +1 (408) 940 5879Website: www.indianic.com