WebXpress Yard and Distribution Management Solution


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WebXpress yard and distribution management application helps automobile manufacturer to track entry time , in/out movement etc of vehicle.

WebXpress is an IT and Solutions company that offers services in the domain of Logistics.
Founded in 2004 the company has a presence in India, Saudi Arabia, East Africa, and South Asia.
Our idea is to connect all stakeholders in supply chain and provide visibility.

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WebXpress Yard and Distribution Management Solution

  1. 1. Yard and Distribution Management System by WebXpress
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Solution Requirement • Auto OEM needs to manage Yard where newly manufactured vehicles are parked • Yard Management System needs to carry out following: – Store a map of location grid of Yard – Vehicle details such as model, make, variant – Remember unique serial number of each vehicle and its location in the yard – Track entry time of each vehicle – Enable hand held based entry within the yard – Capture bar code data from vehicle – Prepare location wise pick up list for vehicles based on dispatch orders – Integrate with core ERP system to get inputs on manufacturing and dispatch – Web based visibility of unique serial number of vehicles with location codes
  4. 4. Auto OEM Yard Map Security Gate Scanning of bar code and location allocation Driver Pool Office Vehicles from Plant 3-4 times/day Vehicles to customer 1-2 times/ day A B C D E F G 1 2 3 4 5 6
  5. 5. Proposed Solution
  6. 6. Solution Technical Architecture WebXpress Application + Database Servers Broadband connection INTERNET Internet Data Center. PC with Browser- IE 7+ • Users on PC F I R E W A L L High-speed Internet Link Servers at 4PL Interface System Users at HQ HO personnel Sys. Admin Firewall Server LAN 4PL Head Office 3G/GPRS connection
  7. 7. Proposed System • Vehicle Arrival Module – Vehicle will arrive from plant on manufacturing – Vehicle details and serial number will be scanned and stored – Driver will be allocated to vehicle from available pool – Arrival Slip will be handed over to driver along with parking slip • Vehicle Parking Module – Driver will drive the vehicle to the Yard parking lot – Driver will locate available location and park the vehicle – Driver will update Parking Slip/ hand held terminal with parking location – Driver will return to gate and hand over parking slip/ report to pool
  8. 8. Proposed System • Dispatch Order Process module – Vehicle dispatch orders will be received from ERP – Orders will be formed into groups based on vehicle model, location of parking, dispatch time etc. – Drivers will be allocated to vehicles – A pick up slip will be generated per vehicle with driver name, vehicle serial number, model and LOCATION of parking • Vehicle Retrieval Module – Driver will go to parking location and retrieve the vehicle – He will return to gate and update pick up slip with time of arrival/ or update information in hand held terminal – System will be updated with pick up data and vehicle will be allowed out of the gate
  9. 9. Proposed System • Vehicle Tracker – A vehicle tracker will provide life cycle status of vehicle serial number – Arrival date and time, arrival slip number – Location of parking – Dispatch order number, date and time – Pick up slip number, date and time – Dispatch from parking lot • Yard Dashboard – A graphical view of locations that are full and empty – Count of vehicles parked model wise – Zone wise Empty slots available for parking
  10. 10. Proposed System • Customer Portal – Customer can get a visibility of following in a dedicated portal • Vehicles in parking lot • Pending orders for dispatch • Model wise vehicles in parking lot – The portal can also be used to • Place orders for dispatch or vehicles • Edit vehicle model details • Masters – Vehicle model master – Driver master – Yard location master
  11. 11. WebXpress Solution: Fitment and Cases
  12. 12. WebXpress Solution Mapping Yard Management Module WebXpress Module Mapping Vehicle Arrival Module • WebXpress GRN module will be used to record arrival of vehicles and store serial numbers • Fully bar code enabled module that can be used in HHT as well Vehicle Parking Module • WebXpress Put away module to record serial number wise locations • This module will also record driver details for each vehicle parked Dispatch Order Process module • WebXpress order management will retrieve orders from ERP • Order processing module will assign drivers for pick up and provide location information Vehicle Retrieval Module • WebXpress pickup management will help retrieve vehicles from locations • This module will also record time taken for retrieval and driver details Vehicle Tracker This module will help to track all information regarding a vehicle Yard Dashboard Dashboard using WebXpress Qlikview BI tool to provide analytics and graphical visibility Customer Portal Web based portal for customer access using WebXpress web technology Masters Masters will be maintained in WebXpress to manage operations
  13. 13. Auto OEM Case Customer Mercedes Benz India- Leeway Logistics Case Background • Leading luxury car brand • Factory at Chakan, Pune • Aiming to ramp up production by 300% • Outsourced warehouse management to Leeway Logistics as 3PL Solution Need Unique Serial Number wise CKD management WebXpress Solution • Deployed WebXpress WMS to manage over 50000 SQFT space warehouse • Deployed Bar code reading on arrival of each CKD box • Location mapping of over 1000 unique location codes • Put away and retrieval of unique serial numbers and location wise storage • WebXpress solution manage a throughput of 500 plus box arrivals a day and equal number of departures
  14. 14. Examples: Business Intelligence
  15. 15. Examples - Activity Breakup
  16. 16. Examples - Order Trend
  17. 17. Examples - Top models by dispatch
  18. 18. KEEP IN TOUCH info@webxpress.in www.webxpress.in Headquarters Regional Sales Office 114, Sundervilla, S. V. Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai – 400052 Thank You +91 93 232 428 02 +91 22 325 735 60 ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 107, First Floor, Suncity Trade Tower, Sector–21, Gurgaon – 122001 +91 93 117 363 59