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WebXpress Transportation Management System (TMS) Solution


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Transport Management System (TMS) is an enabler that essentially manages your majorly partnered logistics as if it were your own fleet on the move. …

Transport Management System (TMS) is an enabler that essentially manages your majorly partnered logistics as if it were your own fleet on the move.
WebXpress TMS is that one tool that places you at the centre of your operations, even if it’s not happening in your company.

WebXpress is an IT and Solutions company that offers services in the domain of Logistics.
Founded in 2004 the company has a presence in India, Saudi Arabia, East Africa, and South Asia.
Our idea is to connect all stakeholders in supply chain and provide visibility.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Transportation Management An Integrated System
  • 2. Agenda  About the Company  WebXpress Solution Suite  Transportation Management System  TMS Models  Solution Case: Business Intelligence
  • 3. About ECFY
  • 4. Company Snapshot Genesis • Private limited company • Founded in November 2004 • Based at Mumbai • Development centers at Mumbai & Surat • Global Presence Technology • Web based technologies • Microsoft technologies • AJAX, C# .Net, SQL 2005, SSRS • Mobile: SMS/ GPRS, Windows Mobile Team Profile • Business Process consultants • Training and Process Head • Project Managers- 9+ years exp • System & database designer- 6+ years exp Solution Focus • Transportation & Fleet Management • Warehousing • Supply chain visibility • E-commerce and Home Delivery • Business Intelligence • Devices: Mobile, GPS, RFID/ bar coding Customer Segment Focus • Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) • User of Logistics Services (LSUs)
  • 5. WebXpress Solution Suite
  • 6. WebXpress Product Suite Finance & Accounts | CRM | HRMS Business Intelligence- Qlikview DEVICES Mobile GPS Bar Code RFID B2B Integration EDI RosettaNet XML Allied Services: Managed Web Hosting | Connectivity Customer Portal • Tracking • Invoice • Payments • Complaints • Enquiry • Contracts • E-POD WebXpress Transaction Suite Fleet Management Transportation WarehousingFleet Management Transportation WarehousingFleet Management Transportation WarehousingFleet Management Transportation WarehousingFleet Management
  • 7. WebXpress Product Features & Controls WebXpress TMS features WebXpress TMS Controls
  • 8. Why WebXpress? Lineage • Promoted by professionals • From IT and logistics industry • Global expertise for local needs Support Infrastructure • Online Customer Support Portal • Telephonic and IM support • Project Management Office Domain Focus • Undiluted focus on Supply chain and Logistics • Product focus with Services • Transaction to Analysis Diversified Customer base • Start-ups to industry leaders • LSPs and User industry • IT challenged to IT mature The WebXpress Advantage Proven Solution • Over 2000 users, 1200 locations, 2 mn transactions per month • Built in Industry practices Ecosystem Approach • One stop solution • Web hosting to GPS to training • Enabled through partners A Technology Solution that works even at the Bottom of the Pyramid
  • 9. WebXpress Customers WebXpress is used by
  • 10. WebXpress Partners Qliktech Inc Business Intelligence Solution Banyan Commerce EDI Technology Partner Netmagic Solutions Web Hosting Partner Anantara Solutions Logistics Consulting and Systems Integration Partner
  • 11. WebXpress Application + Database Servers INTERNET Internet Data Center. • Branch Offices • Area Offices • Hub Centers PC with Browser- IE 6+ High-speed Internet Link F I R E W A L L Servers at Transport company Interface System Users at Transport company HO personnel Sys. Admin Firewall Server LAN Transport company HO Broadband connection Technical Infrastructure for WebXpress GPRS connection
  • 12. Solution Offering: WebXpress TMS
  • 13. WebXpress TMS Modules WebXpress TMS Vendor contracts Online accountsInvoice & payments Customer contracts Demand Management TrackingOperations Reports Security management POD Management GPS SYSTEM RFID/BAR CODING MOBILE SYSTEM Customer Self Service Portal • Tracking • Invoice • Complaints • Enquiry • Rates • E-POD • Octroi Rcpts • MIS 3PL/TRANSPORT SERVICE PROVIDER
  • 14. Type of companies covered by TMS 3PL Provider  Manages transportation for end customer  Works with transportation partners for capacity  Dockets booked by transportation partner  Billing to end customer on a back to back contract  Vendor payment based on dockets booked Transportation Company/ Own booking by 3PL  Provides his own transportation capacity  May have arrangements with dedicated vendors  Dockets booked by transportation company itself  Billing to end customer on docket booking  Vendor payment based on capacity
  • 15. Business Models Covered by TMS Full Truck Load [FTL] Full Container load [FCL] Less Than Truck Load [LTL] Packers & movers [ Re Location] Tanker movement [ Liquid Cargo] Express Cargo Delivery Parcel Delivery Local Delivery Crossing  Movement from customer warehouse to warehouse, without involving HUBS  Movement of Containerized goods from Port to ICD or ICD to port  Movement using Transporters hub & spoke network  Movement Services of house hold goods .  Provide tracking from inquiry to shipment delivery  Movement services for Tanker movement & liquid Cargo like Petroleum product, alcohol, Milk  Committed Time for door to door delivery employing hub & spoke network  Godown pick-up and delivery with warehousing services  Intra-city Next Day Delivery  Delivery for another transporter, handover to a partner transporter
  • 16. Hub and Spoke Model OPERATIONS • Booking of small parcels and LTL consignments at branches • Consolidation at hubs • Hub to Hub movement on set routes • Transshipment to destination hubs and then to branches • Delivery from branches using DRS FINANCE • Transporter will charge customers for door to door service • Transporter will deploy/ hire a vehicle capacity and pay for km. run of vehicle • Transporter will manage all costs of booking to delivery but charge customer a single amount Branch 1 C1 C2 Branch 2 C3 C..n Transshipment Hub Transshipment Hub Branch 1 C4 C5 Branch 2 C6 C..n
  • 17. Full Truck Load Model OPERATIONS • Booking of Full Truck Capacity • Point to point movement of vehicle from consigner location to consignee location • No operational usage of transporter’s hubs or branches • Documentation at customer location FINANCE • Transporter will charge customers for vehicle capacity for a distance • Transporter will deploy his own vehicle or hire from other vendors • Transporter may charge additional amount for loading, unloading, multiple points of pick up and delivery etc. • Transporter may book multiple consignments of same customer into same vehicle C1 C1 C1 C2 C3 C4 Multi-point pickup Multi-point delivery Full Truck Load Movement
  • 18. WebXpress TMS - Hub and Spoke Model
  • 19. Transportation Booking Process Loading Sheet Preparation Vehicle Contract Docket Entry Manifest Preparation Pickup Run Sheet Preparation Booking Process FMS- Trip Sheet Module Customer Contracts Vendor Contracts
  • 20. Transportation Transshipment Process Unloading Pre-alert Print Load in New Vehicle Manifest Preparation Transshipment Process Load in connection vehicle Stock Update Loading Sheet Preparation Vehicle Arrival Update Vehicle Unloading Report FMS- Trip Sheet Module
  • 21. Transportation Delivery Process Unloading Pre-alert Print Delivery Process Stock Update Delivery Run Sheet Preparation Vehicle Arrival Update Vehicle Unloading Report Delivery Run Sheet Update Track & Trace FMS- Trip Sheet Module
  • 22. WebXpress TMS - Full Truck Load Model
  • 23. Transportation Booking Process Vehicle Hire Contract Docket Entry Manifest Preparation Booking Process FMS- Trip Sheet Module Customer Contracts Vendor Contracts
  • 24. Transportation Delivery Process Unloading Pre-alert Print Delivery Process Stock & Delivery Update Vehicle Arrival Update FMS- Trip Sheet Module
  • 25. WebXpress TMS - 3PL Model
  • 26. 3PL Operations Process in WebXpress TMS En-route Status Update POD Movement 3PL Docket Entry Delivery Status Update Customer Contracts GPS Data Vendor Contracts
  • 27. Transportation POD Movement POD Process POD Scan POD Forward Delivery Update POD Receipt Acknowledgement POD to Consignor with Bill POD to Next Location Track & Trace
  • 28. Invoice Process Invoice Bill generation Docket BookingPOD Arrival & Finalization Docket Financial Edit & Finalization Bill Collection Bill submission update Generate MR Cheque: Deposit Voucher Cash: Receipt Voucher Update CBS & A/R
  • 29. Customer Contracts  Contract Features: • Business Model wise contracts- LTL, FTL, 3PL, IDT, Secondary Movement • Pay basis wise plus Service Wise • Multiple Active Contracts • Single slab, Multi slab, FTL-Capacity based • Rates- Per Kg., Per Ton, Fixed, Fixed + Variable  Contracts are enforced at time of docket entry  This reduces errors and also ensures revenue in line with contracts  Leads to lesser Invoice rejections thus better working capital
  • 30. Vendor Contracts  Contract Features • Contracts for long haul, local vendors, BA • Fixed route, Per Kg., Per Km, Per docket • Switching between multiple contracts  Contracts are enforced at time of VHC entry/ payments  Reduced mistakes in vendor payment, higher efficiency  Faster vendor payment, better service level from vendors
  • 31. WebXpress TMS- Key Benefits  Real Time information visibility across Transportation network  Reduction in costs due to • Reduction in data entry time and effort • Measurement of transaction wise profitability • Tighter control on vehicle deployment expenses  Increase in income due to • Ability handle higher work volume with same investment in staff and facility • Better service leading to better customer satisfaction, thus more business • Better information on customers leading to targeted sales effort  Savings in working capital • Smaller and more accurate billing cycle • Faster collections • Daily control on cash & bank across locations
  • 32. Solution Case: BI on TMS
  • 33. Problem Statement Management mandate: Provide a complete picture of a given customer’s business transactions with Logistics Company. Analytics Team Size 2 persons Qualifications MBA, 3-4 years of experience Cost to the company Rs. 50,000 pm per person Per day cost of team Rs. 4000 Work for Analytics Team  Names of top five customers by sales  What are top booking locations and top delivery locations for these customers  Provide number of dockets booked, sales, billing and unbilled for each customer  Provide breakup of sales by Pay Basis, Mode of transport  Show me the breakup by number of dockets, sales in Rs. Lakhs. Also provide % breakup of these.  Show me sales trend over last one year  Show me sale trend for this month and also for previous month  What is my average sales per docket for this customer  What is my yield across pay basis and for individual pay basis
  • 34. Traditional method using ERP reports Step 1: Get all customer related reports • Sales register for last 2 years • Bill register • Sales summary- location wise, business type wise, pay basis wise • Outstanding report • Time taken: 2 hours Step 2: Collate information using XLS • Use pivot tables, filters, macros to get to various out put • Convert data into charts using chart wizards • Time taken: 6 hours Step 3: Present the data • Prepare a presentation; build in charts, XLS links • Time taken: 2 hours Thus, total time taken for ONE customer analysis will be 10 hours. Given learning curve effect, it may not take that long for next customer analysis.
  • 35. The Next Level of Analysis  Now, will it be possible for the team to answer all of following questions: • Please above analysis for a particular ZONE • Please given analysis for mode=Air and Pay basis=TBB • Please show data only fro 2008 • Now show data for 2007 and 2006 but not 2008 • Please show data across the years only for Monsoon- that is Jul, Aug and Sep • Show day wise sales trend for January 2008 • Show data in %, number of transactions and sales in Rs. Lacs • Show data combined for customer A and customer  In all probability, the team will have to get back to drawing board, ask for more data, redesign charts etc. So at the end of the day management does not have answers to all questions and analysis team’s efforts are only half appreciated.
  • 36. Analysis using Qlikview Step 1: Open Qlikview and open Customer Snapshot Analysis Step 2: Reload latest transaction data Step 3: Answer questions as put up by management, in full graphical view, in a single dashboard Total time: 5 minutes Time available to answer queries: Entire day
  • 37. Seeing is believing: Data Across Customers
  • 38. Scenario Building  Shows Analysis for: • Customer: All names same as similar to- Ingram Micro • Year 2008 • Month- Jan to March • South Zone + North Zone • Pay basis- TBB and To Pay • Mode of service: ALL  Show following output • Shows sales breakup in % • Show Pay basis breakup • Show yield • Show unbilled and billed • Shows daily sales trend • Show top booking and delivery locations
  • 39. Data for a given customer
  • 40. Thank You KEEP IN TOUCH Headquarters Regional Sales Office 114, Sundervilla, S. V. Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai – 400052 +91 93 232 428 02 +91 22 325 735 60 ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 107, First Floor, Suncity Trade Tower, Sector–21, Gurgaon – 122001 +91 93 117 363 59