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WebXpress Solutions TMS: Express Cargo

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WebXpress Solutions TMS Express Cargo

  1. 1. May 30, 2012 WebXpress Transport Management Solution For Express Cargo Industry Apurva Mankad ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. apurva@webxpress.in w w w. w e b x p r e s s. i n
  2. 2. Agenda About WebXpress WebXpress Solution Suite WebXpress Solution Offering- Express Cargo WebXpress Control Tower WebXpress Mobility Solutions WebXpress GPS Integration WebXpress Finance & Accounts
  3. 3. May 30, 2012 About WebXpress
  4. 4. Company SnapshotGenesis Solution Focus Private limited company  Transportation & fleet management Founded in November 2004  Warehousing Based at Mumbai  Supply chain visibility Development centers at Mumbai & Surat  Devices: Mobile, GPSTechnology  Business Intelligence Web based technologies Customer Segment Focus Microsoft technologies  Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) AJAX, C# .Net, SQL 2008, SSRS/SSAS  User of Logistics Services (LSUs) Mobile: SMS/ GPRS, Windows MobileTeam Profile Business Process consultants Training and Process Head Project Managers- 9+ years exp System & database designer- 6+ years exp
  5. 5. Organization Chart Partners Founder & CEO Apurva Mankad Finance & Admin Chief Operating Business Officer Development Head Darshan Hadkar Brijesh AroraHead- Project Implementation Head- New Technology Head- Product Development Krishan Malik Chaitanya Tembe Ramashish Gupta Project Project Module Leader Module leader Manager Manager Customers Project Team Development Team
  6. 6. WebXpress Product Suite Business Intelligence- Qlikview/ Microsoft BI WebXpress Product SuiteDEVICES CustomerAndroid B2B PortalHHT Fleet Management Transportation Order Mgm & WMS Integration • TrackingGPS Web Services • InvoiceBar Code Cold Chain Home Delivery EXIM Containers ANSI X12RFID RosettaNet • ComplaintsSensors • Enquiry Finance & Accounts | CRM • Contracts • E-POD Allied Services: Managed Web Hosting | Connectivity
  7. 7. Why WebXpress? Proven Solution • Over 2000 users, 1200 locations, 2 mn transactions per monthLineage Diversified Customer base • Built in Industry practices• Promoted by professionals • Start-ups to industry leaders• From IT and logistics industry • LSPs and user industry• Global expertise for local needs • IT challenged to IT mature The WebXpress AdvantageDomain Focus Support Infrastructure• Undiluted focus on supply chain • Online Customer Support Portal and logistics • Telephonic and IM support Ecosystem Approach• Product focus with services • Project Management Office • One stop solution• Transaction to Analysis • Web hosting to GPS to training • Enabled through partners A Technology Solution that works even at the Bottom of the Pyramid
  8. 8. WebXpress Customers WebXpress is used by
  9. 9. WebXpress WMS Salient Customers 3PL PARTNERS Deployments Deployments
  10. 10. WebXpress Partners Qliktech Inc Business Intelligence Solution www.qlikview.com Microsoft WebXpress is Microsoft Independent Software Vendor www.microsoft.com Motorola India Enterprise Mobility Solutions Partner www.motorolasolutions.com Netmagic Solutions | CntrlS Data Center Web Hosting Partner www.netmagicsolutions.com | www.cntrls.in
  11. 11. May 30, 2012 WebXpress Solution Suite
  12. 12. WebXpress Product SuiteProduct DescriptionTransport Management TMS helps to manage all transactions such as load planning, tendering, placement,System load movement and delivery. Manages various business models such as FTL, Cold Chain, Express Cargo.Fleet Management FMS manages fleet related operations for long haul, secondary distribution, taxi fleetSystem businesses. Also includes fleet maintenance, fuel management, expenses, document and driver managementWarehouse WMS helps to manage warehousing operations for a 3PL or a manufacturing/tradingManagement System organization. WMS is highly configurable to manage multi user facility and can integrate with any ERPBusiness Intelligence WebXpress products are integrated with Qlikview BI tool to offer analytics for data generated. WebXpress offers ready to use BI templates to realize quick benefits of BIFinance & Accounts WebXpress has a fully functional Finance & Accounts systems fully integrated with all operations module of Fleet and TMS.Data Integration WebXpress can be integrated with ERP such as SAP and Oracle to exchange relevant informationDevices WebXpress applications can be integrated with variety of devices such as GPS, Hand Held Terminal and also sensors such as temperature and fuel sensors
  13. 13. Solution Architecture PC with Browser- IE 7+ Internet Data Center. Broadband connection F I • Branch Offices WebXpress R • Area Offices Application E INTERNET • Hub Centers + W Database A Servers L L High-speed Internet Link GPRS/3G connection Firewall Server LSP company HO Servers at Users at LSP company LSP HO personnel company LAN Sys. Admin Interface System
  14. 14. WebXpress Product Features & Controls WebXpress TMS features WebXpress TMS Controls
  15. 15. WebXpress TMS for Express Cargo Industry
  16. 16. WebXpress TMS Modules EXPRESS CARGO SERVICE PROVIDER Reports Customer Self Service PortalCustomer contracts Operations Tracking • Tracking • InvoiceDemand Management WebXpress TMS POD Management • Complaints • Enquiry • Rates Vendor contracts Invoice & payments Online accounts • E-POD • Octroi Rcpts Security management • MIS GPS SYSTEM RFID/BAR CODING MOBILE SYSTEM
  17. 17. Business Models Covered by WebXpress TMSBusiness Model DescriptionFull Truck Load (FTL) Movement from customer warehouse to warehouse, without involving HUBSExpress Cargo Delivery Committed Time for door to door delivery employing hub & spoke networkMulti-modal Delivery- AIR Movement of car with Air and Rail movement as significantand RAIL componentParcel Delivery Godown pick-up and delivery with warehousing servicesLocal Delivery Intra-city Next Day DeliveryPackers and Movers Specialized module to capture entire life cycle from customer call to packing, moving and deliveryMilk run distribution Multi point pick up and drop for distribution of goods ex- warehouseHome Delivery Solutions Work flow from sales at shop to warehouse dispatch to customer home deliveryCrossing Delivery for another transporter, handover to a partner transporter
  18. 18. WebXpress for Express CargoOPERATIONS Booking of small parcels and LTL C1 C2 C3 C..n consignments at branches Consolidation at hubs Branch 1 Branch 2 Hub to Hub movement on set routes Transshipment to destination hubs and then Transshipment Hub to branches Delivery from branches using DRSFINANCE Transshipment Hub Transporter will charge customers for door to door service Transporter will deploy/ hire a vehicle Branch 1 Branch 2 capacity and pay for km. run of vehicle Transporter will manage all costs of booking C4 C5 C6 C..n to delivery but charge customer a single amount
  19. 19. Transportation Booking Process Booking Process Pickup Run Sheet Customer Docket Entry Preparation Contracts Loading Sheet Preparation Manifest Preparation Vendor Vehicle Contract FMS- Trip Sheet Module Contracts
  20. 20. Transportation Transshipment Process Transshipment Process Unloading Pre-alert Print Vehicle Arrival Update FMS- Trip Sheet Module Stock Update Vehicle Unloading Report Loading Sheet Preparation Manifest Preparation Load in New Vehicle Load in connection vehicle
  21. 21. Transportation Delivery Process Delivery Process Unloading Pre-alert Print Vehicle Arrival Update FMS- Trip Sheet Module Stock Update Vehicle Unloading Report Delivery Run Sheet Preparation Delivery Run Sheet Update Track & Trace
  22. 22. Transportation POD Movement POD Process Delivery Update POD Scan Track & Trace POD Forward POD Receipt Acknowledgement POD to Consignor with Bill POD to Next Location
  23. 23. Invoice Process Invoice Docket Financial Edit &POD Arrival & Finalization Docket Booking Finalization Bill generation Bill submission update Bill Collection Cheque: Deposit Voucher Generate MR Cash: Receipt Voucher Update CBS & A/R
  24. 24. WebXpress Salient Features for Express Cargo IndustryFeature DescriptionDocument Management • All documents are managed through a series management modulePaid and To Pay Controls • Specific Controls exist to manage to pay and paid outstandingRoute and Schedule • WebXpress helps to define routes and schedule for each route.Management • WebXpress also has features to define optimum route for each combination of locations.E-POD using Mobile devices • WebXpress application can be loaded on a mobile device to capture delivery details and also POD scan.GPS Integration • WebXpress is integrated with GPS to provide real time view of delivery and pick up vans and load in them.Bar code management • WebXpress can help generate Unique Bar code Identifier (UBI) for each box. This can be done using mobile printer or fixed devices at customer premises. • Bar codes can then me scanned to manage inward and outward for all consignmentsDEPS Management • WebXpress has an extensive DEPS management system to track all missing and misrouted consignments • WebXpress has tracking mechanism to record each DEPS case
  25. 25. Customer Contracts Contract Features • Business Model wise contracts- LTL, FTL, 3PL, IDT, Secondary Movement • Pay basis wise plus Service Wise • Multiple Active Contracts • Single slab, Multi slab, FTL-Capacity based • Rates- Per Kg., Per Ton, Fixed, Fixed + Variable Contracts are enforced at time of docket entry This reduces errors and also ensures revenue in line with contracts Leads to lesser Invoice rejections thus better working capital
  26. 26. Vendor Contracts Contract Features • Contracts for long haul, local vendors, BA • Fixed route, Per Kg., Per Km, Per docket • Switching between multiple contracts Contracts are enforced at time of VHC entry/ payments Reduced mistakes in vendor payment, higher efficiency Faster vendor payment, better service level from vendors
  27. 27. WebXpress TMS- Key Benefits Real Time information visibility across Transportation network Reduction in costs due to • Reduction in data entry time and effort • Measurement of transaction wise profitability • Tighter control on vehicle deployment expenses Increase in income due to • Ability handle higher work volume with same investment in staff and facility • Better service leading to better customer satisfaction, thus more business • Better information on customers leading to targeted sales effort Savings in working capital • Smaller and more accurate billing cycle • Faster collections • Daily control on cash & bank across locations
  28. 28. May 30, 2012 WebXpress Control Tower
  29. 29. Customer Dashboard
  30. 30. Booking Dashboard
  31. 31. Booking Breakups
  32. 32. Yield Analysis
  33. 33. Delivery
  34. 34. SLA Measurement
  35. 35. May 30, 2012 Solution Offering: WebXpress Mobile
  36. 36. WebXpress Enterprise Mobility Technology Microsoft Windows Phone Independent Software Vendor for Microsoft www.microsoft.com Google Android Business Intelligence Solutions www.android.com Motorola India Enterprise Mobility Solutions Partner www.motorolasolutions.com Qliktech Inc Business Intelligence Solution on Mobile www.qlikview.com
  37. 37. WebXpress Mobility ArchitectureHand HeldTerminalsWindows CEWindows Mobile WebXpress MobileTablets Application Middleware CellularAndroid 2.3 NetworkAndroid 4.0 Customer Application/ GPRS WebXpress Solution 3G Wi-FiAndroid MobileAndroid 2.2, 4.0
  38. 38. WebXpress Android Capability Android is world’s fastest growing Operating system for Mobile Phones Android is available across vendors such as Samsung, HTC, Micromaxx Android phones range starts from Rs. 3800 onwards, making it cheapest mobility device Android is a Full Operating System, thus making it possible to build feature rich applications Thus, WebXpress has selected Android as platform to offer its mobility solutions WebXpress has a dedicated team of Android developers who work closely with Product Team to design Integrated Applications
  39. 39. Hand Held Terminal Vs. Mobile PhonesHHT Mobile Phones HHT are industrial quality, rugged, high  Mobile phones are consumer devices performance devices used for industrial designed for multiple features aimed at mass applications market HHT have a high endurance for dust, water,  Mobile phones are relatively fragile and have heat and cold climate low tolerance for extreme conditions HHT are backed by long term warranty and  Mobile phones have shorter warranty and support limited support HHT is mainly available in Windows  Mobile phones are available for Android, Operating system platforms Windows, Apple iOS HHT can combine mobile phone, camera, bar  Mobile phones have camera, speakers, GPS. code scanner, GPS, smart card reader etc. Mobile phones can also use many general Applications are custom made for HHT purpose Applications or Apps Good quality HHT cost in the range of Rs.  Mobile phones range from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 35,000 to 90,000 35,000 based on brand, feature For high endurance applications,  For mass usage but low intensity WebXpress recommends HHT applications, WebXpress recommends Android Mobile phones
  40. 40. WebXpress Ready to Use Mobile Application
  41. 41. WebXpress Ready to Use Mobile Applications WebXpress has already designed a set if mobile applications for Windows Mobile as well as Android Platforms These applications are integrated with WebXpress TMS, FMS and WMS Thus, all that customer is required to do is purchase mobile devices, data connections and load the mobile devices with WebXpress applications All WebXpress applications are Security Enabled and access is through user name and pass word only
  42. 42. WebXpress Mobile Applications forTransportationFunctionality DescriptionTransportation Booking  User can enter CN data into mobile deviceand Scan  CN image can also be scanned and sent to server  CN and image can then be uploaded to server for completion of data entry  Booking can be done after login and only if CN is not already entered and DCR is providedDelivery  User can enter delivery information for a given Consignment in mobileInformation Update device  System allows data entry only if DRS is prepared and CN is not yet delivered  User can capture delivery date and time, delivery person etc.  Application also captures location if device is GPS enabledPOD Scan  User can scan POD using camera function of Mobile device  POD image is then sent to server against CN number  CN number needs to be valid and CN must be delivered in system  Application also captures location if device is GPS enabledTrack & trace  User can enter CN and get tracking information on mobile device  User can also view location of CN on map if GPS service is enabled
  43. 43. WebXpress Mobile Applications for FleetManagementFunctionality DescriptionVehicle Tracking  User can enter a vehicle number in mobile device  Application will retrieve vehicle tracking information and display on device  User can also view location of vehicle on map if GPS service us enabled for that vehicleGPS Tracking  Mobile device with GPS service enabled can be given to driver or a vehicle  The device will capture GPS data and send the same to server  This information can be used to track the vehicle, check idle time, check speed etc.Accident/ Damages  In case of accident, user can enter details on spot in mobile deviceInformation  User can also capture photos and send to central server for future claims processStatus Update  Driver can use mobile application to update status of his vehicle using mobile device  Driver can update information from multiple selection  System will capture GPS location of the device and status to offer picture to customer
  44. 44. WebXpress Mobile Applications for Warehouse Management*Functionality DescriptionGRN preparation  User can download an ASN into mobile device  User can then scan each arrived item and enter arrived quantity  After completion of all items, system will prepare a GRN (Goods Receipt Note)  GRN information is uploaded in WMS/ ERPPut Away ticket  User will prepare put away ticket in WMS and download put away ticket in mobileupdate device  User will then put away a given SKU as per put away plan  User will scan SKU and scan location to confirm put away  On completion of put away, ticket is closed and discrepancy reportedPick ticket update  User will down load pick ticket and visit location to pick SKU  User will scan SKU and location to confirm pick  If user finds SKU at different location, he will update the same in HHT  On completion of all pick, system will close pick ticketPacking and  At the dispatch area user needs to pack SKUs in cartonsdispatch  He will download a dispatch note in HHT  He will scan SKU as he packs in boxes  On completion of a box, he will print a bar code label and stick onto the box  On completion of all boxes, system will print a dispatch note with box wise packing lists * WMS application is available only on Windows platform for HHTs
  45. 45. WebXpress TMS Application- Select Screens
  46. 46. WebXpress TMS Mobile Modules Android Application Windows Application
  47. 47. WebXpress Mobile Authentication WebXpress mobile can be used only by authorized personnel On login, WebXpress will automatically identify • User name • Rights • Location of operation • Document series Thus, WebXpress mobile is a fully secure application
  48. 48. Cnote/ docket entry Android Application Windows Application
  49. 49. Cnote completion on WebXpress Shows information entered at time of quick entry in Mobile device.
  50. 50. One Click POD Update
  51. 51. Enter/ scan Cnote number
  52. 52. Validation to ensure proper entry
  53. 53. Photo Capture Screen gets activated on Shoot & Upload Click on Shoot and Upload button to invoke camera function Take a picture of POD- use flash if required Click on done button WebXpress Mobile will now upload POD automatically Wait for main screen to appear again
  54. 54. View image uploaded through MobileApplication
  55. 55. WebXpress GPS Solutions
  56. 56. WebXpress GPS capabilities GPS provides location, WebXpress makes sense of that location Thus, WebXpress has devises applications around GPS data to enable an enterprise to solve business problems such as Track & Trace, Impending Arrival Notification, Proof of Delivery with GPS Signature etc. WebXpress has built standard interface to receive data from multiple GPS providers WebXpress has built Application to convert the GPS data into information relevant to customers business needs
  57. 57. Vendor Neutral GPS Solution USER ACCESS LAYER Qlikview WebXpress WebXpress Business Applications/ GPS reportsIntelligence Customer ERP and maps layer Computer WebXpress GPS Integrator Middleware Tablet Server of Server of Smart phone GPS Service GPS Service Provider A Provider B Field team with Mobile DevicesTrailers with devices Trailers with devices from A from B
  58. 58. WebXpress GPS Solution DiagramGPS Satellites GPS Tracker WebXpress Command INTERNET Application Center GPS Module Application Mobile Receiver WebXpress UsersGPS Tracker Box Cellular Network
  59. 59. Vehicle Tracking using GPS
  60. 60. Integration of GPS with WebXpress Query based GPS status screen
  61. 61. Integration of GPS with WebXpress Integration of VHC Speed calculation basenumber and Route code don GPS data
  62. 62. Integration of GPS with WebXpressIntegration with Google Maps
  63. 63. All vehicles on India Map
  64. 64. Only selected vehicles shown for tracking
  65. 65. Specific Vehicle on Map with all details
  66. 66. Vehicle Running History
  67. 67. GPS enabled Consignment Tracking Status Details
  68. 68. May 30, 2012 Solution Offering: WebXpress Online Accounts
  69. 69. WebXpress Accounts- Salient Features WebXpress has an Integrated Online Financial Accounts System compliant with Indian GAAP About 80-90% of accounts transactions are posted automatically from operations system, reducing data entry by over 80% WebXpress Accounts helps customers to track P&L, TB and BS of every location individually WebXpress Accounts provides and Online and Real Time view of Cash & Bank position of each location WebXpress Accounts follows a SINGLE and UNIFORM Chart of Account (CoA) across locations. The CoA is controlled centrally and no location can add/ edit any accounts groups or ledgers The sub-ledgers in CoA are created from Masters thus there is no need to create separate sub- ledgers for every location As a centralized CoA, there is no need to consolidate accounts of various locations. Accounts are entered into a SINGLE CoA but referenced by locations
  70. 70. Understanding WebXpress Accounts FeaturesCENTRALISED & ONLINE ACCOUNTS AUTOMATIC & INTEGRATED This means that locations can not change  As operation transactions happen, relevant accounts rules account entries are automatically posted Provides high integrity of accounts structure  No need to take transaction data to As entries are entered across India, central accounting system and post manually accounts can see the effects immediately  Saves data entry by over 70% as more than No need to get accounts data from across 80% of accounts transaction originate in locations and consolidate operations  For example, when a bill is generated, Billed Debtor ledger is Dr. and Income Cr.. When bill is collected Bill Debtor is Cr. and Cash/bank Dr.
  71. 71. Understanding WebXpress Accounts Features Automatic Posting Treatment Chart  All operational transactions are integrated with accounts as per pre-set accounting rules  These rules define instance of accounting, location and entry  The rules are set in accordance with Indian Accounting Standards as set by ICAI and in line with Accounting policies of customer  For example, following rule sheet defines accounts treatment when bill is generated When Bill is Generated Value Name Acccode Accdesc Debit Credit Narration CDA0001 Billed Debtors 5050 0 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002Sub Total INC0001 Freight Income 0 5050 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002 CDA0001 Billed Debtors 606 0 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002S.tax LIA00012 Service Tax Payable 0 606 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002 CDA0001 Billed Debtors 12 0 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002Cess LIA00013 Cess Payable 0 12 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002 CDA0001 Billed Debtors 6 0 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002H. Cess LIA00014 HE Cess Payable 0 6 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002
  72. 72. Understanding WebXpress Accounts FeaturesEVERY LOCATION AS PROFIT CENTER REAL TIME CASH & BANK STATUS All accounting entries are posted in  All Dr and Cr entries are posted as WebXpress along with reference of location transactions are carried out Thus it is possible to view every ledger  Cash/ bank is Dr./ Cr. as a result of these filtered by a every location entries This helps to check P&L, TB and BS of every  All transactions can be viewed in form of a location individually Cash & Bank statement The location can be grouped by area or  It is possible to view cash & bank statement region to get area wise or region wise P&L of ANY location from anywhere subject to analysis rights  Thus, management has an ONLINE & REAL TIME idea of cash/ bank position of entire business
  73. 73. Chart of AccountCoA features System accounts Chart of accounts is specified in WebXpress  Some of the account heads are also used to by company’s accounts department post automatic accounting entries for CoA remains SAME for all locations and can transactions not be altered by locations  These accounts are embedded into CoA is managed centrally and modifications transactions care carried out with approval from Account  These accounts CAN NOT BE removed from Head/ CFO CoA, but names can be changed WebXpress provides its own internal account  Example accounts: code to each account group and ledger • Billed Debtors It is possible to also define company’s • Sundry Creditors internal accounts code against each account • Cash in hand or group It is possible to add new account heads or inactivate existing account heads
  74. 74. Sub-ledgers from Masters WebXpress removes need for creating sub- ledgers for customer, vendors, vehicles, TRANSACTION drivers etc. Accounting transactions are posted with reference of relevant code For example when Bill Debtor is Dr, system also records customer code against that Ledgers Masters transaction Thus, ledger can then be viewed with reference to a particular customer or vendor as the case may be This avoids need to maintain masters and Accounts Transaction sub-ledgers separately and still provides view Database of every sub-ledger
  75. 75. COACOA Hierarchy EXAMPLES CATEGORY  ASSETS • GROUP • Fixed Assets  Furniture & fixtures  SUB GROUP • Investments – LEDGER • Current Assets  LIABILITIES • Share Capital • Reserves & Surplus • Current Liabilities  INCOME • Operations Income  Freight Income- TBB • Other Income  EXPENDITURE • Operations cost  Transport Costs • Personnel cost • Communication cost
  76. 76. May 30, 2012 Thank You APURVA MANKAD apurva@webxpress.in Founder and CEO +91 93242 42802 ECFY Consulting Private Limited Employing Technology for Business Benefits www.webxpress.in WebXpress Profile on Linkedin