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WebXpress Fleet Management Solution


WebXpress Fleet Management System. …

WebXpress Fleet Management System.

WebXpress is an IT and Solutions company that offers services in the domain of Logistics.
Founded in 2004 the company has a presence in India, Saudi Arabia, East Africa, and South Asia.
Our idea is to connect all stakeholders in supply chain and provide visibility.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • Technical Requirements of WebXpress Web Application developed by ECFY Web server for co-location Hardware Operating System- Windows NT/2000 Web server- IIS Database System- SQL 7.0/2000 Co-location services from Hosting Service Provider PCs at branches with Windows 95 and Internet browser Leased Line/ISDN connection at Head Office Dial up/cable connection at branches Backup server at head office


  • 1. Fleet Management Solution by WebXpress
  • 2. Agenda  Introduction  WebXpress Solutions Offerings  WebXpress Online Accounting
  • 3. Introduction
  • 4. Type of companies covered by FMS Fleet Owner + Operators  Fleet owned by fleet company  Dockets booked by fleet company  Billing to end customer on docket booking basis  Fleet maintenance through own/ outsourced workshop Fleet Providers  Provides vehicles on demand to transport companies  No docket booking done by fleet provider  Trip sheet generated for each journey  Billing to end customer on trip sheet basis  Fleet maintenance through own/ outsourced workshop
  • 5. Business Models Covered by WebXpress FMS Business Model Description Long Haul Internal Movement Vehicles are deployed for movement of cargo booked by company itself Vehicle on Contract Vehicle are hired out to another transport company on a per trip or long term basis Secondary Distribution Distribution of cargo from warehouse to multiple delivery points in a limited geography Cold Chain Distribution Movement of temperature controlled cargo and billing based on temperature People Management Movement of employees from home to office and back. Pickup and drop services
  • 6. WebXpress Fleet Management WebXpress Fleet Finance & Accounts Route Cost Management Trip Sheet Driver & Fuel Mgmt Track & Trace Job Sheet Management E-mail GPS System Vendors FLEET OWNER & OPERATOR Customers External Entities MOBILE ALERTS Journey Request Mgmt Document Alerts Tyre Management Fixed & Variable Expenses
  • 7. Fleet Management Process - Trip Sheet Customer/ division request Operational Closure Trip Sheet Closure Trip sheet Process Financial closure & driver settlement Trip Sheet Generation Trip Sheet En-route Update Vehicle Request Form TMS- VHC Module
  • 8. Fleet Management Process - Job Sheet Vendor Payment Job sheet Process Job Sheet Closure Vendor Bill Submission Job Sheet GenerationMaintenance Database
  • 9. Solutions Offerings: GPS
  • 10. Components of GPS Tracker Solution • GPS Tracker box - a hardware device attached to a vehicle • GPS Tracker Command Center- software and networking application • GPS data Analysis Tools- analysis software • Maps and location database • Mobile Network (Already cover 90% of landmass in India) • GPS Satellites (Free and already in the sky!!) • WebXpress GPS Module
  • 11. WebXpress GPS Solution Diagram Cellular Network GPS Satellites WebXpress Users INTERNET Mobile Receiver GPS Tracker Box GPS Tracker Command Center Application WebXpress Application GPS Module
  • 12. WebXpress GPS Module Connection Manager GPS Data Download Data Analysis & Reports • Vehicle Master • GPS Tracker Box master • Driver Master • Location Master • Consignment Tracking • Vehicle Reports • Arrival Estimation Module • Actual arrival Vs. Data Entry • Deviation measurement Resource Manager Analytics WebXpress GPS Analysis GPS Command Center WebXpress Interface Program WebXpress GPS Module
  • 13. How GPS + WebXpress will benefit • For long haul routes, on the way tracking is essential • Tracking from two sources: GPS and WebXpress, thus improved accuracy • Time entered for arrival will be matched with time given by GPS system. This will reduce wrong time entry • Estimate arrival time on the fly: Based on historic data, we can predict arrival time of a vehicle • Better view of supply chain for customers: Customers can find where their invoice number is. This will help them plan their inventory better • Combined with RFID/ Bar code, GPS can improve warehouse productivity • High value consignment tracking- a GPS device can be attached to a high value consignment to track it all the way
  • 14. GPS Information of CN along with Map Link
  • 15. Invoking Google Maps to Track CN
  • 16. Tracking of CN on TMS Customer Login
  • 17. GPS Information on CN with Map Link
  • 18. Invoking Google Maps to Track CN on Customer Login
  • 19. Tracking of CN on FutureSupplyChains.Com
  • 20. GPS Information for CN along with ‘Map’ Link
  • 21. Invoking Google Map to Track CN on FutureSupplyChains.Com
  • 22. WebXpress Online Accounts
  • 23. WebXpress Accounts - Salient Features • WebXpress has an Integrated Online Financial Accounts System compliant with Indian GAAP • About 80-90% of accounts transactions are posted automatically from operations system, reducing data entry by over 80% • WebXpress Accounts helps customers to track P&L, TB and BS of every location individually • WebXpress Accounts provides and Online and Real Time view of Cash & Bank position of each location • WebXpress Accounts follows a SINGLE and UNIFORM Chart of Account (CoA) across locations. • The CoA is controlled centrally and no location can add/ edit any accounts groups or ledgers • The sub-ledgers in CoA are created from Masters thus there is no need to create separate sub-ledgers for every location • As a centralized CoA, there is no need to consolidate accounts of various locations. Accounts are entered into a SINGLE CoA but referenced by locations
  • 24. WebXpress Accounts Features CENTRALISED & ONLINE ACCOUNTS • This means that locations can not change accounts rules • Provides high integrity of accounts structure • As entries are entered across India, central accounts can see the effects immediately • No need to get accounts data from across locations and consolidate AUTOMATIC & INTEGRATED • As operation transactions happen, relevant account entries are automatically posted • No need to take transaction data to accounting system and post manually • Saves data entry by over 70% as more than 80% of accounts transaction originate in operations • For example, when a bill is generated, Billed Debtor ledger is Dr. and Income Cr.. When bill is collected Bill Debtor is Cr. and Cash/bank Dr.
  • 25. WebXpress Accounts Features Automatic Posting Treatment Chart • All operational transactions are integrated with accounts as per pre-set accounting rules • These rules define instance of accounting, location and entry • The rules are set in accordance with Indian Accounting Standards as set by ICAI and in line with Accounting policies of customer • For example, following rule sheet defines accounts treatment when bill is generated When Bill is Generated Value Name Acccode Accdesc Debit Credit Narration Sub Total CDA0001 Billed Debtors 5050 0 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002 CDA0002 Unbilled Debtors 0 5050 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002 CDA0001 Billed Debtors 606 0 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002 CDA0002 Unbilled Debtors 0 606 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002 Cess CDA0001 Billed Debtors 12 0 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002 CDA0002 Unbilled Debtors 0 12 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002 H. Cess CDA0001 Billed Debtors 6 0 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002 CDA0002 Unbilled Debtors 0 6 WHEN BILL IS GENERATED BL/KNUN/07/700002
  • 26. WebXpress Accounts Features EVERY LOCATION AS PROFIT CENTER • All accounting entries are posted in WebXpress along with reference of location • Thus it is possible to view every ledger filtered by a every location • This helps to check P&L, TB and BS of every location individually • The location can be grouped by area or region to get area wise or region wise P&L analysis REAL TIME CASH & BANK STATUS • All Dr and Cr entries are posted as transactions are carried out • Cash/ bank is Dr./ Cr. as a result of these entries • All transactions can be viewed in form of a Cash & Bank statement • It is possible to view cash & bank statement of ANY location from anywhere subject to rights • Thus, management has an ONLINE & REAL TIME idea of cash/ bank position of entire business
  • 27. Chart of Account CoA features • Chart of accounts is specified in WebXpress by company’s accounts department • CoA remains SAME for all locations and can not be altered by locations • CoA is managed centrally and modifications care carried out with approval from Account Head/ CFO • WebXpress provides its own internal account code to each account group and ledger • It is possible to also define company’s internal accounts code against each account or group • It is possible to add new account heads or inactivate existing account heads System accounts • Some of the account heads are also used to post automatic accounting entries for transactions • These accounts are embedded into transactions • These accounts CAN NOT BE removed from CoA, but names can be changed • Example accounts: – Billed Debtors – Sundry Creditors – Cash in hand
  • 28. Sub-ledgers from Masters • WebXpress removes need for creating sub-ledgers for customer, vendors, vehicles, drivers etc. • Accounting transactions are posted with reference of relevant code • For example when Bill Debtor is Dr, system also records customer code against that transaction • Thus, ledger can then be viewed with reference to a particular customer or vendor as the case may be • This avoids need to maintain masters and sub-ledgers separately and still provides view of every sub-ledger Accounts Transaction Database Ledgers Masters TRANSACTION
  • 29. COA COA Hierarchy • CATEGORY – GROUP • SUB GROUP – LEDGER EXAMPLES • ASSETS – Fixed Assets • Furniture & fixtures – Investments – Current Assets • LIABILITIES – Share Capital – Reserves & Surplus – Current Liabilities • INCOME – Operations Income • Freight Income- TBB – Other Income • EXPENDITURE – Operations cost • Transport Costs – Personnel cost – Communication cost
  • 30. Thank You KEEP IN TOUCH Headquarters Regional Sales Office 114, Sundervilla, S. V. Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai – 400052 +91 93 232 428 02 +91 22 325 735 60 ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 107, First Floor, Suncity Trade Tower, Sector–21, Gurgaon – 122001 +91 93 117 363 59