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WebXpress helps Full Truck Load Transport to help efficient contract, tracking docket,vehicle tracking

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FTL Business

  1. 1. Release Date: 30.11.2011 Ver-1 Webxpress Visibility for Supply Chains C Note generation –TBB Contents • C Note Entry TBB Upen Shukla ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Upen@webxpress.in w w w. W e b X p r e s s. i n
  2. 2. Objective: Ver-1 Cnote is the basic document used in transport Industry. The terminology used in for it across industry as “LR” , GCN, BUILTY,HWB,DOCKET,Cnote Etc. In Webxpress it will be used as C Note Across System. Total C note Number generation process can be divided in to two parts : Manual (Pre defined Number) : The Cnote number & its length to be used in Webxpress Will be declared by company. • As per decided pattern it will be added in webxpress under DCR( Document Control Register) Management System • User Can use as per decided and in between from those Series Which are Added In system • Once the Cnote is used it can not be used again for C Note entry System generated: In many cases customer are not Sure About the docket pattern & its length so they will prefer System generated C Note Number • In this case Webxpress will generate A unique C Note number after putting complete Detail about C Note & verified by User, at click on Submit button • System generated c Note Number Will have fixed Length, Location specific & Auto generated Serial wise Number.
  3. 3. Option to Select C Note Entry Ver-1
  4. 4. C Note generation process Ver-1 Whole C note generation process is divided in to three Steps:1. In first step system will provide option for user to choose/ Enter following point: • C Note Number : if manual C Note generation process is opted • C Note date & time : user had to give date & time of booking • Pay basis: user has to Select any one type of pay basis as ‘Paid’ , ‘To pay’ , ‘To Be Billed’ ‘Free Of Cost’ these Are normal pay basis used by transport industry • Billing party : User has to Select the person/ company by whom the freight amount to be collected. • Destination branch: here user has to Enter the location code of destination branch code of transporter’s network After complete it press on Step 1 To Entre these information Webxpress providing support to user by Calendar Selection for date & time, list for pay basis & Auto Complete( system will show Full name By putting first few Character) on billing party & destination code. For next Step please refer Slide -7
  5. 5. Contract View- Service Selection Ver-1
  6. 6. Contract view- freight charges Ver-1
  7. 7. C Note Entry : TBB Air ,LTL Ver-1
  8. 8. C Note Entry: TBB Ver-1
  9. 9. C Note Entry Screen Step-2 Ver-1 In Step 2: user has to Select product/ Mode . It can be either Air, Train, Express cargo, Standard Transport. Service Type : Service for that particular consignment will be either LTL ( Less Truck Load) , which is some time called as Sundry or FTL ( Full Truck Load) If that Consignment is FTL Type then user has to select FTL type Pickup & delivery Point: It may be ‘Door Pickup & Door Delivery’ or ‘Door pickup & Godown Delivery’ ‘Godown Pickup & Door Delivery’ or Godown Delivery & Godown Delivery. Type of packaging & Said to contain: Select packaging of Shipment along with what it contains Special instruction : Free test field to enter user information & special instruction After putting all the detail press on Step 2 For Step 3 please have look 10
  10. 10. C’nor & C’nee Detail And Invoice detail Ver-1
  11. 11. Financial Detail Ver-1
  12. 12. C note Entry Screen Step-3 Ver-1 After click on Step 2: User has to enter Following • Address : Consignor & Consignee detail Address city & phone number along with pin code. • Statuary document & Insurance: in transit insurance detail & other statuary Document detail which is required to transport this shipment • Invoice & Declaration: Customer’s Declarations as per sales invoice, Dimensions if its on volumetric, Number of pieces as per received. Actual weight & charge weight • Then click on payment tab. • After click on payment System will ask about all financial detail
  13. 13. C Note entry TBB : Express Ver-1
  14. 14. C’nor & C’nee detail Ver-1
  15. 15. Payment Detail Ver-1
  16. 16. C Note Entry TBB: Rail LTL & Express Ver-1
  17. 17. C Note Entry : C’nor & C’nee Detail Ver-1
  18. 18. Payment detail Ver-1
  19. 19. C Note generated Ver-1
  20. 20. Cnote Entry: Standard FTL TBB Ver-1
  21. 21. Cnote entry : multipoint pickup Ver-1
  22. 22. C’nor & c,nee detail Ver-1
  23. 23. Financial detail Ver-1
  24. 24. C Note generated Ver-1
  25. 25. Ver-1THC process for FTL (Direct from Cnote)
  26. 26. Option for direct THC from C Note Ver-1
  27. 27. THC generation Screen : C note Selection Ver-1
  28. 28. Prepare New THC Ver-1
  29. 29. Ver-1
  30. 30. THC generation Screen Ver-1
  31. 31. MF selection screen Ver-1
  32. 32. Ver-1Thank You Upendra Shukla Upen@webxpress.in Product manager +91 9320032062 ECFY Consulting Private Limited Employing Technology for Business Benefits www.webxpress.in