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A case study on launching apps in Thailand by Natavudh "Moo" Pungcharoenpong, Co-Founder & CEO, Ookbee

WWTH 12.0 App Economy in Thailand - Ookbee

  1. The App Economy in Thailand Web Wednesday Thailand 12.0
  2. + Ookbee by the Numbers Thailand’s #1 e-book store 88% market share * That was in October. with new countries/iPad mini, We now add 8K+ a day and have 2.9M users TOP 5 everyday Grossing Apps for the past on Thai App Store 500 days
  3. Ookbee Team Developers• Founded: Mid 2010 /The team has grown from 5 to over 40 staff • We are at Month 25 and have been profitable since month 7 • Sep 2012 Ookbee raised US$2 million in funding from Shin Corporation Content Team
  4. App Store Publishing
  5. Number of Apps As of Jan 2013 iPhone 750k on iOS Play 700k on Play iPad 150k on WP Amazon WP BlackBerry 40k on Win8
  6. Local..Local..Local.. 10% local apps generate more than 50% Revenue
  7. + Thailand: Monetization Case Study Thai UI Eng UI Sep 2012: App Annie
  8. The overlap proportion of the top applications of the UnitedStates with other English speaking countries (Canada, Australiaand the UK) is significantly higher than it is with non-Englishspeaking countries. My Guess is Thailand is somewhere here! maybe 15%
  9. Launching an App in South-east Asia? It’s now or never!
  10. Top Countries - Downloads/Revenues Thailand is among the global top 15 Mobile apps markets the only country in SEA only after China, Japan and S. Korea in Asia Based on App Annie Worldwide Total Category, Q3 2012
  11. Fastest Revenue Growth Countries - All Categories(Jan-Sep 12) Here too! #9 Here we are at #3!! Growth is higher since the base is smaller..... Hooray!! Based on App Annie, Top 25 Grossing countries of 2012 Sep, comparing Jan-Sep Growth rate
  12. Fastest Revenue Growth countries for Games Fastest Revenue Growth in the world #2 on Google Play Based on App Annie, Game Category, comparing Jan-June 12 Growth rate
  13. Fastest Download Growth Countries for Games For Both iOS and Google Play, 4 out of 5 Fastest Revenue Growth Countries are in SEA Based on App Annie, Game Category, comparing Jan-June 12 Growth rate
  14. Thai App Store VS The World•  in the US, Based on numbers given by Distimo, about 80,000 will get you into the top 10. Huge numbers. •  in Japan, it’s 20,000 a day to be in Top 10 and 60,000 a day to be at #1 Top Free Charts •  in Thailand, from my personal experience, it’s only take 10,000 a day to be #1 in Top Free already
  15. + Case Study: Ookbee User and Application Download * It took Kobo 2 years to reach 5M users (Globally) before Rakuten acquired it for $315 Million in Dec 2011
 ** Ookbee 2.9M users in 2 years is only in Thailand and SEA (Locally) / Our penetration rate is way higher
  16. Successful PublishingEverybody remembers the success stories of applications thatgathered millions of users within a couple of days. Draw Something did it in nine days. However, with the right strategy it is possible to gain one millionusers much faster. Naver, one of the most successful Asian publishers, launched five applications atthe end of November, all of which quickly became the most popular applications in many Asiancountries. Line Pop, the most popular of those five, generated 1.75 million downloads within the firstthree days of its launch. Moreover, Line Pop also generated one million in estimated revenue withinthe first 12 days. (Line has over 80M users worldwide and over 10M users in Thailand) it will take Ookbee 4 Months for our next 1 Million
  17. Launching App in the Local Market My Personal Experience
  18. Thai Market - Real Number Let’s see what’s like when you launch an app specifically for Thai market only Just Another App•  just another app in App Store •  my Good App •  my Very Good App
  19. + Ookbee App Eco 50+ of our 150+ apps on Top list! Out of 200K Apps, We are No.1-5 Top Grossing for the past 500 Days!! Beats Zinio and all popular games! Angry Bird?
  20. Just Another App in App Store :( Max around 500 downloads/ day when launch.. then average around 50 per app per day Total just around 36K download in 24 months From almost 150 Apps, we have around 120 “Just-Another-App” *Still 36K x 120 = 4.32 M, even if same user download several apps, I expected we have generated over a million users from these just another apps
  21. My Good App :) Max around 900 downloads/ day when launch.. then average around 120 per app per day Total around 90K download in 24 months From almost 150 Apps, we have around 25 “Good App”
  22. My Very Good App :) Max around 6,000 downloads/day when launch.. then average around 2,000 per app per day Total around 1.5M download in 24 months From almost 150 Apps, we have 2 “Very Good App” *My Number was started back in 2011. I expect that it would be 15,000 per day easily first day when launched now for a very good app.
  23. Let’s make some money! App Monetization
  24. App Monetization•  Paid App Simple game ex. Angry Bird? •  In-App Purchase (ex. Social Game/Content - ex. HayDay, Poker) * Ookbee is here •  Apple/Google •  Mobile •  Other ( Ex. In our case Credit Card/ Cash via 7-11) •  Advertisement (Simple Game/ TV-Radio Streaming/News)
  25. In-App Purchase
  26. + Other Payment Channel Options in Thailand Apple/Play Credit Card (online) 
 or Cash at 7-11 Pay with Mobile phone bill 
 (Pre-paid and Post-Paid)
  27. Ad Revenue•  Free App Ad Revenue simulation. •  Impression : 1,000,000 •  CTR 1% •  CPC 4 THB •  Ad revenue: 40,000 THB •  How long to get 1M impression? A very good app maybe several days. Good App maybe a month. Just another app maybe 6-12 months.
  28. Exactly! How Much Money Can I Make? (in Thailand and the rest of the world)
  29. How big is the whole market? All markets combined as of Nov 2012 15M USD a day for iOS 3.5M USD a day for Google Play Since October 2012, Japan Google play Revenue Top US
  30. US Market•  If you make it to the top 10 US Top Grossing Apps : around 2M THB per day •  How do we know? •  Temple run has reportedly earned $7,000,000 over a span of 5 months, so that roughly brings the average to $46,000 (1.4M THB/Day) per day near the #1 grossing spot •  Chair Entertainment, the subsidiary of Epic that developed Infinity Blade confirmed that the game had had 5 million downloads and generated $20 million in net revenue. Apple said Infinity Blade is ranked #9 on the US top grossing list for the whole of 2011. So we can estimate that around 1.6M THB/day revenue is made in the Top 10 US Appstore •  In 2012 the average iOS revenue grow at least another 50%
  31. Japanese Market Game Publishers like DeNA and GREE each have over a hundred of apps on each store (many on the top list) Game publishers are the most effective monetizers. Not only in Japan but throughout the world. It’ll be no surprise to industry insiders that 9 of the top 10 publishers by monthly revenues on iOS and Google Play are game publishers. In fact, the only exceptions to that rule are Apple on iOS and NAVER on Google Play (Maker of popular social networking app LINE). Slide from Samurai International Japan
  32. Thai Market In terms of revenue of Top Grossing App: As of Jan 2013: Our two best apps at #1 and #4 iOS in-app Purchase Top 1st -5th apps “each” gets 150K-300K THB per day. (We have 2 on the list) The number are growing from 75K - 150K per day same period last year. How do we know? Been there done that..still there. From my source, the number are almost the same for both iPad/iPhone
  33. Our Revenue: Apple VS Android
  34. Wanna try?Im not an expert but here are some tips from my personal experience.
  35. Speed Wins in hiring, development, design, releases, biz dev Be Agile and worry about scaling later
  36. Outsource what you can Always Outsource Complexity
  37. To all startups out there “Respect Everyone, Fear No One”
  38. And please don’t forget to “Enjoy the Ride” Thank you