Selling the Value of Digital Marketing to the C-Level
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Selling the Value of Digital Marketing to the C-Level



Marc de Schweinitz, Dow Chemical....

Marc de Schweinitz, Dow Chemical.

Your business can't do digital marketing without resources. Securing time, money and people is a critical skill to your success, and executive leadership wants to be convinced! Learn how to give them a reason to believe in your plan.



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Selling the Value of Digital Marketing to the C-Level Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Marc de Schweinitz / Selling The Value of Digital Marketing To The C-Level
  • 2. The Dow Chemical Company
    Founded: 1897
    *Sales: $53B
    People: ~50,000
    Products: 5000+
    Customers: Global
    (160 Countries)
    *2010 Data
  • 3. Focus on Them!
    Know Your Client
    Consider their Options
    Show their Expected Return
    4. Appeal to their Personality
  • 4. Know Your Client
  • 5. 32% Direct Traffic
    62% Bounce Rate
    1:30 Time on Site
  • 6. 10 New Customers: +$500M
    Tech Service Cost savings: $100M
    ROI: 400%, $600M
    Corporate Reputation increased by 15 points
  • 7. …the most profitable and respected science-driven chemical company in the world
  • 8. Consider Their Options – What I’ve heard
    • Rationale
    • 9. “I am making money now, without worrying about the internet.”
    • 10. “Most of our customers read print journals.”
    • 11. “Direct sales have worked best in the past.”
    • 12. “We are already using an inside sales telephone service.”
    • 13. Concerns
    • 14. “This sounds risky. What other Dow businesses have done this?”
    • 15. “Where will I need to reduce resources from in order to fund this?”
    • 16. “Will this embarrass me if it fails?”
    • 17. “Are you the right person to be driving this for us?”
    • 18. Tip: Ask the right questions
    • 19. Establish credibility by asking about their customers, strategy and high-level goals
    • 20. Demonstrate that you already know something about their strategy
  • 1. Consider their Options – Show Them
  • 21. Show their expected Return
    ~$$$ MM
    Leads, Margin, Loyalty
    Collaborate: Innovate Together
    +1% Gross Margin = $$$$$$
    Convert: Lead sharing program, lead conversion
    Converted Leads: 4 x $ = $$$$
    Advertise: Targeted messaging, segmented campaigns
    Pull Margins
    Research: Campaign follow-up, overlay surveys, satisfaction scores
    Leading Indicators
    Cost to Serve Savings: >$$
    Support: Optimize site, SEO, Webcasts, online training, Answer Center
    $ Investment
    *NPV assumes 10% discount rate
  • 22. Appeal to their Personality – A/B Test
    This executive loves tests – they are fun for him
  • 23. Appeal to their personality – Customer Video
    Dow Fabric & Surface Care testimonial video
    First of its kind
    Executives are leaders, and like to be “first.”
    Customer focused
    Executives establish credibility by focusing on customers
  • 24. Focus on Them!
    Know Your Client
    Consider their Options
    Show their Expected Return
    4. Appeal to their Personality
  • 25. Additional Keys to Success
    Ask the right questions
    Address the right needs
    Connect to the Strategy
    Sell benefits, not features
    Have an “if-needed” two-minute summary in mind
    Make it fun and exciting
  • 26. Ask the right questions to executives
    Ask the right questions
    Yes: Appropriate Questions for Executives
    “What are your top three business objectives for 2011?”
    “How do you plan on growing or upgrading your business in 2011?”
    Options could include:
    Attracting new customers?
    Increasing margin?
    Diversifying customer base?
    Diversifying product line?
    “What challenges might you face in delivering on your business plan?”
    “What does our ideal customer look like?”
    “What is our unique value proposition now, and where do we aspire to be in five years?”
    “How do you plan on measuring business success over the next 3-5 years?”
    No: Questions better suited for marketing and communications managers
    “What are your goals for the website?”
    Too tactical
    Executives prefer for you to tell them what the digital/Web goals will be, and how those goals will indicate progress toward their high-level business goals
    “Which companies do a good job of digital marketing, in your opinion?”
    Too narrow of a focus and you may feel obligated to mirror another site
    They may not know either, which could embarrass them
  • 27. Executives need to ask the right questions too
    Ask the right questions
    Yes: Appropriate Questions for digital marketing managers and analysts
    “How will your plan make money for my business?”
    “What are the risks associated with your plan?”
    “What investment do you need to make your plan successful?”
    “What will be the return from that investment?”
    “What assumptions are you making?”
    “Has this model worked in the past?”
    No: Questions digital managers may not know how to answer
    “Where does this fall in terms of project priority?”
    Digital manager may not be aware of this, but should
    Other suggestions (from audience)?