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How Campaigns Really Work: Campaign Tracking
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How Campaigns Really Work: Campaign Tracking


Published on

Wendi Malley, LexisNexis & Ori Fishler, Edgewater Consulting …

Wendi Malley, LexisNexis & Ori Fishler, Edgewater Consulting

Ori and Wendi reveal lessons learned through years of campaign tracking, from basic methodology to attribution models and offline CMS integration. See how integrating data from multiple sources can be creative, including actionable metrics with new insights on conversions, lookup tables and smart reports.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • The role of the marketing manager is to sow the seeds to customer demand. But as you throw your marketing dollars to the four winds, what direction will provide the most yield?Campaign tracking provides the feedback and measures.
  • the business importance of tracking marketing campaigns & the ability to establish marketing ROI. Closed loop.Having a sound marketing campaign strategy will lay the ground work for a successful insights and recommendations.
  • Discuss briefly how first touch can be implemented rather easily by duplicating the main campaign report (last touch) and just changing the attribution to “original”Discuss briefly how multi-touch can implemented by utilizing custom cookies which store a string of all touches (usually limited to 5) using a delimiter such as : or |Direct attendees to our articles for more details
  • Transcript

    • 1. Campaign TrackingHow Campaign Tracking Really Works
    • 2. Founded in 1992
      • Headquartered in Wakefield, MA
      • 3. Large North American footprint
      • 4. + 330 Employees
      • 5. +700 clients
      • 6. +2200 projects completed to date
      • 7. Publicly Traded (NASDAQ: EDGW)
      Web Solutions and Web Analytics Services
      Edgewater Technology, Inc Technology Management Consulting Firm
    • 13.
      • Introduction
      • 14. Campaign Lifecycle
      • 15. Campaign Reporting Basics
      • 16. Going Beyond Basic Campaign Reporting
      • 17. Key Take Aways
      • 18. Q&A
    • 19. The Sower
    • 20. Plan
      Marketing Campaign Lifecycle
      Create campaign,
      Enable campaign tracking
      The right message/offer, Right person, Right time, Right channel
      Campaign effectiveness,
      Channel effectiveness,
      ROI, Usage trends
      Content, Messaging,
      Creative Targeting,
      Landing Pages,
      Conversion Funnels,
      Marketing Spend and Media Plan
    • 21. Steps to Implement Basic Marketing Campaign Reporting
      • Create campaign ID schema
      • 22. Collect WT.mc_id parameter:
      • 23. In URL
      • 24. META tags on landing pages
      • 25. Enable campaign reports
      • 26. Enable visitor history & specify campaign expiration
    • Going Beyond Basic Campaign Reporting
      • Improving report usability by adding drilldowns and campaign attributes
      • 27. Linking campaign contribution to business KPIs
      • 28. Providing visibility into campaign trending over time
      • 29. Integrating cost information for full ROI analysis
      • 30. Managing attribution
    • Improve report Usability by Adding Campaign Attributes and Creating Drilldown
    • 39. Enable Campaign Tracking across Different Channels
      • Tag URL for email, paid search, affiliate campaigns
      • 40. Tag landing pages for print, radio, TV campaigns
    • Measure Campaign Activity Against KPIs to Identify Most Successful Campaigns
      • Out-of-the-box campaign reports track click-throughs, visits, page views, and ecommerce metrics (if applicable)
      • 41. Build custom reports to enable campaign measurement against other business goals
    • Export Reports into Excel and Build Graphs via Smart Reports
      • Dynamic data connection – easy to update report
      • 42. Enable data reporting month over month
      • 43. Familiar interface and interactive reports
      • 44. Can be easily distributed within organization by placing in a central location
    • Integrate Cost Data to Enable ROI Measurement
      • SmartReports
      • 45. Import external campaign cost
      • 46. Pivot Table drilldown
      • 47. Calculate ROI
    • Attribution Models
      • Attribution
      • 48. First Touch (original)
      • 49. Last Touch (most recent)
      • 50. Multi-Touch (all campaign touches before converting)
      You don’t have to choose just one. You CAN have it all!
    • 51. Wrap Up / Key Take-Aways
      • Start with the basics and gradually add advanced reporting features
      • 52. Align campaign reporting with KPI framework
      • 53. Leverage SmartReports for trending and campaign performance ROI analysis
      • 54. Understand the importance of analyzing multiple attribution methods
    • Q & A
    • 55. Thank You
      Contact Information
      Ori Fishler, Director, Web Solutions, Edgewater Technology Inc.
      Wendi Malley, Sr. Web Analyst, LexisNexis,
      Derek Fine, Webtrends,