Engage 2013 - SEM Optimization


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Engage 2013 - SEM Optimization

  1. 1. SEM Optimization & Best PracticesPeter Bowman – Senior Account Executive, Marin Software Chase Wells – Partner Manager, Webtrends
  2. 2. Agenda•  The Challenge: Quantifying Search•  Selecting the Appropriate Conversions•  Proper Keyword Attribution Etiquette•  Integrating with your CRM for 360 Degree Success•  Quick Background – Webtrends & Marin Software
  3. 3. Quan%fying Search      “However  beau+ful  the  strategy  you  should   occasionally  look  at  the  results”     –  Winston  Churchill  
  4. 4. Search Is Special Search is a unique medium, where advertisers can immediately respond to consumers looking for their products and services 57% of users start their research for purchases through a Search EngineE-tailing Group “5 Social Shopping Trends –Shaping the Future of Ecommerce”
  5. 5. Yet We’re Measured Differently…•  Average Cost for a Billboard on Hwy 101 $100,000 per month ($1,200,000 a year!)•  Success Metrics – cars driven by & location
  6. 6. Make Your Data Scream •  We understand your challenges •  We understand your frustration •  And we’re going to help you evangelize the power of search within your organization - with data that speaks for itself!
  7. 7. Driving and Recognizing Results •  Search will always require human insight to drive extraordinary results •  With the right tools at your disposal you can spend time effectively •  Leverage Data properly to reach your full potential
  8. 8. Choose  Your  Conversion  Points   “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please” - Mark Twain
  9. 9. Many Metrics, Too Many Opinions In search there is so much Imp. CTR data available that like the Time sun, you’ll go blind if you AOV Of stare at it too long DayClicks ROAS It’s too easy to focus on individual metrics and lose Conv. Rate ROI sight of your overall goalsQuality LatencyScore
  10. 10. Choosing The Right Search Metrics Retail.com
  11. 11. The Buyer JourneyDiscovery As users enter the purchase journey, they willExploration have unique needs during each stage of the processEvaluation This translates intoComparison multiple conversion metrics throughout the Decision process to measure Loyalty
  12. 12. Choosing the Right Conversions •  Step One –  What do my users do on my site that shows intent? •  Step Two –  What actions lead to a purchase? –  What actions fuel my other channels? •  Step Three –  What metrics do I use for optimization and for reporting?
  13. 13. Optimization vs. Reporting Metrics•  Optimize on metrics that lead to the end goal•  Report on the metrics that show value•  There will be overlap (and that’s a good thing)
  14. 14. Getting Credit Where It’s Due “Our email campaigns perform the best” But where did those email sign-ups come from?•  Make sure that all activity that search drives for other channels is clearly shown•  Demonstrate the true impact of search on your organization•  Get beyond strict ROAS goals and unleash the power of search (and have fun)
  15. 15. Proper  A>ribu%on  There’s no “Brand” in Team
  16. 16. Find your keyword portfolio’s MVPsBut, don’t forget those who helped! The most important part isfollowing the user through their entire search journey toconversion to give credit to all of the keywords that contributed
  17. 17. Attribution OverviewBusiness Problem •  Identifying and managing for upper funnel, lower converting keywordsBusiness Solution •  Track all of the keywords useful in the buyer’s journey to conversion; give credit where due
  18. 18. Look Beyond the Last Click 54% of agencies and marketers use last click attribution 25% of direct marketers use cross channel attributionSource: eMarketer - Last-Click Attribution Models Give Marketers Incomplete Picture Read 4/27/12 18
  19. 19. Improper Attribution = Under Reporting First Click attribution results in 38% more reported revenue as compared to Last Click attributionSource: eMarketer - Last-Click Attribution Models Give Marketers Incomplete Picture Read 4/27/12 19
  20. 20. Assist Clicks How to Look At The DataWith conversion value weighing, you have access to keywordlevel assist metricsThis allows you to easily identify terms which have assistedin the paid conversion funnel but may not have been the lastclick 20
  21. 21. Optimize to Your Attribution Model•  Last click attribution does not consider conversion influencer keywords•  Customize revenue attribution based on your business model•  Influencing keywords receive partial credit for conversion Revenue Attribution Using an Even Distribution Model: $120 Room 1.) “san francisco 2.) “mariott san 3.) “book courtyard Booking hotels” francisco” mariott hotel” Conversion 1st click 2nd click Last click $40 $40 $40 21
  22. 22. “C” is For Cookie Conversion Window •  Step One –  Understand average number of clicks per conversion, the first step in allocating revenue by click •  Step Two –  Understand time to conversion patterns for the proper cookie window settings
  23. 23. Bringing  it  All  Home  “No baseball pitcher would be worth a darn without a catcher who could handle the hot fastball” – Casey Stengel
  24. 24. Measurement and Learning •  Measuring all conversion metrics is imperative for true measurement •  Most marketers neglect capturing offline sales driven by search •  It is imperative that search be fully integrated with CRM systems to track all actions end to end and demonstrate what is really going on in your marketing data ecosystem
  25. 25. Make Decisions Based on Revenue Keyword, Click, Cost Click & & Lead Conversion Data data CRM (Revenue) Understand CRM Data lifetime for each value of click and each user, user and passed behaviors back To over time Ads
  26. 26. Optimize to Lifetime ValueWhat if You Paid $100 / Month For Each Keyword?•  Leads may be inexpensive, but do they drive revenue and LTV?•  Optimizing keywords to revenue can increase top line and reduce investments unprofitable keywords (see below)•  With CRM integration you can see revenue for each keyword – Necessary for ROI modeling Impact  of   Stage  1:     Latent   Lead   Stage  2:    Revenue  Upload  By  Keyword   Highest  revenue  /  lead   Revenue     Captured   despite    lower  quan%ty  of   leads   Number  of   Revenue  Per   Lead  -­‐>  Sale   Total   Revenue  Per     Keyword   Leads   Lead   Conversion  Rate   Revenue   Lead   Revenue  allows  Ads  to   evaluate  the  true    impact  of   X   50   $300     50%   $7,500     $150.00     keyword  investments  on  your   Y   100   $300     10%   $3,000     $30.00     bo>om  line   Total   150     90%   $10,500     $70.00    
  27. 27. Background  What is Webtrends Ads?
  28. 28. Webtrends & Marin SoftwareWebtrends Ads is an industry-leading onlinemarketing revenue optimization platform combinedwith a team of experts dedicated to exceeding yourgoals( ) + =
  29. 29. Anything Is PossibleIf you can see it in Analytics, you can reportand optimize off of any action taken on yoursite. •  No limitations – tags can fire without confirmation pages •  Multiple conversion types •  Decide which metrics are for reporting and which are for optimization •  Seamless integration with Webtrends Analytics
  30. 30. Questions?
  31. 31. Thank YouPlease come to the Solutions Pavilion to learn more!
  32. 32. Rate Session &Speakers/Panelists