Engage EMEA 2010 - Mobile Analytics

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  • Consumers are there are you?Consumer Adoption of Mobile Accelerating
  • Three questions and maybe you have similar questions
  • Mobile strategies are largely driven by urgency to “get there”-Executive pressure top down to get their app-Developers building product without market direction or marketing still dabblingResult is lack of relevant, interesting experience with short lifespanMany downloaded apps are never activated or only used onceUtility of app or site is key to retention
  • What is good? Depends on your objectivesBranded appsVs permanent channelMonitor adoption and engagement of your digital propertiesNative apps, mobile web, Facebook apps, traditional web, et al.Compare to baseline and relative to each otherMonetize actionsTranslate to value easilySubjective relative to othersRoll-up for cross channel comparisonIf it is worth including in your app it is worth measuringOptimization- Features, promotions, segments
  • Thinking you can gauge success by downloads alone, is well, cute.Start simple, don’t paralyze your efforts by aiming first for perfection Getting basic analytics is better than no insight at allMarathon’s take training
  • 1. Start with the stated objectivesAlign app or site activities to objectivesMap measures to activities2. Involve key stakeholders (product, marketing, dev)3. Don’t wait until the last minute to start thinking about measurement. It will be too late!
  • How can wt help w you mobile strategy this year


  • 1.
  • 2. Create, measure, improve mobile
    Eric Rickson
    Director Mobile Analytics
  • 3. eBay mobile users to spend $1.5 billion in 2010 compared to $600 MM in 2009 (TechCrunch)
    In 2009, one in four Americans used a mobiledevice to access the Internet every month.
    About 16.2 billion mobile apps will be downloaded in 2013compared to 3.5 billion in 2009 (FutureSource)
    Consumers are there are you?
  • 4. Emerging Opportunities
  • 5. Was last year 2009 or 1999?
    “I don’t know what a website is, but I know I need to have one.”
  • 6. Demonstrate value of mobile channel
    Baseline performance
    Compare channels
    Monetize actions
    Appropriate depth
    Discover optimization opportunities
  • 7. Mobile measurement maturity
    Number of Downloads
    Usage and Engagement
    Effectiveness and optimization
  • 8. Essential Channel Measures
    App downloads
    Site or app visitors
    App usage (% of DL)
    Geo distribution
    Frequency (visits/visitor)
    Depth (events/visitor and duration)
    Retention rate (% returning)
    Objective oriented conversions
    High value activities
  • 9. Planning Measurement
    Focus on critical measures
    Involve stakeholders
    Start early
    Distribution and format
    Usage Rate
  • 10.
  • 11. Mobile Web
    Native Apps
    Campaign Apps
    Mobile Measurement
    FiOS TV
    Game consoles
    Understand Mobile Destinations
    Webtrends Analytics
  • 12. Webtrends Mobile Analytics
  • 13. Measure what matters
    Details about viewed content
    Each action can be reported on
    Configurable metrics mapped to users activities
    Unlimited metrics
  • 14. Optimized tracking for native apps
    Easy integration
    Standard and custom events
    Auto-queuing and offline capture
    ID and opt-out options
    For Apple, Android, and Blackberry
    Generic approach for other platforms
  • 15. Associated Press Mobile
    “With the help of Webtrends, we are provided relevant insight into how the applications are being used. This will help us understand adoption and allow us to measure our usage goals, and what we expect from similar applications. Measurement is an important piece of the experience.”
    Jeffrey Litvack
    GM Global Product Development
    Associated Press
  • 16. Key takeaways
    Treat Mobile as an integrated marketing channel
    Don’t just make it, make it useful
    Include analytics in planning phase
    You can’t optimize what you don’t measure
    **check out Eric Butler’s Tips and Tricks track
  • 17. Thank you.