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  • List is only configurable in On-Premise – managed by Webtrends in On-Demand.(first hit from a Search Engine or first from Paid or Organic)

Engage EMEA 2010 - Custom Reporting Engage EMEA 2010 - Custom Reporting Presentation Transcript

  • Gaining Value fromVisitor History
    Mark Saxby – Principal Consultant, webtrends
  • Visitor History in Analytics
    • Analytics data is captured on a per hit basis and can be tied together across a visit.
    • But what if you want a perspective based on longer term Visitor activity?
    • This is where Visitor History comes in.
  • Enabling Visitor History
  • Elapsed Time Information
    Time since...
    First Visit
    Previous Visit
    First Purchase
    Previous Purchase
    ... In days
    Visit Latency (Days since first visit/No of Visits)
  • Campaign History
    Set when Campaign ID is passed on a link.
    Current Visit Campaign ID
    Most Recent Campaign ID
    Initial Campaign ID
  • Trick
    WT.vr.ac contains a list of all campaigns a visitor has visited in attribution period.
  • Search Engine History
    Set by Analysis engine when referrer matches a referrer in the Search engines file.
    • Captures Search Engine, Paid or Organic and Search Term
    • Captures Initial and Most Recent values
  • Search Engine History
    Most Recent OrganicSearch Phrase
    Most Recent PaidSearch Phrase
    And the othercombinations
    Initial Search Engine
    Initial Search Phrase
    Initial Paid Search Engine
  • Tip
    Use standard VHdimensions and measureswhere possible.
  • Purchase History
    Uses the standard Transaction parameters to track Visitor purchase activity over time.
    • Lifetime Value
    • Total Purchases
    • Most Recent Purchase Value
    • First and Last Purchase date
    • Most recent invoice ID
  • Trick
    Use Latest Invoice ID
    to match Cookies to real customers in your backend systems
  • Customer Segment History
  • Customer Segment History
    You can associate 4 segment parameters with a Visitor.
    These are set using the WT.seg_X parameters (WT.seg_1 to WT.seg_4)
    Retrieve using WT.vhseg_Xparameter in reports.
  • Tip
    Documentwhat you use each Segment parameter for!
  • Content Groups of Interest
  • Pages of Interest
    WT.pi = Home
    WT.pi = Login
    WT.pi = Analytics
    WT.pi = Request Info
  • Tip
    Use the same value for Page of Interest where content has the same purpose
  • Visitor History & Custom Reports
    Visitor History parameter are mostly available as dimensions
    Most are available as ‘query string parameters’ to use in custom dimensions or measures
  • Visitor History & Custom Reports
    Visitor History dimensions are related to Visitors, so fully support Visitor Measures in custom reports.
  • Tip
    Use standard VHdimensions
    and measureswhere possible.
  • Visitor History Extract
    What about taking the Visitor History data out of Webtrends and using it with external data?
    What’s in the Visitor History Extract?
    Let’s take a look...
  • Visitor History Extract
  • Visitor History Extract
    How to enable VH Extracts
    Set Frequency and Time.
    Details for accessing file.
  • Integrating with external data
    Use the External Visitor ID (WT.dcsvid) to match other data source
    Schedule the Visitor History Database Export
    Obtain the CSV file
    Use the Visitor History CSV extract to populate a ‘visitor online event’ table in a data warehouse or other reporting system.
  • Integrating with external data
    Visitor History
    Extract CSV
    External ID = 121222
    Customer ID = 121222
  • Tip
    Capture ‘real’ customer ID wheneverpossible and permissibleWT.dcsvid
  • Deeper Insight
    Webtrends Visitor Data Mart
    Records every occurrence of key events against a visitor
    Track PEOPLE across multiple platforms, not just cookies.
    Integrate offline information about visitors
  • Deeper Insight - VDM
  • More information?
    Much more information on Visitor History parameters can be found in the Administration Users Guide via the Resource Center link from the Webtrends UI.
  • Questions?