One Man Targeting Machine

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Chris Moon, Visit London …

Chris Moon, Visit London
This is a great story about how one guy started doing targeting for Visit London--not because someone asked him to, but because he knew it was good for business. Success breeds success, and he's developed a strategy with ongoing programs. Come get inspired!

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  • Evolution of Visit London and the digital world Evolution is getting quicker. Forget Farmville and Apps, iPads, Foursquare and hashtags the next big thing is……..DATA.
  • Managing your data correctly is the new key to digital success. It means you know and understand who your users are, what they are doing, and how they are interact.CDO will be on the board with COO, CFO and CEO It doesn’t mean creative will be killed, data is a creative directors friend not enemy. Clients now realize that everything can be tracked and in this time of tough economy, roi and evaluation is how you will gain budget.CDO will be on the board with COO, CFO and CEO
  • Now it is possible to see 360 view of your users, a single customer view, for the first time the masses are no longer important. We can track what individuals are doing and indivduals, thanks to social media now have power in their hands, we need to talk to users as individuals. Its all about the individuals.Mass indifference vs individual advocates. Its all about talking to segments of users in different ways.Case studies in the uk or marmarite, US of Old Spice man. How can you find your advocates?!You need to be talking to individuals, or at least, segments of users as individuals. Do you really know your users/segements. Do you retarget?54% struggle to achieve a single customer view*
  • I wouldn’t normally say this but sound like a politician about this. If you get segments installed, what are you going to do on the first day, first week, first month and first year. Or if you need to write a business case to secure budget, what will you do on day 1, week 1 etc. Learn from my mistake, installing doesn’t mean everyone will use it.Have a clear idea of what you will do as all this new data can sometimes blow your mind.Get the whole business involved. Segments/single customer view can benefit the whole business, pull in other departments show them what it can achieve and how it can benefit them
  • And when you are getting prepared be prepared to take baby steps at first. Especially if you have culture and resource issues. Pick some quick wins, prove value and generate interest pick KPI’s which should change quickly, in order to keep momentum
  • Talk through how I decided email and communications should be the first part of the business to benefit from segmentation. Talk about what I would do on day 1, week 1, month 1, year 1 at VL, if I could go back, how I would learn from my mistakes.
  • As I talk through this, give an example of what I would do if I went back. Give actual examples they could do.
  • The future. I see myself very much like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. But instead of seeing people being victims of crime before it happens, I see people wanting to book london attraction tickets before they know they want to.Talk about future projects, including, dynamic content, in emails and on site, loyalty schemes, marketing campaigns, ads being served based on behaviour, what type of mood your user is in when they visit you. MVT and optimise. Etc etc. The future is as big as you want it to be. And instead of seeing glimpse of the events that lead up to the crime, I see their on line behaviour and all their touch points with the brand.
  • ConclusionData leads to insight and insight leads to creative, you cant creative with a brief. data is the beating heart of your organization and the creative makes it interesting and engaging. Take owenership of the data and drive it through your org. together data and creative are best friends.Be prepared to take baby steps today to become giants of tomorrow.Talk to every one of your users like they are your only user and make them feel special, or at least don’t waste their time.


  • 1. Chris MoonOne Man Targeting Machine
  • 2.
    • Visit London is the official visitor organisation for the capital. We promote London as the world's most exciting city by marketing to domestic and overseas leisure and business visitors, as well as to Londoners.
    • 3. MSN – UK Search Executive. Responsible for KPIs and insight to in the UK.
    • 4. Visit London – Digital Business Analyst. Responsible for web analytics, measuring and evaluating all digital activity, digital strategy, setting KPIs, digital marketing, SEM, SEO and providing insight for all aspects of the digital business.
  • 5. Digital Evolution
  • 6. Data is King – The heart of Your Organization
  • 7. Individuals Are More Powerful Then The Masses
  • 8. Be Prepared
  • 9. Baby Steps
  • 10. Future Customer lifecycle
    Anniversary emails
    Series of Welcome emails
    Booking, Newsletters with dynamic content and solus
    Ratings & review and surveys about VL
    Post Trip
    Birthday emails
    Abandoned Basket on website
    Pre Trip
    Active Browser
    Click Behavioural data on email
    Post Purchase
    Useful information and cross sell opportunities
    Cross sell opportunities
  • 11. Back to the Future
    Pre-build Think about profiles of your users. What events may be important and behaviors are important. Decide where it can first be utilised
    Day 1 Gather important people from your org and give them a demo of VDM and an idea of how you can target users.Get them to think about how they could use it.
    Week 1 Start work on your initial project, but also work on some insights, basic user profiling perhaps and communicate results.
    Month 1 Report back on those KPI’s you have selected, those quick wins.
    Year 1 Show how targeting users have benefited your org. Show roadmap for future.
  • 12. Minority Reporting
  • 13. Conclusion