Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes of Getting Quality Website Traffic


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Here are some great tips and resources to uncover the secrets of how to get quality website traffic to your business website. Also check out my website at http://www.YourTrafficStarterBlog

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Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes of Getting Quality Website Traffic

  1. 1. The 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Guaranteed Targeted Traffic By Wayne Sharer YourTrafficStarterBlog.com © Published by HMI Group LLC. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. LEGAL NOTICE:This report is © YourTrafficStarterBlog.com All Rights Reserved. You may not sell thisreport or reproduce and represent it as your own in any form whatsoever.You may give away the report, and rebrand it with your affiliate links. You may share itwith your friends, clients, or post it where ever is appropriate.While reasonable attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the informationprovided in this publication, the author does not assume any responsibility for errors,omissions or contrary interpretation of this information and any damages or costsincurred by that.The author does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within arecompletely accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financialadvice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal,business, accounting, and finance field.While examples of past results may be used occasionally in this work, they are intendedto be for purposes of example only. No representation is made or implied that thereader will do as well from using the techniques.The author does not assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever for what youchoose to do with this information. Use your own judgment.Any perceived slight of specific people or organizations, and any resemblance tocharacters living, dead or otherwise, real or fictitious, is purely unintentional.In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of incomemade. Readers are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their individualcircumstances to act accordingly.You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading.Use this information at your own risk.Thank You for your downloading this reportWayne Sharer
  3. 3. Table of ContentsOverview ............................................................................................................ 43 Big Mistakes..................................................................................................... 7 What are the 3 Biggies? ................................................................................... 7Identifying Your Niche Market ............................................................................ 9These Keywords are Great but… ....................................................................... 11The Secret Language for Getting Buyers ............................................................ 14What is Layered Traffic?.................................................................................... 16Where do You Go from Here? ........................................................................... 18 YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | 3
  4. 4. OverviewFirst, I want to introduce myself, I’m Wayne Sharer, and I’m a marketer who owns abusiness just like you. What likely makes me different from you is I’ve already made allthese mistakes, and fixed them.Now I want to start you on the right path to never having to live the pain and massiveexpense of making these mistakes. Doing these things wrong will cost you time andprevent you from ever seeing the profits you deserve.When I started my venture online, I had no idea what I needed or what I had to do tocreate a real, profitable business. You may have started the same way… knowing youwanted your own business online, or having an existing business not leveraging theprofit making power of the web.I had a plan. Literally, I had a suitcase, a box, and in the box was a plan. That’sliterally all I had. I didn’t yet have an apartment, any possessions, no bed, no plates,no forks, no knives, no spoons. I didn’t have a bed, a sofa, no chair, no TV. Just asuitcase, a box, and a plan…… about to move into an empty apartment. I had no credit, no job. I had saved somemoney, and I had ordered a computer because I knew the computer would be the mostvaluable asset I could possibly attain. Everything else was luxury.Great plans and ideas are wonderful, but I quickly found out I didn’t know what I wasdoing. I tried everything I could to start creating a successful business using theinternet. YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | Overview 4
  5. 5. Unfortunately, I had no money, so it cost me time and profits searching throughresources, and buying useless stuff and bad advice when I found the cash. I ended upwith websites and products with no visitors.So I did get a job, and every penny I made went to finding solutions. I spent everydime. I bought all kinds of programs and software. You know the ones… Secret loop hole Unknown glitch Magic pill Push button solutionYou’ve heard them all I’m sure. My confidence was draining, and I was so tempted justto get mad and waste my time yelling about how everyone and everything is a scam.You may have felt the massive hair pulling frustration I did. I created “great stuff” butcouldn’t get the targeted traffic I needed to make sales happen. Nothing worked. I wanted to cry I wanted to quit I wanted to blame everyone around me for my lack of progressBut I didn’t do any of these things. Instead, I chose to become a master of gettingtraffic on a low budget. Guaranteed targeted traffic that arrives from the day I makemy site live, and targeted traffic that keeps on coming. YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | Overview 5
  6. 6. People that want to buy, not people that have no idea why they are there. No randomvisitors.In the process of solving this paradigm for myself, I studied what others were doing,and what other people like you had in common with what happened to me.The result was Layered Traffic™. In developing Layered Traffic™ found there are threebig things common to virtually everyone suffering the frustrations, the expense, and thelack of profits caused by a lack of real, targeted traffic to their site. So this is wherethis report begins. How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes when looking for guaranteedtargeted traffic… YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | Overview 6
  7. 7. 3 Big MistakesYou may already know this is some way or some context, but I’ll take the risk of sayingit anyhow. If you can avoid the 3 biggest mistakes most commonly made by new orfledgling online entrepreneurs, you can start seeing profits and watch your businessgrow in ways that become the next great testimonial of the “Gurus.”Maybe that’s not your dream. I’m sure for most, it’s not. You most likely want similarthings that I want… A comfortable lifestyle No haggling boss pressing you every minute of the day A way to know you’ll have a secure life and your family will be secure no matter what’s happening everywhere else To travel where you want, when you want To have the money you need anytime you need it, whether for a home, a car, a vacation, or (God forbid) a medical need for you or your familyThat’s what having an endless supply of guaranteed targeted traffic is all about. Andthe best way to get started is to never make the 3 biggest mistakes made by 95% ofpeople just like you and me, who want all the things above, but never got pointed inthe right direction.What are the 3 Biggies? YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | 3 Big Mistakes 7
  8. 8. 1. First and foremost, most people don’t really know their niche. 2. Second, the 95% majority are focused on the wrong keywords and phrases 3. Third, and just as important, new business owners are talking in the wrong language (and I don’t mean English, or Spanish, or Chinese).Doing these things wrong prevents you from ever generating a traffic machine withprofits. These are the first 3 layers of the Layered Traffic™ method. YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | 3 Big Mistakes 8
  9. 9. Identifying Your Niche MarketWere you ever told something like “the best way to get started is just get a website upand start doing anything?”Maybe you were told “taking any action is better than taking no action” or something ofthe sort.In a limited sense, these recommendations or guidance have some validity. But whenapplied to the context of starting your own business, they nearly always result in takingthe wrong action, and thus…… creating massive frustration, loss of money, wasting of time, and the completefeeling of desperation because of failure. Am I right here?The good news is, this can all be avoided by turning any action into profitable actionthat brings real traffic, and real buyers to your website.So if you were told, or read, or heard somewhere how it’s a great idea to start yourwebsite by “Branding” your company or your name, let’s kill this idea right now. Sinceyou are brand new to the web, knowing knows you by your name or your chosencompany name. There isn’t anyone who is going to be searching for these things theday your website goes live!The most important thing for you to know before you ever put up your website is whatis the niche market you are providing a product or service for. You must know thisprecisely. No guessing. YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | Identifying Your Niche Market 9
  10. 10. The great news is, on the World Wide Web, it is easier to figure this out than everbefore in the history of business. You can uncover you precise, laser targeted nichewith free information literally at your fingertips any time you log on to your computer.There is no reason for you start your business with your head in a giant cloud spreadacross the globe, searching for the right person to sell your product to from amongalmost 7 billion prospects.By knowing exactly what your niche is, before you ever make your website, or try tomarket your product, you will know who – EXACTLY – to put your offer in front of, andbe able to do it while starting to attract endless targeted visitors almost immediately –and without advertising!Your niche is what you are selling, and who you are selling to. It’s not “make moneyonline” or “lose weight” or “dating.” That’s not good enough. Broad phrases like thesewill leave you in a sinking boat, and there is no traffic anywhere to come bail you out.Nail your niche down to the exact, pin point, no-kidding, this is really who wants myproduct. There should be no guessing here. You should know you are selling to “dogswho like white chocolate” or “horses who speak Spanish when running.”O.K. so that’s a little silly, but you get the point. You must know exactly what yourmarket is before you begin. YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | Identifying Your Niche Market 10
  11. 11. These Keywords are Great but…After we do what the great advisors and trusted “Gurus” told us and just did anything,instead of really defining who we are going to provide solutions to… we got told to finda list of 100 or 200 keywords or phrases to use in our marketing.So maybe you spent some time brainstorming the keywords. Or maybe you went toGoogle or some other keyword source, and did a few searches. In the end, you foundyou had a list of keywords. Maybe not 100 or 200, but a pretty good size list.Maybe you were excited you got this done. You possibly found what you thought weregreat keywords. Some of these words had 50,000 or 60,000 or 100,000 or moremonthly searches. If you’re at all like me, you were ecstatic with these finds.Now, you may have thought, I’m going to get the real traffic. Guaranteed targetedtraffic is going to come rushing to my website like I never imagined.Only it didn’t.Why not? Well, even if you had your niche perfectly defined, if you did this, you stilldidn’t get any of the right targeted traffic. The visitors who are laser targeted andeager to buy your hot product or service… They still didn’t come You still barely had a sale You weren’t indexed in the search engines YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | These Keywords are Great but… 11
  12. 12. You weren’t in any search engine results you could findThis is because you really didn’t pick the right keywords. This is particularly true if youstarted without REALLY knowing your niche.This is only makes sense, doesn’t it? If you chose keywords for something that reallyisn’t your specific market, then won’t you really end up with the wrong people comingto your website?They arrive, and don’t find what they need, and they leave.Even if you knew your niche definition precisely… if you choose these high volumesearch keywords to target, you won’t be able to compete, and your brand new websitewould never be found in the search results.Your business DEPENDS on you or someone close to your business knowing how tofind the laser targeted keywords you can get indexed for FAST. The keywords you can actually rank for The keywords you can leap ahead of your competition with The keywords with real buyers searching with and who will find your product or service when they search The keywords ending your frustration, and bringing you real buyers, day in and day outThis is literally about getting the “low hanging fruit” that is really there, and reallybrings profit, and you finding it fast and easy. By mastering (and you can MASTER this) YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | These Keywords are Great but… 12
  13. 13. right up front, you start getting search engine traffic loaded with buyers coming directlyto your site.These techniques are not magic pills, or secret loopholes. These are proven techniquesonly a handful of people know and use, and you NEED to grab them now, and get thecompetitive edge.Once you know these techniques, your website, website name, and your content will allwork together to bring you guaranteed targeted traffic almost literally without effort,once everything is in place. YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | These Keywords are Great but… 13
  14. 14. The Secret Language for Getting BuyersNow we’re getting somewhere. However, there is another problem which even if thefirst two are solved, can still leave you without the profits you deserve.You could have defined your niche market perfectly.Used the perfect low hanging fruit for keywordsEven have lots of people arriving to your site every dayYet you still barely see a sale and you finish each day more frustrated than the last.How can this be happening?It’s a language barrier!You may have created tons of what you think is great content, what you think is a greatproduct, and what you think is the perfect product your customers really need. Yet youcan’t make any significant sales. It’s all so frustrating, you feel desperate solutions, andmaybe you think you are only missing one key piece of software, or one secrettechnique to magically send you server crushing traffic for endless sales.Only the real problem is your language. Not whether it’s in English, Spanish, French,German, or Chinese. No, that’s not the language I’m talking about. You already knowwhat national language they speak.The problem is, you aren’t talking to your customer. YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | The Secret Language for Getting Buyers 14
  15. 15. You are telling them what they think they want to know or hear, and not what theywant to see or hear.Believe it or not, by learning how to find the power buyer keywords, you start to solvethe problem of knowing the language of your customer. You start giving your customerthe words and phrases they relate to directly.Now your speaking their language. When you speak their language, they begin tolisten…… and to buy!When you really know your niche market, and thoroughly understand the REAL powerkeywords your customer uses, you start to talk with the words and phrases that inspirethem and kick them into action. You give them what they want. Now the traffic comes Now it’s highly targeted traffic Now it’s visitors who want to buy because you give them what they want Now you have guaranteed targeted traffic The traffic is built in layers YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | The Secret Language for Getting Buyers 15
  16. 16. What is Layered Traffic?I spent 22 years in the Navy, flying theE2-C Hawkeye aircraft from aircraftcarriers. The people who flew theseplanes were the little talked aboutindividuals that were the lynch pin tosuccess for the naval air operations. E2C Hawkeye on the USS Theodore RoosesveltIn those 22 years, I learned many things and developed and taught skills and strategiesfor many people and organizations. I also flew in over 200 combat missions in thistime. All very successful missions.What does this have to do with Layered Traffic™?Every successful naval strategy depends of defense in layers. Your chances ofsucceeding are mega-times greater if multiple layers have to fail in order for yourmission to fail.Building a strong base layer of all the right tools, all the right skills, and all the correcttechnical elements gives you an incredible competitive edge over your enemy incombat, and your competition in business.If one of your more complex, top tier layers fails, then you have several more behindthem to keep you running until you can regroup or restructure. In combat, thesedecisions and adjustments were made instantaneously and literally on-the-fly.Having very strong layers backing you up ensured you didn’t have to quit and themission would still go on. YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | /What is Layered Traffic? 16
  17. 17. It took me a long time to realize this was what was missing from the methods beingtaught by young business gurus who, by no fault of their own, didn’t really understandwhy they had succeeded.Thus Layered Traffic™ is born: A method to translate the powerful success of years ofstrategic and tactical success in the Navy to winning against your competition online.Layered Traffic™ starts by building a base to eliminate the 3 biggest mistakes stoppingyour targeted traffic, leads and customers from arriving like you expected.It puts that right skills and tools in place up front.It attacks the 3 biggest causes of failure first.Then you build on your power base and add one layer of traffic after another. Thisallows you take your business to any level of success you desire.Maybe you just want to build an income stream to supplement your current business.Layered Traffic™ is the key to starting.Possibly you want to replace your job and have your own business you run on yourown. Layered Traffic™ is the key to starting and building successfully.Maybe you really want a multi-million dollar business of unlimited scope. LayeredTraffic™ is the foundation for success.Layered Traffic™ literally makes it possible to build a nearly indestructible business. YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | /What is Layered Traffic? 17
  18. 18. Where Do You Go from Here?It’s a fact, that the best way to make all of this work for you is to have a provensystem, and proven method for putting it all together.Now I’m no fool. If you want to spend countless hours searching, and even more hourswriting, and even more hours after that searching some more, then…… over time (how much time, I really can’t say) you can probably find all these answersfor free. Though you likely won’t find anyone who understands the principles ofLayered Traffic™ laying it out for you in a method you can actually build on.This will likely bring you such slow progress you’ll get so frustrated that you’ll do one oftwo things… 1. Quit your online efforts 2. Buy another dozen magic pill, loop hole, glitch promise productsI’m pretty certain you don’t want to do either.So this is the real reason why I created the Your Traffic Starter Blog Silver LevelMembership…… so you can leverage the power of Layered Traffic™.Layered Traffic™ serious business owners like you the ability to end the nightmares ofnever seeing the traffic, and never achieving the results capable of brining you realsecurity, the income you deserve, and the life of your dreams. YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | Where Do You Go from Here? 18
  19. 19. If I can I want to ask you something…  Have you ever set up a website, thought you did everything right… maybe even followed a “Guru Program” exactly, and were left with the same horribly frustrating, complete lack of web traffic, and sales?  Can you remember when you made a commitment to yourself and your family to get a real business you owned online, and they told you how you must be nuts… and now you feel maybe a little or maybe a lot DESPERATE to prove them wrong, but nothing’s working?…  Have you’ve been taking repeated actions to get guaranteed targeted traffic, even though it hasn’t worked the way you expected, and you keep doing it anyhow because you really don’t know what to do next?And you want to end these problems fast with proven techniques and proven methodspresented in way no one has ever provided for you at such a low price, then I ask youto take a serious look at the Your Traffic Starter Blog Silver Level Membership.Your Silver Level membership is completely risk free. You have 30 full days to decide ifthis is the right place for you. If the Layered Traffic methods in YourTrafficStarterBlogdon’t work for you, then you get your money back, absolutely no questions asked.So if you’re ready to discover how to easily eliminate the 3 Biggest Mistakes preventingyou from having the guaranteed targeted traffic you need, and then take your trafficyour generation and sales to a scale you never realized, then you owe yourself a SilverMembership in YourTrafficStarterBlog. YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | Where Do You Go from Here? 19
  20. 20. Click the link now, and claim your completely risk free membership today, and be onthe road to endless traffic in a matter of minutes.Click Here for Silver Member Access NowYour Silver Level Membership is Waiting YourTrafficStarterBlog.com | Where Do You Go from Here? 20