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Right now companies use, emails, screen savers, posters,company websites to to share news, important messages from CEO or senior management, polls or anything. But the biggest problem is that, Employees do not check it. This is the practical problem we all have faced.

The biggest benefit of Push Messaging is that it goes directly to user screen and can start interactive communication with them. You can not only send text but also images, audios and videos. Another benefit is that it can be associated with an event i..e. you link a webpage or a tab from your Mobile Application with the push message.

WebMobi dashboard gives you power to select recipients based on business rules your business requires. You can have different filters like based on designation, location offices, accounts or anything. thus you can set exact target audience to whom you intent to send information.

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WebMobi Mobile Solutions for Internal Communication Within The Organization

  1. 1. WebMobi has been selected as a finalist for Red Herring's Top 100 Asia award,a prestigious list honouring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the Asian business region. WebMobi is listed among Silicon India’s ‘Top 100 Technology Companies in the U.S. founded and managed by Indians in the US. Employee App and Internal Communication Dashboard for Enterprises
  2. 2. Is Your Internal Communication delivered effectively ? Do you want to send real-time critical company information to a group of senior management from CEO? You send emails to your employees to communicate important information, news, results, polls or anything. But is it really effective ? How many of your employees do check all your mails sent for internal communication ? Does your existing communication strategy promote 2 way interaction your employees ? Is this problem hurting your Employee Engagement and HR Policies with ? ”Deloitte and Touche Human Capital conducted a survey among American CEOs who were asked which HR issues are very important to the success of the organisation, 95 percent of them said “effective internal communication.” Simultaneously, only 22 percent agreed that they thought it was being delivered effectively”
  3. 3. Mobile Channel – A Huge Opportunity Do You Know ? A person spends more time on mobile phone than any other channel of communication. Mobile channel – a fastest growing, convenient, easily made viral is the most promising channel today. Still at a nascent stage it has huge potential to grow. Thus a smart move for any business would be to move to this channel and leverage the benefits it provides to…. “In recent surveys conducted across industries, and especially the IT industry, money is a distant second reason why employees opt to be part of an organisation. The primary reason by far is a sense of direction clearly communicated by the top management to employees so that they feel a sense of belonging to and responsibility for the growth of the company. Successful organisations build this loyalty through effective internal communication.”
  4. 4. WebMobi Internal Communications AppFeatures Summary Description of feature Send real-time rich content instantly to group of users Direct/real time access to critical company information including podcast, rich html content, images, videos and other types of media. Offline content Download of content available for offline viewing Rich push notifications Send push notifications via broadcast of group of users. Define groups of users including senior managers, managers and employees to send relevant content Receive Feedback Send feedback to the administrator Participate in polls and other feedback options in real-time Participate in feedback via polls with push notifications by the user News Feed and CMS Integration News feed about the latest organization news Discussion Forum Discussion forum to raise and discuss relevant issues Social Media Twitter and Facebook integration for seeing latest tweets and activity in social media by customers, partners and employees.
  5. 5. WebMobi Push Notification – A new channel for communication A Push Message can create wonders for your business • • Push Messages is a new channel of communication which can help organization to directly communicate with their Employees and can engage them in two way communication . Push Messaging is like giving voice to your Mobile Apps which talk to your Employees and prompt them to take any specific action or just pass on the message to them. Push Message appear in a pop box on your home screen of mobile apps or in the Notification window. Done right, a good push marketing strategy can boost app engagement significantly. Mr John, our CEO would like to congratulate you for outstanding performance of your account in this quarter. Read More
  6. 6. Why Push Notification? How it is different • Goes directly to user’s home screen. • Rich Push Messages : send not only text but also images, videos and audios. • Associate with an event: Push Notification can be highly engaging and can prompt user to take a particular action. For eg you can link it to a webpage or to a particular page in an app. • Recipient Selection – WebMobi Push Messaging Dashboard can have multiple business rules to filter and select set of recipients. For eg you choose to send push message to employees by doing selection based on designation, location, office, account, team or can create customize groups. How it can be used ? Use it for sharing information, news, conduct polls, filling forms and anything your business requires.
  7. 7. Why Push Notification? How it is different Scheduling: You can schedule in advance your notification and send it at right time. Reports and Analytics: Measure your Push Notification performance line open rate, engagement rate etc. You can even reschedule and send it to employees who missed or didn’t open your notification. Auto triggering: Need to send a Push Notification if any particular event occurs ? You can even set rules for auto triggering. “However in recent times companies have begun to realise the significance of their internal customers. But I believe that besides having effective internal communication, it is critical to have an efficient delivery mechanism.” He points out that there have been several instances in the past where internal communication failed as the delivery mechanism for it wasn’t perfectly ‘oiled.’ “ - P K Sridharan, president, India operations, Hexaware Technologies
  8. 8. CEO’s interview to TOI Mr XYZ talks about company’s vision for next 5 years……. Hit ‘click here’ below to read…. Close 1. Write text to be send. Attach Images, videos, audio if required. You can use it for sending news, important message, polls, imp videos or anything your business demands. 2. Attach landing page link. It can be a page within the app, a custom designed html page hosted somewhere, or any other link. 3. Select recipients. From multiple filters available based on designation, location, offices, account and many more. In this case you select to send it to everyone within your organization. Click here
  9. 9. WebMobi provides SaaS and PaaS Solution for Internal Communications Worried about security of your Push Messages ? Saas Security Offering 1. WebMobi utilizes Amazon EC2 Security Groups allowing connections via HTTPS (443) only. 2. WebMobi utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions to ensure security of data transmission from the API to mobile devices. In addition, WebMobi's apps are built using the latest security standards. 3. WebMobi stores static assets (e.g. images) in AWS S3 accessed only via signed URL. 4. AWS employs a rigorous security model. See http://aws.amazon.com/security/ for more information. Additional PaaS security 1. Customers can download webmobi software from marketplace to deploy as a packaged software within their AWS infrastructure https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace
  10. 10. Ready To Get Started Find out details on pricing by email or telephone Email us @ support@webmobi.com Call us @ 1-888-247-7695, +91 8884280122 Visit us @ http://www.webmobi.com