Facebook Advertising: More than Likes


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At the 2012 AllFacebook Marketing Conference, WebMetro shared how some of its clients are experiencing direct marketing success with Facebook advertising. This includes lessons learned from parallels of search marketing.

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Facebook Advertising: More than Likes

  1. 1. Facebook Ads: More than Just Likes?AllFacebook Marketing Conference #AllFacebook
  2. 2. Search Geek Excited about Facebook• 14 Years @ WebMetro, Online Marketing Agency with a strong focus on SEM• Over $100,000,000 in Online Media Management• A recently converted naysayer of Facebook PPC for direct response. It really works at scale.
  3. 3. Direct Marketing Success Health & Travel & Apparel Beauty Education Retail Weddings Medical TourismLead Generation CPL 46% lower than search and 45% more leads. CPC 16% lower than Google andLead Generation double-digit conversion rates matching or beating search.Lead Generation Conversion count 93% better than Bing. Return on advertising spendEcommerce beats Google Display Network by 18%. Within 2 months, revenue from Facebook increases 177%.Ecommerce In 2 more months, revenue increases another 31%.
  4. 4. Creating an AudienceDEMO/GEO/ETC AFFINITY/INTERESTS/LIKES• Female • Fast fitness• 27-30 • Forward fashion• College graduate • Business tips and advice• Working professional • Gourmet food/wine• Urban/suburban • Destination travel• In a committed relationship • Education-related charities
  5. 5. Will it Work for your Brand?
  6. 6. Targeting Methods Non-Fans Wheelchair Illnesses Sports Awareness Researchand Support Foundations Groups
  7. 7. CTR & CPC$1.00 0.16%$0.90 0.14%$0.80 0.12%$0.70 0.10%$0.60$0.50 0.08%$0.40 0.06%$0.30 0.04%$0.20 0.02%$0.10$0.00 0.00% CTR CPC CPM
  8. 8. Suggested Bid vs. Actual CPC Actual CPC 68% lower Actual CPC than bid 57% lower than bid Actual CPC 32% lower than bid
  9. 9. Power of Creative/Ad Tactics• Headline ( be aggressive, bold)• Use images with a clear, uncluttered subject that align with interests and the ad copy• Bold and relevant images to your audience• Image borders (tactical – but really works!)• Company logo ads – it depends• Creative fatigue – be fresh (but not too fresh)
  10. 10. Good → Better → Best 9% 4% Improvement Improvement in CTR in CTR 26% Improvement in CTR 13%Improvement in CTR
  11. 11. Landing Page TestConversion rate for Facebook is 110% better than external page.
  12. 12. Facebook Delivers ROITapping into the proven best practices of optimization from search can be a great catalyst to Facebook ROI1. Segmentation (Audience Creation)2. Quality Score/CPC Optimization through Creative Testing3. Landing Page Testing by Audience and Inside/Outside FB