Off Page SEO and Social Media Popularity


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Off Page SEO and Social Media Popularity

  1. 1. Off-Page SEO and Social MediaPopularityDownload complete SEO checklist in PDF from:
  2. 2. Tips For Off-Page SEO:1) Analyze your backlink profileIdentify thewebsites thatdiscuss you or yourorganizationIdentify yourtop contentDiscover errors in thelinks that point to yoursite for correction andimprovementCompare link metricsbetween multiple sitesto estimate thecompetitionAnalyzeanchor textBacklink Profile Analysis
  3. 3. Tips For Off-Page SEO:2) Get more backlinksGenerally the more backlinks you have, the better. You can build up backlinks usingsuch methods as:Off-Page SEOGuestBloggingArticlemarketingSocial mediamarketing,etc.Getting listedin populardirectories
  4. 4. Tips For Off-Page SEO:3) Improve the quality of backlinksHere are the things you should look at when building up your backlink profile andmaking it like this.
  5. 5. a) The origin of the linkTips For Backlinks Building:That’s true for your links too.Carefully consider:✓ Google PageRank✓ the number of outbound links✓ the geo location of the linking page✓ age
  6. 6. Tips For Backlinks Building:b) Anchor text should include yourmain keywordsAnchor text (the visible clickable textin a hyperlink) should be optimized foryour target keywords. Search enginesuse this text to help determine therelevancy of the linked-to document.
  7. 7. Tips For Backlinks Building:c) Focus more on "dofollow" linksYou can notice that some of your incominglinks have a "nofollow" tag, which basicallymeans that search engines are instructed toignore this link when determining how torank the page the link points to.Thats why it is better to have "dofollow"links pointing to your site.
  8. 8. Tips For Off-Page SEO:4) Study your search competitors backlinksUsually competitors backlink profile analysis helps you easily find new great linksources for your own site when searching for:✓ your competitors’ best link sources✓anchor texts your competitors are using✓ analyze each link for a variety of factorsincluding Google PR, Alexa rank, domain age andIP, link value andmany more
  9. 9. Social Media Popularity:1) FacebookFacebook may have a good impact onyour rankings.✓ add a Facebook Like button to yourpages✓ create a Facebook page and engageyour readers in sharing and discussingyour posts, photos and videos.No, it’s a bad idea.
  10. 10. Social Media Popularity:2) Twitter✓ add a Twitter button to yourwebsite, so that visitors are able to tweetyour content and share it with theirfollowers.✓ create your own twitter account andnotify your followers about interestingcontent, news, product updates, etc.✓ in tweets use a hash tag with keywordsto be easily found in Twitter search.
  11. 11. Social Media Popularity:3) Google+That’s not a mature approach ofa successful SEO professional…✓ add a Google +1 button to yourwebsite to:a) enable users with Google accounts toshare this content with their circles.b) influence personalized search resultsin Google✓create a Google+ page and share somevaluable content with your circles.✓ use a plus sign for your key phrases inposts when it makes sense.…And this one is
  12. 12. Extras: Enhance Your Online Presence :1) Create a Google Places listingYou should sign up for a Google Places Account if you run a local business andhave a physical address to enhance your local search engine rankingsBy the way, you can customizeyour business listing withphotos, videos, and specialoffers, which may become anadditional sales venue for yourcompany.
  13. 13. Extras: Enhance Your Online Presence :2) Produce some videosApart from your website and blog, you can use the following video contentplatforms to promote your videos:✓ YouTube✓ Vimeo✓✓ Dailymotion✓ Flickr Video✓ Videojug
  14. 14. Extras: Enhance Your Online Presence :3) Present your business = PresentationsTo start promoting presentations, take a look at:✓ Slideshare✓ Scribd✓ Authorstream✓ Issuu✓ FlexPaperAnother way to promote your products and servicesis to publish some presentations with useful info andlinks to your website.
  15. 15. Extras: Enhance Your Online Presence :4) Create audio podcastsWhy?- We love them- You love them- Even your dog loves them* Plus they are engaging and easier to create than video
  16. 16. Some content ideas for podcasts include:✓ Telling a story about your business✓ Recording a roundtable or panel discussionon some trendy topics✓ Answering the frequently asked questionsrelated to your business✓ Interviewing customers and employeesExtras: Enhance Your Online Presence :4) Create audio podcastsand “control” the message your brand sends
  17. 17. Extras: Enhance Your Online Presence :4) Create audio podcastsTo get your podcast to the widestpossible audience:1. Send your podcast to all themajor audio and videoplatforms, such as iTunes andYouTube2. Include links to podcasts inyour e-mail follow-ups andauto-responders3. Use social media to spreadyour content across the Web.
  18. 18. Extras: Enhance Your Online Presence :5) Improve UsabilityYou know you have UX problems if you receive lots of traffic but itdoesn’t convert
  19. 19. Extras: Enhance Your Online Presence :5) Improve UsabilitySome of the common things to look into are:✓ Case Studies✓ Testimonials✓ Strong call-to-actions "above the fold"✓ Grammatically correct texts✓ Emotion-based headlines✓ Offering some stuff for free✓ Re-design
  20. 20. Q&A section■ Twitter: @WebMeUpSEO■ Facebook:■ Email: customercare@webmeup.comDownload complete SEO checklist in PDF from: