At the post office - Basic English for Communication


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Học tiếng anh giao tiếp miễn phí, tình huống tiếng Anh giao tiếp cơ bản - tiếng Anh dùng ở bưu điện - xem chi tiết bài học tại

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At the post office - Basic English for Communication

  1. 1. Basic English for Communication At the Post Office
  2. 2. I need some postcards
  3. 3. Can I buy stamps here?
  4. 4. I need stamps to send eight postcards
  5. 5. I like to have a postcard and 2 airmail envelopes.
  6. 6. I’d like to send this package to Russia
  7. 7. I would like to mail this parcel to Hai Phong
  8. 8. I’d like to insure this package for 500.000 VND
  9. 9. Please send this parcel off special delivery
  10. 10. Please tell me the postage
  11. 11. Can I have this money order cashed, pleas e?
  12. 12. Could you please pack this for me?
  13. 13. I got a parcel arrival notice yesterday. Can I get it here?
  14. 14. How long will it take?
  15. 15. Are postcards cheaper to send than a letter?
  16. 16. What’s the rate for telegrams to Dong Nai?
  17. 17. What’s the postage on this parcel to New York, please?
  18. 18. What’s the maximum weight allowed?
  19. 19. Does it include insurance fee?
  20. 20. How long will it take for my letter to reach its destination?
  21. 21. Which stamp must I put on?
  22. 22. Is the letter overweight?
  23. 23. Do I need to put a return address on the package?
  24. 24. May I have a money order?
  25. 25. I want to send registered letter by air mail to London
  26. 26. Is this where I claim parcels?
  27. 27. Are you sending them abroad?
  28. 28. Airmail changes almost twice or three times that of a normal mail
  29. 29. The post office will stamp and date a receipt, which is to kept by the sender When you wish an important letter to be sent to the receiver safely, you can register it at the post office
  30. 30. The sender can claim the loss if the mail is not delivered correctly
  31. 31. Go to the window marked Parcel Post
  32. 32. That will be 42,000 VND. Here your stamps and the changes
  33. 33. Do you wish to insure it?
  34. 34. By sea or by air? Are you sending it by regular or by express?
  35. 35. Please sign this order
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