Cindy Krum - Mobile Moxie - WebCongress Bogotá 2013


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Cindy Krum - Mobile Moxie - WebCongress Bogotá 2013

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  • That is the symbol for ‘everything’ because it is about getting everything right and having everything work together. Mobility is about interconnectedness, and when you are ‘interconnecting’ as a marketer, your message needs to be seamless, and consistent. The symbol is continuous, connected and balanced. (Borrowed from the New Frontier Church Network). What is important about ‘Everything’ is embracing the knowledge you have access to, and using it to fine-tune your marketing message to the customer; treating your business like a service, regardless of what you actually sell; being an active part of the decision making process. As a marketer, the service you provide the customer is keeping the flow going from device to device, and situation to situation. Understanding & anticipating the ongoing needs of the customer EX: Correlating website or app traffic with TV ad campaign data to understand what devices your target market uses when they are watching TV or what channels they are mostly watching. EX: Enabling in-store customers to find the right aisle with mobile store maps (Grocery Stores or Hardware Stores)EX: Suggesting component parts or accessories when a shopper who completed a purchase online enters a store (Best Buy or Macys)
  • This starts with ‘the world’ as the index of information that can be put online. It goes on to allow us data about anything that can be put online, and allowing those things to seamlessly share information until ‘things’ operate on knowledge they are given without much human intervention at all.Mobile is a big part of this because mobile phones are very simple senders and receivers of data. With very effort and surprisingly low cost, many other things can use wireless internet be senders and receivers of data (thus becoming, in one way or another, mobile devices).
  • Customer engagement. Big data can deliver insight into not just who your customers are, but where they are, what they want, how they want to be contacted and when.Customer retention and loyalty. Big data can help you discover what influences customer loyalty and what keeps them coming back again and again.Marketing optimization/performance. With big data, you can determine the optimal marketing spend across multiple channels, as well as continuously optimize marketing programs through testing, measurement and analysis.
  • Reuse – Like using Google’s search queries to find patterns in the spread of the flue. Or mobile phone operators Telefonica selling aggregated call info to local retailers. Great for any type of business with lots of data that they are not using, or that is offline. Often the data can be aggregated to show different types of value.Merging – Combining one data set with another – sometimes very different data, like carrier data and health records in Denmark, to see if cellphone use caused cancer. Or Zillow using MLS records & location information to show visual representations of home prices. In some cases, even old data can be used here. 2’frs – Where a single data set can be collected in a certain way that allows it to be re-used in very specific ways. Like SWIFT – online bank transfers using aggregated data to describe regular changes about companies GDP’. Knowing where shoppers congregate in a store to help deploy staff in the short term & optimize store layout in the longrun.
  • Who Has the Data?Social NetworksSearch EnginesCellphone CompaniesISP’sGovernmentsCredit card companiesIntermediarieslikeExperion & QuantcastIn some countries, these companies are already selling/lisencing the data. In other countries, it is just being hacked. Data Scientists have begun selling/consulting for access to big data
  • Collect the Data You Can & Buy the RestWhen the stat gathers data, it does so on behalf of their citizens, so it should make the data it gathers an anonomized resource.
  • Loyalty = Airline Models, Amazon Prime, Instacart ExpressBrand Building = Value Building. Solve a Problem.
  • Mortgan Stanley - 2010
  • HTML5 & Semantic MarkupStructured Data & XML FeedsAPI DevelopmentData CollectionService Deployment
  • In the US we just got over 50% smartphone penetration but the rest of the world is behind, and so there will be many more people accessing the web from smartphones in coming years.
  • Cheaper Handsets & TabletsWider Cell CoverageBetter Data Plans
  • Cindy Krum - Mobile Moxie - WebCongress Bogotá 2013

    1. 1. El Futuro del Mobile por: Cindy Krum, MobileMoxie WebCongress Bogotá, 2013
    2. 2. Experiencia
    3. 3. Qué es Mobile?
    4. 4. Dime Algo Que Yo No Sepa!
    5. 5. No es sólo Mobile
    6. 6. Internet de las Cosas
    7. 7. Internet de las Cosas
    8. 8. Big Data is the term for a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications. • • • • Deep CRM for Micro-Targeting Active Social Participation & Data Mining Rules-Based Marketing Optimization Predictive Analysis & Algorithm Development BIG Data para Marketing
    9. 9. • • Data will have monetize-able value in the company market value assessment (New Asset Class) • Reuse • Merging • 2’frs Datos = “Plata” $
    10. 10. Fitness Wearables Ejemplos In-Store Sales
    11. 11. Construcción / Seguridad Vial Ejemplos City Signage
    12. 12. El Problema es el Acceso
    13. 13. Paises/Gobiernos Grupos Privados • World Bank – 100’s of social & economic indicators • US- Obama’s Federal Memorandum 450,000 across 172 federal agencies • UK – Open Data Institute (Codirected by Tim Berners-Lee) • EU Open Data Initiatives • Australia, Kenya, Brazil, Chili – All have Open Data strategies • Code for America (US) • National Weather Service (US) • The Sunlight Foundation (US) • The Open Knowledge Foundation (UK) Dónde Encontrar Datos Gratis
    14. 14. • - Let people sell the data they have like eBay for Data • Factual - Compiles DataSets • Windows Azure - Curated Data Sets Ready for Excel Import • DataMarket (Data Auctions From Iceland) • Free Data Sets from UN, WorldBank, EuroStat • Resells Data from Market Research Firms • APIogee – makes your data available in an API Otros Recursos de Datos
    15. 15. • Joining Off-Line & On-Line • Seamless Cross-Device Integration of Services • Collecting all the Data You Can, Even if You Don’t have a Plan for it Yet • Thinking Ways to Use On-Demand & Instant Gratification Data Nuevas Prioridades
    16. 16. Cindy Krum CEO & Founder IM/Skype/Twitter: Suzzicks 720-231-7277 Escanea para obtener una Tarjeta de Presentación Mobile