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  • Who I am?
    Why 7 Pillars?
    Dojo analogy.
    OMI. Endorsement.
  • Framework
    System – the first
    “the 6 sigma of the Digital Marketing industry”
  • At the highest level, everything in DM exists within this framework, within these 7 Pillars, that essentially hold the Digital Universe together.
    The top of the funnel.
    A filtration system, within which resides all tactics, possible outcomes and opportunities.
  • Respecting the History of Marketing & Advertising
    Traditional is as relevant as ever
    Ignore at your own peril!
  • Today we cover Dimensions 1-4 in depth.
    Touch on 5-7.
    Best practices are modified by Market, Industry and Time.
    What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow.
  • Just as important as fact, pre-empts Pillars.
    Not necessarily sequential.
  • The 49er Matrix is like a 7-Dimensional Chess Board, on which we play out the strategic game of Marketing.
    It is a multi-purpose visualization tool
    effective structure for the organization of marketing knowledge
    1. Marking hours in each block for an upcoming or past period - one month is a recommended starting point.
    2. Putting names or thumbnail pictures of responsible parties (staff, consultants, agencies) into each block.
    3. Writing a short sentence or a few descriptive words about the company’s goals for each block.
    4. Grading recent performance across each area.
  • Who gets along well with whom.
    Favorite things.
    Balance in your team, and in yourself.
  • You can’t be great (= blue) at everything.
    But you can be great at one or two things, and then very good at several complementary areas.
  • Your career track.
  • Your growth path.
  • Getting to the top
    Life Journey / Career Path
    Love what you do. Do what you love.
    Find a real teacher in this path – not easy.
  • Ethics matter. W7 = Holistic.
    Principles of Marketing, Principles of Life.
  • eBook
    Keep learning! Get better every day.
  • Arman Rousta - Blueliner - WebCongress San Francisco 2014

    1. 1. Home Introduction to a Comprehensive Marketing System –Introduction to a Comprehensive Marketing System – #WCSF#WCSF By: Arman Rousta May 8, 2014
    2. 2. #7Pillars @blueliner WHAT IS THE 7 PILLARS? The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing is a framework – a map - for the learning, strategy, budgeting, execution and analysis of the entire universe of digital marketing tactics and techniques.
    3. 3. pillar 1. Content (Copy, Video, Photography, Audio) pillar 2. Design (UX, Web Design, Web Development) pillar 3. Search (Organic Search – SEO, Organic CSE, Onsite Search) pillar 4. Media (Paid Search, CPM, Affiliate, Retargeting) pillar 5. CRM (Customer Service, Email Marketing, Contact Mgmt.) pillar 6. Social (SMM, Online PR, Networks, Blogs, Games) pillar 7. Mobile #7Pillars @blueliner The 7 Pillars of Digital (D1)
    4. 4. T-Pillar 1. Content T-Pillar 2. Branding T-Pillar 3. Advertising T-Pillar 4. PR T-Pillar 5. Sales (Business Development, Merchandising) T-Pillar 6. Events T-Pillar 7. Direct (DR, Direct Mail) #7Pillars @blueliner The 7 Pillars of Traditional (D1)
    5. 5. Dimension I. Pillars Dimension II. Modes (Modalities or Stages) Dimension III. Levels (Skills, Expertise – Belts) Dimension IV. Angles (4 Majors, 4 Minors) Dimension V. Markets (Geos & Demos / Global, Local) Dimension VI. Industries Dimension VII. Time (Eras) #7Pillars @blueliner The 7 Dimensions of Marketing
    6. 6. Mode 1. Brainstorming (Ideation, Research, Discovery) Mode 2. ROI (Budgeting & Goal Setting) Mode 3. Strategy Mode 4. People Mode 5. Tools (Tech & Systems) Mode 6. Execution Mode 7. Analytics (BI, Audit & Optimization) #7Pillars @blueliner The 7 Modes (D2)
    7. 7. The 49er MatrixThe 49er MatrixPoor Average Effective Not Relevant MODE 1 MODE 2 MODE 3 MODE 4 MODE 5 MODE 6 MODE 7
    8. 8. #7Pillars @blueliner The 7 Marketing Personality Types Type 1. Number Cruncher (NC) Type 2. Information Gatherer (IG) Type 3. Hunter (Sales) Type 4. Farmer (Organizer) Type 5. Idea Man or Woman (IM) Type 6. Doer Type 7. Visionary
    9. 9. The 7 Levels (D3)
    10. 10. The 8 Angles (D4)
    11. 11.
    12. 12.
    13. 13. #7Pillars @blueliner The 7 Core Principles Principle 1. Proactive Time Management (Timebug) Principle 2. ROI Goal Driven (Reality-based Inspiration) Principle 3. Holistic (W7 Model, Ethics) Principle 4. Innovation Driven (Entrepreneurial Spirit) Principle 5. Business Intelligence Based (Scientific) Principle 6. Organic & Agile Workflow (Resourceful) Principle 7. Active Knowledge Sharing(Communications)
    14. 14. #7Pillars @blueliner - eBook - Self-Assessment App