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Alfonso de la Nuez - UserZoom - WebCongress San Francisco 2014
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Alfonso de la Nuez - UserZoom - WebCongress San Francisco 2014



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  • 1. The Swiss Army Knife to Measure & Manage The Digital Customer Experience www.userzoom.com A Holistic Approach to Managing the Digital Customer Experience By Alfonso de la Nuez, Co-CEO at UserZoom 2014
  • 2. • Quick intro • Today’s Challenges • Digital Customer Experience Mgt. Market Overview • Holistic Approach to Digital CEM + Examples of Research, Insights & Metrics Agenda
  • 3. Meet UserZoom! A Digital Customer Experience Management Company Focused on Websites & Mobile Apps
  • 4. UserZoom provides a cloud-based, all-in-one online research software platform for companies to cost- effectively manage their customer’s experiences across web and mobile channels. What do we offer?
  • 5. How do you benefit from using UserZoom? Companies can manage all kinds of online research & testing projects, gather customer feedback (VOC), test usability, monitor & record user behavior, etc, on both desktop and mobile devices. Customers get detailed, actionable consumer data to improve conversion rates, branding and customer loyalty
  • 6. What we’re most proud of 50% of Fortune’s Most Admired Brands Use UserZoom 140 Enterprise Active Customers in 15 markets Main reasons why they use UserZoom: 1. Cost effective 2. Time efficient 3. Audience georgraphic reach 4. All-in-one approach
  • 7. Does your company provide a good Customer Experience?
  • 8. Digital CX Market Overview Customer Experience Management is the practice of designing, monitoring, and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.
  • 9. CEM Market Overview Digital Customer Experience focuses on online interaction (mostly websites and apps). It begins with research, not guesswork, to study personas, behaviors, and expectations throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle
  • 10. The challenge Businesses lose billions in revenue due to poor online customer experiences * Reducing Customer Struggle report, by Econsultancy with IBM Tealeaf, 24% of their annual online revenue in ‘11
  • 11. • Even worse… • They may often know the ‘what’ • But hardly know the ‘why’ The challenge
  • 12. The challenge The end user/consumer has more power than ever before
  • 13. The challenge C-Level Execs really value* Customer Experience Estimated Market Size = 2.7 billion in 2012 *in fact, they’re pretty worried about it…
  • 14. The challenge Great design = Financial success Great design = Not easy Great design = Not cheap No good experience w/o great DESIGN
  • 15. The Challenge The GOAL is to understand… Web Analytics data Survey s VOC Usability Testing Focus Groups …what consumers do …who consumers are …how consumers behave …what consumers want/need …why consumers do what they do
  • 16. Explosive market growth! $2.7 $3.2 $3.8 $4.6 $5.5 $6.6 $0 $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 $billions Global CEM and VoC Analytics Market Size. Source: MarketsandMarkets, 2013
  • 17. Digital CE starts with great consumer insights Digital CX Market Overview
  • 18. • Companies that invest in CE perform WAY better: 1. How your brand values (or brand promise) compare to what you actually ‘deliver’ to the customer; 2. how it compares to competitors; 3. Actually meeting or exceeding customer expectations Sources:
  • 19. 1. Listen  Intercept surveys and feedback tabs  Continuously listen to the voice of your customer 4. Measure  More benchmarking  Dashboards  Analyze customer journey  Continuosly Measure Customer Satisfaction 2. Research  Define target market  Define UX & Usability Benchmarks  Collect quant + qual data 3. Test & Act  Agile Protoype Testing  Card Sorting & Tree Testing  Usability Testing CEM Holistic Approach to Digital CEM
  • 20. Source: Foresee Blog Holistic Approach to Digital CEM
  • 21. UX and CX Source: Forrester Research, 2013 UX is about the HOW & the WHY
  • 22. User Research & Testing
  • 23. Traditional research & testing is costly and time consuming
  • 24. Research & testing is moving REMOTE (online) (cost-effective, agile, within natural context, automated…) Remote Testing is becoming widely adopted
  • 25. • Examples of Insights & Metrics Agenda
  • 26. Voice of the Customer Programs
  • 27. Voice of the Customer Programs
  • 28. NPS (Net Promoter Score) Measure satisfaction ratios
  • 29. Run Online Usability Testing on your site
  • 30. Go beyond traffic data!  Link survey data with traffic data  Analyze customer journey  See who visits your website  Measure what do they come to do (intent)  Why they behave like they do  How satisfied they are when they leave Who What How Why VOC and Web Analytics Integration
  • 31. Task success and abandonment ratios Time on task
  • 32. Competitive Benchmarking Check out the competition
  • 33. Gestures, mouse movement, audio
  • 34. Clickstreams Click heatmaps
  • 35. Mobile Testing
  • 36. • Takeaways: • The customer is in control • The brand is the experience • You’d better understand the what, who, how, when & why • With today’s technology, you can do it!
  • 37. Thanks! @delanuez23 @UserZoom