Session 3: Nicholas Standage (PAU) - Managing and measuring your social media presence

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Third session of the Web2LLP online training course on web strategies and maximising the social media presence of Lifelong Learning Projects. …

Third session of the Web2LLP online training course on web strategies and maximising the social media presence of Lifelong Learning Projects.

Topic: Managing and measuring your social media presence
Author: Nicholas Standage (PAU Education)

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. This project was financed with the support of the European Commission. This publication is the sole responsibility of the author and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein. http://www.web2ll Nicholas Standage P.A.U Education Managing and measuring your social media presence
  • 2. Today´s session  Managing multiple channels  What does it mean? Who should do this? How?  Measuring the impact of the channel to your project  Why measure? What to measure? How?  Measuring your presence on the channel  How does your audience perceive your presence?  Evaluating your social media strategy  Are you getting the most out of it?  Additional Tools  Any Recomendations?
  • 3. Managing multiple channels
  • 4. What does it mean to manage multiple channels? Different channel capabilities • Mass messaging • Personalized communication • Mentions, Hashtags… Different audiences Different ways of communicating to them • Content • Style • Frequency Different objectives • Awareness raising • Engagement / discussion
  • 5. Hootsuite Spoutsocial Tweetdeck Engagor Shotools Managing multiple channels
  • 6. What to ask for/expect of a managing tool?  Managing all/ most networks from the same dashboard and programming posts publication.  Monitoring hashtags, keywords and/or lists of users in the same page.  Counting with a Twitter Archive.  Handy RSS feed.  Automatically generated insights easing the measurement of your strategy’s performance.  Being able to compare with others’.  Getting a holistic overview of projects and dedicated teams.
  • 7. Managing multiple networks simultaneously Source: Hootsuite Scheduling See your tweets being retweeted live Multiple networks
  • 8. Easing Management & Monitoring Scheduling content publishing is a great option for: 1. That content that you wish / need to republish certain times (announcements, registration promotion, newsletter launch, reminders, etc.) 2. Time management: Once you have decided the content that you , all you need is to prepareit to be posted. Image above: Hootsuite Scheduling
  • 9. Measuring and evaluating “Let your performance do the thinking” Charlotte Bronte Getting the most out of your efforts (ROI) Benchmarking with your competitors Reporting to your client / Manager Social Media is a rapidly changing environment Why measure?
  • 10. Why measure? You can validate your content strategy You are in control and can change the action plan You can enhance your channels Example: 20.000 likes on Facebook, but only 30 likes per post Example: You learn that your Youtube videos are watched from mobile devices mostly Example: to launch an Ads campaign or a promotion on Facebook seeking growth
  • 11. What to measure? Number of visits on your site Number of registered users Number of contributions on your site by its members Number of participations in your contest Number of registered attendees at your upcoming event Most visited item on your site Press clippings Social Media Channel Performance - Defined Indicators
  • 12. Measuring your social media performance Page Likes Post reach Engagement ( Comments, shares…) Are you reaching the right people? Are you posting when your fans are online? What kind of content do your fans react to?
  • 13. Measuring social media performance Followers – Growth Retweets Mentions Mentions by influencers Measuring the performance of your hashtag Source: Source:
  • 14. Measuring social media performance Followers Reach Engagement How do you compare with similar pages?
  • 15. Some offer the possibility to customize your reports From basic demographics to very detailed indicators Easing Measurement Source: Sprout SocialSource: Hootsuite Report Builder
  • 16. Easing Measurement Schedule your monthly reporting! Source: Hootsuite Define the indicators that interest you Derive an executive summary about it
  • 17. Easing Measurement • Monthly, weekly… Reports are set up accordingly to your needs. Frequency • ‘Likes’ and ‘Followers’ demographics; interest towards keywords; influencers mentions, etc.Defined indicators • Although they are not connected to Ads yet, some dashboards are connected to Google Analytics and / or Facebook Insights Integration with other measurement tools
  • 18. Embeded tool: basic metrics Facebook Conversion: ‘Likes’ (old ‘fans’) a) Reach (average per post, per week, etc.) b) People Talking about this (number of engaged users) Twitter Conversion: Followers Interaction: RT (retweet) and Mentions LinkedIn Conversion: Followers Interaction: page views, engaged users.
  • 19. The impact of Social Media on your site Mostly to measure traffic and networks push to your site. Check the ‘Referrals’ area.Bounce rates are most significant indicator. ‘Add This’, ‘Share this’ and social buttons (‘Like, +1, etc.) plugins can provide you activity reports. Social sharing and mentions has become essential in terms of SEM, check the reports to see if your content is interesting to your readers. How can you see it?
  • 20. Achieving your projects objectives More Followers and Fans = Broader Reach of your Content Broader Reach of your Content = More Visits to your Website More Visits to your Website = More Visibility to your Content and Initiatives (events, contests, publications…) More Visibility = Happier Client Conclusion: …Succesful projects are accompanied by well defined and closely monitored social media strategies…
  • 21. Tools to combine: TweetReach Reach: estimates how many people could have seen your tweet. Influencers: identifies top contributors Recommended: to measure live-tweeting impact and influencers identification
  • 22. Tools to combine: SocialBro ‘Best Time to Tweet’ Reports It eases the lists setting up and follow/unfollow process Great analytics to target and to identify influencers
  • 23. Recommended: measure your performance evolvement and influencers Dashboards generally include this info about users Both measure social influence Tools to combine: Klout or PeerIndex
  • 24. Tools to combine: Klout or PeerIndex If you are using Twitter only If you are measuring paid campaigns on Facebook If you need visualizations and practical advice related to your data
  • 25. Managing, Monitoring, Measuring
  • 26. Thank you for your attention! @Nicholas_st