Managing and measuring social media coventry combined


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Web2LLP Workshop, Coventry, 8 November 2013
Managing and Measuring the reach and impact of your social media activities

Auhtors: Gary Shochat (PAU Education) and Tatiana Codreanu (web2learn)

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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Managing and measuring social media coventry combined

  1. 1. Improving Internet strategies and maximizing the social media presence of LLP projects Managing and Measuring the reach and impact of your social media activities Gary Shochat P.A.U Education Tatiana Codreanu web2learn This project was financed with the support of the European Commission. This publication is the sole responsibility of the author and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.
  2. 2. How do you know your web and social media strategy is working? • measuring your success and failure! Where do we start? • Setting realistic goals and learning how to track them.
  3. 3. How do I set goals? Key Performance Indicators So…what can indicate that YOUR website or Social Media is working?
  4. 4. KPIs should I look for: website • Visibility: keywords, sources, Landing pages, • Traffic: visitors, unique visitors, New vs. returning visitors, bounce rate, ‘stickiness’, user paths • Audience: Source, language, demographics, source • Interaction: number of items downloaded, conversion (registration), subscriptions, contacts, comments, participation, followers
  5. 5. KPIs I should look for: Social Volume: Visits / visitors, Fans, followers, search engine traffic, people who saw your profile (linkedin) Engagement: Retweets, Subscribers (youtube), comments, likes, share.
  6. 6. The value chain of KPI Like > share > comment Source:, Life of Riley
  7. 7. More specifically: Facebook, video, image etc. Referals from website, visitors, reach, Page views, # fans, # subscribers, # comments, # active users, # poll votes, # video views, uploads/submissions, Website referrals, downloads, ‘chech-in’ Twitter Referrals from website, # followers, # lists, # @replies, # retweets, influence
  8. 8. WHAT is this? An Atom? A ping pong ball? A beach ball? Source: Richard Pentin, TMW, for IAB social Media Council
  9. 9. PLANET URANUS! The diameter of Uranus is 51,118 km It travels at a speed of 15,290 miles per hour Average temperature -350 degrees Source: Richard Pentin, TMW, for IAB social Media Council
  10. 10. A PLANET - URANUS! Metrics have meaning only when compared to something else: • Goals • Competitors • Previous data Source: Richard Pentin, TMW, for IAB social Media Council
  11. 11. Setting KPI goals • Define strategy and clarify your tactics. For each goal specify goal indicators that can provide you with data on your progress. • Prioritize meaningful metrics. Setting your goals straight: Be realistic!! • Set goals based on research and benchmarking – Check out the ‘competition’ – Learn your target habits and estimated size, The bigger the target the less effective the estimation of target is • Set goals based on PROGRESS!
  12. 12. How do I measure? KPIs are measured through metrics provided by ‘stand-alone’ or built-in tools for both websites and social media.
  13. 13. Tools • ‘Google Analytics’, • Facebook insights • Tweeter
  14. 14. More tools • Hootsuite • Sproutsocial • Tweetdeck • SocialBro • TweetReach • Klout
  15. 15. COMMON PROBLEMS • • • • • Focusing on the wrong things Unrealistic expectations (over true meaning) Lack of insights Lack of promotion NO FLEXIBILITY!
  16. 16. Some practical advice ( Katerina Zourou & Tatiana Codreanu) Experience gained through: • Twitter: @languages_web2 @web2LLP, @tatiawa • Facebook pages : project • Academic platforms: Mendeley, Research Gate • My followers’ & colleagues’ twitter accounts • People I follow on social media platforms
  17. 17. L6S project: @languages_web2
  18. 18. People I follow
  19. 19. Managing the social media presence of your LLP project 2 dimensions Human resources Time 19
  20. 20. Managing human resources efficiently • Identify project partners eager to learn from the process of engaging with social media (a project as a learning process) • Get your project partners to see the added value of SM applications in their own context
  21. 21. Managing human resources efficiently • Example from LS6 network: a rotation system to maintain social media activity  Sharing responsibility  Building a common understanding of difficulties and added value of digital communication  Building shared ownership  Learning together
  22. 22. Managing time of your social media activity • Use a social media editor (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck) In LS6 and Web2LLP projects: Tweetdeck Advantages: • Schedule your posts ahead of time (like setting an alarm clock) • See who addresses you on social media • Collect valuable information streams without needing to be on SM 24/7
  23. 23. ‘Best time to tweet’ feature (Example of the SocialBro dashboard for the LS6 network)
  24. 24. Scheduling a tweet (on Tweetdeck)
  25. 25. Demonstrating social media activity in official LLP reports Not just a report proving social media presence: =>Demonstrate how social media activity adresses the needs of your target groups Two examples of indicators regarding social media impact (Frequency, reach, engagement with target groups)
  26. 26. Example 1: Geographic coverage of the Web2LLP project Website visits collected through Google analytics
  27. 27. Example 2: Videos going viral (Vimeo channel of the LS6 network) 195600
  28. 28. Social conversation monitoring #Engage with your audience!  Follow back!  Create a list of #keywords  Shorcut your link with a tracking tool such as  Check the tweets and aswer the questions  Hashtags appear on search engines
  29. 29. Social conversation monitoring Number of clicks
  30. 30. Social conversation monitoring
  31. 31. Social conversation monitoring : Use a curation tool  Discover hashtags  Bookmark links and create #keywords
  32. 32. Commander Chris Hadfield @Cmdr_Hadfield
  33. 33. Commander Chris Hadfield @Cmdr_Hadfield
  34. 34. Connecting with us on twitter @paueducation @languages_web2 @OpenEduEu @web2lean_eu @garyshoclat @tatiawa
  35. 35. Tasks! 1. List the key performance indicators for the different channels you will be using 2. Explore and list the relevant # influencers on Twitter and websites relevant to your project (maybe using tools such Hashonomy or other tools)