Katerina Zourou - Web2Learn - KA2 network Language Learning and Social media: 6 key dialogues


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Third session of the Web2LLP pilot for the online training course on web strategies and maximising the social media presence of Lifelong Learning Projects.

Topic: KA2 network Language Learning and Social media - 6 key dialogues
Author: Katerina Zourou
Website: web2llp.eu/training/pilot-online-session-3-management-impact

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Susan, this first sentence is complicated, isn’t it? On, through… can we simplify it?
  • Katerina Zourou - Web2Learn - KA2 network Language Learning and Social media: 6 key dialogues

    1. 1. Input from an LLP projectKA2 network Language Learning andSocial media: 6 key dialoguesKaterina ZourouThis project was financed with the support of the European Commission. This publication is the sole responsibility of theauthor and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein. http://www.web2llp.euWeb2LLP pilot session 3Managing and measuring a project’ssocial media presence
    2. 2. Some practical advice built onexperience gained through• KA2 network• KA4 project⇒Not a social media expert ⇒Provide some realistic and adaptable solutions inline with the LLP context
    3. 3. More advice by LLP project managers
    4. 4. Originality of an LLP project• Short duration (up to three years)• Consortium built on expertise on a topic• Multilingual character=> How to cope with these issues?
    5. 5. Managing the social mediapresence of your LLP project2 dimensionsHuman resources Time
    6. 6. • Identify members of the project team willing toengage with SM and people eager to learn fromthe process of engaging with SM (a project as alearning process)• Get your project partners to see the added valueof SM applications in their own contextManaging human resourcesefficiently
    7. 7. Managing human resourcesefficiently (2)• LS6 network experience: a rotation system⇒Sharing responsibility⇒Building a common understanding of difficulties andadded value of digital communication⇒Building shared ownership⇒Learning together• If very few people are willing to get involved:reduce SM presence to the minimum?
    8. 8. • Use a social media editor (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck)In LS6 and Web2LLP projects: TweetdeckAdvantages:• Collect valuable information streams without needing tobe on SM 24/7• Schedule your posts ahead of time (like setting an alarmclock)• See who addresses you on social media• Post information updates to more than one SM tool (usewith caution!)Managing social media toolsefficiently
    9. 9. ‘Best time to tweet’ feature(Example of the SocialBro dashboard for the LS6 network)
    10. 10. Scheduling a tweet(on Tweetdeck)
    11. 11. Scheduling a tweet (2)
    12. 12. Measuring the social mediapresence and demonstrating it toofficial LLP reports12
    13. 13. Demonstratingyour digital footprint• Gain in visibility of dissemination efforts• Gain in terms of transparency both internallyand externally (accountability)• Be in line with current interaction andcommunication means, reaching target groupsin more efficient way13
    14. 14. Some adviceLLP reports have a predefined structure⇒ Keep the most important information for thereport and annex secondary information⇒ Link data of your SM presence with yourproject goals⇒ Demonstrate how social networking toolshelpedyou reach your target audience and engage with14
    15. 15. Google analytics to give insight tothe digital footprint of an LLP project15
    16. 16. Geographical coverageAdvice: set indicators regarding impact from the start16
    17. 17. Examples of indicators regarding(social media) impact17(Frequency, reach, engagement with target groups)
    18. 18. Thank you!http://www.web2llp.eu/info@web2LLP.eu@Web2LLPhttp://groups.diigo.com/group/web2llp