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Integrating Technology Group Ppt
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Integrating Technology Group Ppt


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Group project for ECTV 411 - Educational Technology showcasing various technologies available for 2nd Grade

Group project for ECTV 411 - Educational Technology showcasing various technologies available for 2nd Grade

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Integrating Technology for 2nd Grade ETCV 411 Fatima Abdulkazem, Michelle Jeffries, Melissa Klein, Beverley Sutton
  • 2. Mimio Interactive -Michelle •Mimio uses a computer for software •Mounts to whiteboard •Size is a little bigger than a three hole punch •Hooks into computer with a USB or certain models are wireless •Projector (speakers)
  • 3. Mimio in the Classroom •Teacher sets up activity •School purchases software/website with interactive games that fit into state standards •Works with Power Point and Excel Programs
  • 4. Benefits for Students Everything that is accessible on your computer is now available on a large screen for whole class participation.
  • 5. Interactive software used with the mimio fits into second grade standards of measurement and money.
  • 6. Projector Simple projector allows teacher to allow students to view items on the whiteboard from her computer such as : •Class pictures from a field trip •Educational movies from places like •Power point or Excel Activities
  • 7. Kid Pix For 2nd Graders- Melissa Graphic/drawing program.  Encourages creativity and investigation.  Can be used in a teacher directed lesson.  Can be used as a simple activity for children. 
  • 8. Kid Pix Integration Into The Classroom Can be used to enhance skills, knowledge,  and understanding in the classroom. Should only be used in the classroom to do  so.
  • 9. Reasons To Use Kid Pix Simple to use  Easy to work set-up  Various activities at different difficulty levels  Interactive  Making decisions/creating images  Reacting and sharing  Childproof  Small Kids Mode  Experimentation is limitless  Child-Run  Operations were made to be fun  Designed with learning in mind  Can be integrated into any curricular activity  Can create/design variety of publications  Kid Pix Teacher’s Guide 
  • 10. How Can We Use Kid Pix? For fun and in the classroom  With one computer in the  classroom Use while teaching or in  preparation Overhead projector  Group projects  With more than one computer in the classroom  All students work on same project  Computers used as stations  Can be used with all subjects and online research 
  • 11. When To Use Kid Pix In support of learning  To make slide shows, maps, calendars and  graphs To tell stories, convey and interpret  information The possibilities are endless! 
  • 12. Fatima-RM Easiteach Interactive Whiteboard and Slate Software It’s a motivating and easy to use learning tool. It helps reach students with different learning styles.
  • 13. What is so special about it? designed specifically for  education and whole-class teaching. Can be used throughout school  and across the curriculum. pulls together whiteboards, pads,  projectors and document cameras. means only learning one piece of  software and not many; Less training time. engages and inspires students. 
  • 14. How can the teacher utilize this software? It provides ready-made lessons with games.   It allows creating interactive lessons e.g. draw, edit text, change color, enlarge, rotate, cut, copy, paste, animate, & multimedia bank  Teachers can purchase RM Easiteach for their Smart board for $50.
  • 15. You can include the RM Dance mat hardware, it is a lot of FUN for all the students, but particularly appropriate for active or kinesthetic learners!
  • 16. Bev-ATI
  • 17. Aligns internal and external assessments with curricular  performance standards and validates their congruence. Reliable and valid assessment created through  continuous research and updating of psychometric properties. Technology to Promote Learning - not just Assessment  of Learning, but Assessment for Learning. A comprehensive system reporting accountability data  and research findings in an understandable and useful way to educators, parents, students, and community members.
  • 18. ATI Uses Suitable for use at all grade  levels ATI Galileo software runs  online Works in conjunction with  SmartBoard/Mimeo technology Secure teacher login  Teacher sets test  Students enter answers via  remotes Results viewed real-time 
  • 19. Teacher observed uses hardcopy test  first Students enter answers from hardcopy  Can see potential problems as test is in  progress Can compare hard copy with online  results in case of problems Software highlights graphically areas of  concern
  • 20. Professional Development Components Component I: Benchmark Planner and Test Review  Component II: Online, Response Pad, and Offline Testing  Component III: Building Formative Assessments  Component IV: Generating Reports  Component V: Tips for Trainers  Component VI: Lead Staff  Component VII: Curriculum and Dialog Builder  Component VIII: Grading: Gradebook and/or Report Cards 
  • 21. Digital Story
  • 22. Digital Story
  • 23.