30 Things You Need To Stop Wasting Time On


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30 Things You Need To Stop Wasting Time On

  1. 1. 30 Things You Need To Stop Wasting Time On topimnews.wealthmagnate.com /30-things-need-stop-wasting-time/ Wealth Magnate 29 Flares Twitter 6 Facebook 4 Google+ 13 LinkedIn 3 Pin It Share 3 29 Flares × Ok, It’s about time to stop wasting time on useless activities and dumb stuff… I know, I know you are trying hard to organiz e your time, yet the modern world is fast paced and time often seems to slip by with us barely noticing. This is exactly why I decided to write this article that will hopefully help you cut the wasting at least a bit. Let’s not waste any more time and start right with the list: 1. Put t ing Makeup on f or t he gym and sport s as well as over- preparing Isn’t that pic just lovely? Although some sports actually require good looks, make up might be a bit to much. How about this guy down there, he might have blown a few more minutes to become s prepared it became a bit sad to joke about LOL.
  2. 2. image: Mashable 2. Hit t ing ‘snooz e’ Get your laz y butt out of bed. You set your alarm for a legitimate reason. 3. Const ant ly ref reshing Facebook Try real life for a while, It’s about 1 000 000 times more fun. 4. Doing t hings you hat e
  3. 3. Doing things you hate is never good and not only will you lose your time, but you will get frustrated. Stop wasting time on things you hate right now. 5. Checking your phone const ant ly
  4. 4. Did you hear your message tone? Did it ring? If you answered ‘no’ to either of those questions, put the phone down and back away slowly. No, you don’t need it when you go to the bathroom. 6. Dwelling on problems In the immortal words of Vanilla Ice, “If there was a problem. Yo, I’ll solve it.” Instead of wasting time by dwelling on a problem, work out what you can do to fix it.
  5. 5. 7. Worrying It’s similar to above. Stop worrying and start working towards a solution. 8. Caring what ot hers t hink Unless you’re getting good advice from people you love, disregard it. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, you need to stay true to yourself. Don’t waste your time, thoughts, and energy on what others think. Be proud to be yourself. 9. St aying online lat e int o t he night
  6. 6. It’s not only a waste of time now, but will probably result in you sleeping half the day away tomorrow, or being unproductive at work or school. There’s nothing so important that you need to stay online for it until 3 am. No, not even Tumblr. 10. Celebrit y cult ure Stop giving a flying spaghetti monster about the Krapdashians, or how you look compared to the entirety of Hollywood. They’re all Photoshopped. Thighs are supposed to touch. 11. Procrast inat ing Just do it.
  7. 7. 12. Playing romant ic games You can waste years not telling someone how you feel out of fear. Grow a pair of ovaries and tell them. If they’re not digging it, at least you’ll have the chance to move on. If they feel the same the only regret you’ll have is the days, weeks, and months you could have already had together. 13. Feeding t he Trolls It’s what they want. Stop before you go into a rage blackout. 14. Phot ographing everyt hing Instead of trying to document your life, live it. The internet will actually survive without the bathroom selfie of you and a ham sandwich, or whatever it is that you’re into
  8. 8. 15. Holding Grudges Life’s too short! Forgive and be positive. 16. Complaining Complaining really won’t get you anywhere, and the only person who it’s hurting is you. Start thinking positively. Figure out how to make your life more complaint- free. 17. Eat ing Out of Boredom This kind of eating is a bad idea all- around. If you’re bored, it means you’re wasting time. Find something productive to do. Put some work in towards a goal or a dream. These would be much better uses of your time than visiting the fridge for the seventh time this hour. 18. Wait ing f or somet hing t o happen
  9. 9. The world isn’t going to wait for you. Go after what you want. 19. Const ant ly updat ing your st at us This is not living. No one cares that your left flip flop broke on the way to the bin. 20. Indecision
  10. 10. Indecision often stems from fear. Deep down, you’re likely to know what decision you want to make. 21. Hanging around negat ive people
  11. 11. The people in your life shouldn’t be a constant stream of negativity. Give them the figurative (or even literal) bird, and find some positive people to spend time with. You’ll feel a whole lot happier and enjoy life more. 22. Wat ching TV
  12. 12. A little TV is okay, but it shouldn’t be the center of your universe. Instead of watching other people have adventures, have some of your own. 23. Wat ching Realit y TV If you’re watching TV, make it something halfway decent. Don’t waste your time with frivolous half- scripted crap that networks pump out so they don’t have to pay real writers. Avoid the bottom shelf stuff. There’s too many great shows out there. 24. Pinning t hings Stop day- dreaming of amaz ing things on Pinterest, and start doing them. 25. Brands All that expensive crap you covet really isn’t that special, despite the heinous price tag. They’re likely to be
  13. 13. exploiting just as many third- world children as the cheap labels. Get over brand name obsession and spend your time and money on something worthier. 26. Gossip I know it can be juicy and kind of fun, but it really gets you nowhere. 27. Unrequit ed love This can be one of the hardest things to let go of, but you simply must. Unrequited means that you probably know that they’re not interested. Why waste your time on that when you can be working on being happy? When you find the right person for you, you’ll lament all the wasted time spent on someone who didn’t care. 28. Popping pimples Do you really want to end up like the crater- faced guy from Grease? I didn’t think so 29. Being glued t o your phone
  14. 14. Not only does this make you miss the world going on around you, it’s also just plain rude in a social situation. 30. Reading This Just kidding, I write amaz ing things worthy of your time. This post originally appeared at: http://www.lifehack.org/ Specially Picked For YOU: Wasting Time On FB? No Problem, Here Is How To Shock Yourself Out Of It 7 Tips From Famous People To Crop Up Your Talents And A Guide To Discovering Them