How to-succeed-online- a document about "gurus", emotions and you!


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How to-succeed-online- a document about "gurus", emotions and you!

  1. 1. How To Succeed Online - An Article About "Gurus", Emotions And You! - 02-26-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.comHow To Succeed Online - An Article About "Gurus", EmotionsAnd You!by admin - Tuesday, February 26, 2013 How to succeed online? - Probably the most askedquestion alive.Success is awesome, yet not easy. This would be the first thing to keep in mind in order to achieve whatyou want. You have probably been told exactly the opposite right...? I know you have... and you havealso been told all it takes is massive action...Well, good that you just stumbled upon reality... welcome and read very carefully, no matter who you are,or what you do...The truth is it is a lot easier and more fun to believe that success comes easy, which is exactly why mostpeople choose to believe it. It is understandable, but dangerous.Lets take a closer look and make the online money adventure a bit more simple:Online Business can be categorizes like this:- Programming- Programming plus entrepreneurship- Marketing, meaning affiliate marketing, network marketing, CPAs, Training platforms, news sites, YouTube and the like page 1 / 3
  2. 2. How To Succeed Online - An Article About "Gurus", Emotions And You! - 02-26-2013by admin - Wealth Magnate - http://wealthmagnate.comSome of you might think there is more to add here, and there might be... just making it more simple...Programming is something I wont discuss that much as I dont really find it that interesting. Being a goodprogrammer will be really handy if you choose to offer some kind of a service or just work for somebody.Or you could make some cool software.Programing and entrepreneurship - this is just magic! Combining those two is what gives birth tocompanies like FB or Google. This is the best way to go and will probably always be... it is a good idea tohave some extra capital before you choose this options though, which is the main reason people choosethe third option - marketing.Marketing - the ability to start your business with just a few bucks is what people find tempting, which iswhy almost everybody starts with marketing products of some kind. Affiliate marketing, or networkmarketing, or any of that category is a nice way to make money, but at the same time highly competitiveand just as difficult as any other type of online business.Internet marketing has always been presented to the marketplace as a quick way to make cash... by the"gurus" of course. As a result many people believe they will make money fast with just a little effort,because they were told so. And when they find out they can not make it happen fast, they get frustrated.This is actually the first of the series of answers how to succeed online - by leaving your emotions aside.Do not combine emotions and business, or you will fail. Stop believing all those sales videos you watcheverywhere, stop believing fake stories, stop comparing yourself to others, basically stop feeling and startthinking.Start looking to find what you like to do... what fits you and your personality. Start looking to seewhere your passion is. Start being real... and finally understand marketing online to make money isjust as hard, as building any other business... and you will start getting results.This is something I posted on Facebook several days ago, and so many people loved it, because it is realand I only mean to help people with it, as I see there is too much faking online nowadays...Internet Marketing is not a game, neither is it what the so-called "gurus" tell you...Internet marketing is a pretty difficult way to make money, it is just like a regular business - takespassion, time and money... and NO you will not become rich in 5 days like most people want you tobelieve to slip you some shitty product...The are no magical products, or turn-key systems, or marvel homeless people making thousands...There is investing time, money and persistence to make it happen...If you are missing one of these key factors you will have to compensate with having more of any of theother two... if you are missing more than one factor - the harsh but pure reality is you will not makemoney.And one more thing - when you think business, leave your emotions aside... page 2 / 3
  3. 3. How To Succeed Online - An Article About "Gurus", Emotions And You! - 02-26-2013 by admin - Wealth Magnate - I have seen so many people miss great opportunities, because of scepticism, as well as so many people waste years not going anywhere because of fake optimism, or confusing faith that one will prevail in the end with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of current reality, whatever they might be. There is more to succeed online and it is work. Whoever says you dont have to work hard is just... dont even feel like continuing - work is needed, work and then some more work. I believe this short, yet straight to the point article will make your life a lot easier and will help you succeed online. Combine what you just read with some time reading our blog to see exactly how marketing is done and you will be ahead of more then 80% of online marketers. Just so you know who I am: My name is Vladi Vasilev and I became a millionaire at the age of 22. At the age of 26 I lost my company and everything, and I had to start from step 1 all over again. I have seen it all and hope you will succeed online even more than you do... because I know the pain. I have seen it all. _______________________________________________ PDF generated by Kalins PDF Creation Station page 3 / 3Powered by TCPDF (