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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4How did you use new technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Technology/Software used in research
  3. 3. Technology/Software used in research-The internet played a vital part throughout our coursework however it was Argubly most useful when researching our artistand band. Specifically we used Google to search for information on the band and the indie genre itself and found a lot ofinformation, some of it useful some of it not so. One of the main websites we used for researching our artist wasWikipedia. While not always being reliable we were only looking for a brief overview of The Zutons and some backgroundinformation which we found extremely useful as it helped us to build up a picture of what the Zutons were like and how torelate that to our video. Similarly Google was extremely helpful when researching conventions of the indie genre aswithout having an idea of the conventions we wouldn’t have had much of an idea about what to include in our video.-PowerPoint and Prezi where useful tools when posting our research on our blog. In terms of media technologies andcombining them we used hyperlinks and the embedding of youtube videos much more on our Prezi’s as it was easiersoftware to embed such items on. Also the actual subject of the Prezi’s was more accessible to combining technologies.For example on our conventions of music videos we were able to embed YouTube videos in order to show examples of theconventions.-We recorded our focus group research with a digital camcorder against a black screen. The use of the black screen wasdone in order to make the video look more professional in as much that we didn’t want a background of a desk orsomething that would detract from the video and so that we could demonstrate our knowledge of three point lighting. Wethen edited this footage on Imovie to cut out bits we didn’t want and to make the video more accessible to use for researchpurposes.-Our research and planning has been presented in a variety of ways on our blogs. We have used several differentmethods of posting in order to be creative and in order to make our blogs more interesting to look at. Methods of postingwe have used include videos and interviews, PowerPoints, Prezi’s and text posts. I think the main positive of this mediatechnology is simply the sheer variety of technology we have used to post on the blog. One slightly negative aspect isperhaps that on the research PowerPoint’s we have done for the video and ancillary tasks we could perhaps havecmbined more technology by embedding videos and inserting hyperlinks.
  4. 4. TTechnology/Software used in planning
  5. 5. Technology/Software used in planning-The use of new technologies in planning the construction of our video was extremely important and helpful especially withour Animatic storyboard that we created. The Animatic was filmed with a digital camcorder and then the song was snappedto the footage in Imovie. This helped with the planning in as much that we could play with different shots in different ordersand change the length of different shots without having to re-film any footage. This was extremely useful in the end as weactually changed the length of some shots to fit better with the lyrics of the song.-Similarly the planning of our DVD cover and Advert on fireworks was useful for the same reason that we could experimentwith different aspects and designs and with the click of a button undo something or return to a previous design. Fireworksin particular was helpful as can be seen with our post on the different special effects we used on the images of the band. Ifwe had used Publisher to make our advert and digipak cover we would never have discovered or used the special effectsavailable in Fireworks that have ultimately made our ancillary tasks look much better than when the pictures were uneditedand ‘plain’.-When planning our advert we used technologies including the internet and PowerPoint. We used the internet in order toresearch the different music magazines primarily to find our what sort of music genres and bands were in each magazineand therefore to find a magazine suitable for The Zutons and the Indie genre. We displayed our research findings onPowerPoint and also did a magazine analysis to gain some insight into what Indie music video adverts contained and toget initial ideas for our own advert, this was again done on PowerPoint as it is simple software to use and is good fordisplaying research on.
  6. 6. Technology/Software used in construction
  7. 7. Technology/Software used in construction-We had a good knowledge of how to use the digital camcorders from our previous years coursework and thus we feelthat we have used the camcorder in a positive manner. We had two camcorders for filming primarily for the band scenesas we set one camcorder up to film a medium shot of the band and used the other camcorder to film close ups of theguitarists and lead singer which we then intercut with one another in the editing process. We also used the camcorderszoom function to gain a variety of long shots, medium shots and close ups for our video.-Again we had previous experience of Imovie so we were able to edit effectively and make use of Imovie’s tools. To putthe soundtrack on the video we simply transferred the track from Itunes to Imovie. The lip syncing and everything elsewas done around the soundtrack rather than the other way around. Transitions and special effects is one area of Imoviethat we felt we used well in the video as we used a range of them. In terms of special effects we used them as a tool tohelp with the Lip Syncing as well as to provide an effect. A good example of this is when our lead singer is in the shopand turns around, we used a slow motion effect here initially to put the lip syncing in time however we also felt that if fittedwell with the pace of the music at that particular part of the song. Another special effect we have used is to adjust thecolours on ‘Valerie’ with the use of the ‘romantic’ effect. We have done this to emphasise that the lead singer is imaginingher presence rather than actually seeing her.-As mentioned previously Fireworks was an important tool when making our advert and DVD cover. In order to createsynergy between the 3 tasks we decided to use the different colour ‘Valerie’s’ present in one of the band scenes as aborder for the advert and digipak and also to use pictures of the band themselves so that the audience would be able toeasily associate all of the products with one another. We used fireworks to manipulate the images in as much that werubbed out the background of the pictures and used the ‘contrast’ special effect on the pictures in order to produce amore convincing and realistic advert and digipak cover.
  8. 8. Technology/Software used in evaluation
  9. 9. Technology/Software used in evaluation-For us producing four creative evaluation questions was important as our last years coursework fell down at this stage.Therefore we have tried to use different technologies and combine technologies to produce a creative evaluation that isinteresting to watch and read. All of our evaluation is electronically based, two of the questions are videos which feature ustalking about aspects of the coursework. One of these videos features a twist in as much that we used an Ipad to show ourmagazine advert, digipak and parts of our video while we were talking about them. We feel this adds an extra dimension toour evaluation and is something other groups might not necessarily have. The other two questions are in the form of a Preziand a PowerPoint which is this question.-The Prezi is again where we have hyperlinked and embedded youtube videos. In terms of what was hyperlinked we havelinked our questionnaire and the results of that questionnaire which we did in the form of graphs. We linked these itemsespecially as we felt that having what was being described in the text accessible to the user would make understanding whatwas being described and the points made easier. The same points go for the youtube videos we have embedded on thePrezi. Again they back up what the points being made are and increase how accessible they are to the audience.-The combination of still images with text comes in the form of this PowerPoint where we have added a mini collage to eachof the four sections. We did this to primarily break up the chunks of text for this question and also to tell the user whattechnology we used in each section at a glance. This in turn would give the user an idea of what was going to bed discussedon the following page.