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WeGov updated generic project presentation (June 2012)

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  • WeGov is developed in close collaboration with a number of different entities:
  • WeGov updated generic presentation

    1. 1. Closing the loop between governments & citizens WeGov updated generic presentation June 2012, Belgium©Gov2uThis project has been funded with support from the European Commission under theSEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME THEME ICT 2009.7.3 ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling
    2. 2. Table of ContentsAimConceptObjectivesApproachField TrialsSolutionTools & ComponentsAdded ValueCompetitive AdvantageGet familiar now
    3. 3. Project AimImprove the engagement betweengovernment policy-makers and citizens viapopular social networking sites. sites
    4. 4. Project ConceptGovernment policy-makers can better engage with citizens byutilising channels citizens already use and are familiar with.Social media – like Twitter and Facebook – have beenidentified as the most effective tools of engagement due totheir:  their popularity;  their ease of access, and;  the rapid information flow that they allow.
    5. 5. Project ObjectivesTo develop a cutting-edge software solution which allowspolicy-makers to:  use the power of social networking to improve the policy-making process;  engage with citizens via social media & understand their actual opinions;  highlight those citizens’ opinions that should influence policy decisions.
    6. 6. Project ApproachThe tools & components of the WeGov solution allow: discussions to be seeded and stimulated through injectionof policy discussion points into relevant communities in asecure and managed way. the origins, bias and evolution of opinions to be tracked toprovide auditable records of provenance, guard againstmisuse, and ensure trust and privacy for all involved.
    7. 7. Field Trials
    8. 8. Field Trials
    9. 9. Project SolutionWhat is the WeGov toolbox?The WeGov toolbox is at is says.A box of tools.The WeGov software solution is a web application, applicationwhich includes tools and components that supportpolicy-makers in the analysis of social networks.
    10. 10. Tools & Components
    11. 11. Search
    12. 12. Topic Analysis
    13. 13. Discussion Activity Analysis
    14. 14. User BehaviourAnalysis
    15. 15. WeGov Toolbox
    16. 16. Added ValueWhat is the added value?The WeGov solution intended to be flexible &applicable to many different use cases.It enables beneficiaries to make full use of the highlevel of participation and rich discussions thatalready take place in existing social networking sites.
    17. 17. Competitive Advantage
    18. 18. Competitive AdvantageThe WeGov cutting-edge toolbox provides policy-makers an advantage in: using the power of social networking to improve the policy-making process; engaging with citizens via social media & understanding their actual opinions; highlighting those citizens’ opinions that should influencepolicy decisions.
    19. 19. Get familiar nowDo you have a question about the WeGov project?Please feel free to contact us: info@wegov-project.eu
    20. 20. Project InformationProject website: www.wegov-project.eu websiteDuration: January 2010 – September 2012 (33 Months)Programme: This project has been funded with support fromthe European Commission under the SEVENTH FRAMEWORKPROGRAMME THEME ICT 2009.7.3 ICT for Governance andPolicy Modelling .Partners: Experts in eParticipation, government consulting,and ICT research & development academic community.
    21. 21. Thank you very much for your attention!