Day 1 Reflection

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  • This content is licensed under creative commons Time : 10:45-12:00 Goal: To introduce planning questions that a nonprofit organization needs to ask before getting started with a social media plan and examples of how other nonprofits have approach this task Objectives Target Audience Integration Culture Change Capacity Tools and Tactics Measurement Experiment Exercises: Share Pair: Understanding the online social behavior of our audiences by examining our own. Human graph. Get people to line in the room from very ready to implement to not at all ready to implement. Facilitate discussion on reflection questions. Why do you feel ready? Why not? What do you need to be more ready once you leave today? Remember: -If you’re using flickr photos, be sure they are CC licensed and include attribution. Flickr user name is okay, include URL to user’s profile page in the notes section -Feel Free to include an “instructor” slide that has your photo, your URL, etc. -You can format the rest of the slides however you want, you don’t need to put the logo in each one or use the orange text! Just use good taste.


  • 1. Reflection Social Media and Nonprofits: Two-Day Intensive Workshop
  • 2. Objectives
    • To summarize the day's learning, how to apply to your social media plan, and identify specific tool questions for day 2
  • 3.
    • What’s the most important learning from today that you apply to your social media strategy?
    Reflection Question #1
  • 4.
    • What still isn’t clear about creating a social media strategy?
    Reflection Question #2
  • 5.
    • What questions do you have about using the tools for Day 2?
    Reflection Question #3
  • 6. Homework: Write a blog post that outlines the key points of your social media strategy. It can just be bullet points. We will ask for volunteers to present to the group in the morning for feedback. Alternately, write a blog post that outlines the key points of the social media strategy for the fictional organization. Tonight’s Homework