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Day 2: Listen Learn Adapt
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Day 2: Listen Learn Adapt


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Listen Learn Adapt Social Media and Nonprofits: Two-Day Intensive Workshop
  • 2. We Are Media Project: The Social Media Starter Kit for Nonprofits Visit the WeAreMedia wiki for additional resources and to connect with other nonprofit social media practitioners via Funded by the Surdna Foundation
  • 3. Objectives • To provide a basic overview of how to apply listen, learn, and adapt in your social media implementation
  • 4. David Armano wrote this brilliant article about why we need to think about return on “insight” versus investment in a connected age. Go read it, I’ll wait. That’s David
  • 5. How can Phil apply it?
  • 6. Start with … • What you will do with the tools • Who you are trying to reach • What you want them to do know/do/learn/ • Results
  • 7. Check
  • 8. Investigate before you leap the first time •Research excellent practices and advice •Get to know the tool(s) you will use and review examples of what other nonprofits are doing • Participate as an individual before participating as an organization
  • 9. Check
  • 10. Learn Listen Adapt Return on Insight
  • 11. Can I take these off now? Listening is knowing what is being said online about your organization and your field.
  • 12. Listening is the first step, but you do it … Community Building & Social Networking Generate Buzz Share Story Participate Listen See WeAreMedia Wiki for more information
  • 13. Before During After
  • 14. Hmm .. Need to wear them all the time. See Beth’s Social Media Listening Personal Learning Space
  • 15. The Red Cross knows how to listen
  • 16. • Keeping abreast of daily conversation, knowing what needs action • Compile by line of service • Distribute, consult with subject matter experts
  • 17. Leads to Engagement
  • 18. “I took an American Red Cross class I thought was less than satisfactory. […] Someone found my blog post and told the local chapter director. He called me to talk about it honestly. […] They care about me and they’re willing to go the extra mile. […] This gives the American Red Cross HUGE points. I am now significantly more likely to take another class than I was before.” - Blogger
  • 19. Influencer Customer complaining … Relationship service building issue Staff determines comments or tweets that need response
  • 20. Insight Harvesting
  • 21. “Look for trends over time, what people find compelling enough about their intersection with the Red Cross to spend time writing about publicly.”
  • 22. • Relationship building lays groundwork for future campaigns to raise time, money, and blood • Identifies influencers • Documentation creates internal value • Listening skills and tools upgraded • What works used for future campaigns Continuous Listening Offers Value
  • 23. Learn
  • 24. “If you don’t launch, you don’t learn.” David Armano
  • 25. Think like a scientist Optional Essential
  • 26. Observe and sift through qualitative data like a Primatologist
  • 27. You’re saying that donors are primates? Anthropologist * is a better metaphor Armano describes it as “digital anthropologist”
  • 28. A Process I’ve Used With All My Fundraising Campaigns • Document on the fly • Test and tweak • Pick the right hard data points • Harvest your insights • Look at what other nonprofits are doing in the space • Pause for reflection time before next reiteration: How to improve results?
  • 29. Document on the fly
  • 30. I like to visually document too …
  • 31. Test and Tweak
  • 32. Synthesize along the way – reflect in action
  • 33. Look at numbers .. You still have to measure to improve
  • 34. Harvest Insights
  • 35. A few points about social media metrics
  • 36. Well not dead, but it’s not all about page views
  • 37. Engagement Create Metrics Critic Comment 5 Collect Click
  • 38. Jake Brewer “We don’t really care about views as much as we care about comments. If we get 1,000 video views that is good. The comments are a focus group with our influencers. If they like it, they’ll spread it and that helps get to our objectives.”
  • 39. Social Media Metrics • Objective, audience, strategy and link to your metric • Pick the right ones! • Numbers alone are meaningless • Combine with other measures and qualitative data • Harvest insights
  • 40. Adapt
  • 41. This is the hard part because you have to get past mistake phobia
  • 42. You have to be nimble
  • 43. The Humane Society of the United States
  • 44. They Thank God! adapted … Did they stop doing photo contests as a result?
  • 45. “Since this was our first run at a photo petition, it was difficult to get across exactly what we wanted people to do without writing a book. So every person who needed help was answered personally. This gave us a good idea of how to more clearly explain ourselves next time. “ Carrie Lewis, HSUS
  • 46. 3,000 submissions
  • 47. Did it evolve?
  • 48. Wisdom of the Crowds Meets Person-to-Person Fundraising
  • 49. It is easier to adapt your social media project Harder to change organizations
  • 50. Summary • Don’t take off your listening ears • Think like a primatologist • Evolution is a good thing
  • 51. Small Group Discussion the listen, learn, and adapt discussion questions
  • 52. All sources and additional material can be found on the WeAreMedia Wiki WeAreMedia: Listening WeAreMedia: Metrics WeAreMedia: Experiments
  • 53. If you remix this presentation, please add your remixed version to the wiki. Thank you