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Social media has enabled behaviour that has resulted in an overwhelming volume of data -- so abundant in its velocity bringing with it insights that were never thought possible until now. Businesses need to see its power and determine how to harness it to forge stronger connections with the customer, and ultimately to drive to business results.

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  • They talk about their needs, intent to buy, their frustrations,inquiries, they rate and review, they provide their own information and experiences
  • What makes US Unique:We have a proprietary semantic technology (patent pending) that is capable of understanding intent of sentences/texts within natural language(s).
  • Given what’s truly a complex algorithm that processes the data in the back-end, we have also been able to present this to the user in a VERY simple and user friendly experienceWe capture conversations based on interestYou simply log in and can browse through the interests --- right then and there you have the option of replyingExample, People looking for computersI need a new computer for school but windows 8 sucks.What a compelling proposition for Dell or HP --- if they had at their fingertips --- everyone INTERESTED in purchasing computers right now.
  • As the Official Bank of the NHL, NHLPA, NHL Alumni and the CWHL, Scotiabank is very proud to be Canada’s Hockey Bank. Scotiabank has a long tradition of supporting hockey in Canada from local teams and minor hockey associations to professional players and leagues. Through its partnerships, Scotiabank’s hockey programs enrich the communities where Canadians live and work by engaging fans and players in new ways to celebrate our game. Scotiabank supports the passion and pride Canadians feel for hockey and believes it is fundamental to helping young people learn about teamwork, camaraderie and the spirit of competition.

    1. 1. Confidential ArCompany IGIBC Social CRM (sCRM) September 19, 2013
    2. 2. Confidential ArCompany · The Evolution of CRM to sCRM · sCRM changes things for an organization · A truly customer centric organizations requires change · Big Data Solutions · Collaboration/Communication Enablers Agenda
    3. 3. Confidential ArCompany · Content is everywhere; it’s accessible; it’s free. People are more informed than ever before. · We’re moving from an era of mass communications to being a mass of communicators, with more people trusting the communicators. · This wealth of content and conversations has enabled data- driven solutions to filter out the noise and provide companies actionable insights. · It is eliminating the guesswork for all of us. · It has the ability to allow business to make smarter decisions. Today’s Truisms:
    4. 4. Confidential ArCompany ONE-to-ONE Marketing has evolved from Transaction to Interaction...
    5. 5. Confidential ArCompany …With Customers becoming increasingly part of the communication/offer message.
    6. 6. Confidential ArCompany Social CRM is a philosophy and a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, business rules, workflow, processes and social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment. It's the company's response to the customer's ownership of the conversation. “ ”Paul Greenberg, Social CRM Author
    7. 7. Confidential ArCompany Social data gives brands the opportunity to move from segments to individuals
    8. 8. Confidential ArCompany Social data gives brands the opportunity to move from demographics to actual consumer insights in real time.
    9. 9. Confidential ArCompany Look and Listen Establish a Social Footprint Engage Increase Your Social Currency Build Your Community Social Enterprise Basic consumer expectations Differentiating Experiences Operational Sustainability Social media intelligence is defining the way business is structured, as a dynamic, customer centric and responsive culture.
    10. 10. Confidential ArCompany Social Media Maturity Monitor conversation Social platforms: FB, LI, Twitter, Foursquare Define voice and tone Start conversations Reach out to brand advocates Address issues driving complaints Regular reporting Media sites: Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest Engage existing networks Custom response Empower external advocates Social commerce Social media education Blogs and podcasts, forums and boards Participate in existing conversations Non-social content goes social Empower internal advocates Develop internal data workflow processes Monitor growth of emerging technology Supported by SEO Respond to wall, comments Geo-targeting social, mobile Allow for community defense Adapt products, services and policies Clear ownership and governance Active growth of social asset base Quality vs. quantity follower refinement Appropriate staffing (governance) Location-based community building Collaboration systems among all stakeholders Designate community manager Design for social longevity Social and web integration Identify social influence Social CRM Social media monitoring tools Social marketing tools Advanced social analytics Content management and curation Social Media ROI Look and Listen Establish a Social Footprint Engage Increase Your Social Currency Build Your Community Social Enterprise Source: Social Wisdom, Laurie Dillon Schalk
    11. 11. Confidential ArCompany Traditional CRM Inquiries Purchases Returns Invoices Complaints Phone Calls Emails Transaction s
    12. 12. Confidential ArCompany Social CRM refined Inquiries Purchases Returns Invoices Complaints Phone Calls Emails Transactions Where does s/he go? What does s/he do? What does s/he like? What TV program(s) does s/he watch? What are the favourite movie genres? What does s/he hate? Who does s/he speak to? What does s/he talk about? What does s/he share? What are his/her hobbies? What events does s/he attend? What else does s/he buy? What does s/he search for? Plus: How often does s/he check-in at XYZ? What does s/he say about the products? What does s/he say about the company? What does s/he say about the prices? Does s/he go to the competition? When? How often? What does s/he say about the competition?
    13. 13. Confidential ArCompany The shorter the time between the customer’s “stated need” and the ensuing relevant response increases the probability of response.
    14. 14. Confidential ArCompany Tap into the data generated at each touch point along the customer decision journey 65% learn about brand products/ser vices 53% compliment brands 70% listen to other experiences 50% express complaints/co ncerns about brands
    15. 15. Confidential ArCompany Leverage Interactions and Insights to Optimize Response Probabilities
    16. 16. Confidential ArCompany Social CRM can complement existing internal operations by enriching them with client-facing external activities Social CRM (External) Client Facing Operations Enterprise 2.0 (Internal) Internal Operations
    17. 17. Confidential ArCompany How to continuously leverage social customer insights to develop a Social CRM Strategy Monitor Map Manage Middlewar e Measur e What is being said? Who is saying it? Where should it go? How do I get it there? Is it working? Listening capabilities in social media. Linking social profiles to company records. Mgt systems to provide insights to the right teams at the right times. Data seamlessly flows from external to internal Tracking the effectiveness of CRM goals. Resource: Altimeter: New rules for relationship mgt.
    18. 18. Confidential ArCompany We consistently upload our identities and propensities….Th ey, in turn, become quantified
    19. 19. Confidential ArCompany Understanding Intent – At Scale
    20. 20. Confidential ArCompany Technology can help us listen to everything that’s being said about ourselves, our company, our brand……. But finding that one key, that game-changing insight in a sea of chatter and then actually doing something about it is another story. David Armano “ ”
    21. 21. Confidential ArCompany
    22. 22. Confidential ArCompany …understand intent My car died again!! Sometimes I wish I could just trade in this dud for something that works! I can only afford to buy a low- end Toyota!
    23. 23. Confidential ArCompany …match user intent to the business intent My car died again!! I can only afford to buy a low- end Toyota!
    24. 24. Confidential ArCompany …structure relevant responses based on customer need ….allow business to personalize or automate responses in real time My car died again!! At your service! I think we can help! I can only afford to buy a low- end Toyota! Service Intent Purchase intent
    25. 25. Confidential ArCompany this changes the game for business • …puts the business directly in contact with a prospect • …provides actionable user insight to optimize business response • …provides the ability to scale social responses
    26. 26. Confidential ArCompany
    27. 27. Confidential ArCompany
    28. 28. Confidential ArCompany Advocacy Identification and Social Profiles
    29. 29. Confidential ArCompany Meet Kevin Patrick Robbins 4,047 Tweets 883 followers on Twitter 74 friends on Facebook
    30. 30. Confidential ArCompany A local guy, Kevin appears to have grown up in Toronto. He talks about Toronto a lot. He also does comedy, video/photography and theatre. He’s also clearly a big dog fan.
    31. 31. Confidential ArCompany Yesterday on Facebook
    32. 32. Confidential ArCompany To which his friends responded:
    33. 33. Confidential ArCompany To which his friends responded:
    34. 34. Confidential ArCompany Here are Kevin’s other social accounts:
    35. 35. Confidential ArCompany Task: Use mobile data to identify people within proximity of Bank X Queens Quay location
    36. 36. Confidential ArCompany Validate demographics, how long they’re in the Queens Quay Bank X Location
    37. 37. Confidential ArCompany Identify home and shopping patterns
    38. 38. Confidential ArCompany • What if we overlaid social accounts against those who visited those users? • What if we further identified who were existing customers?
    39. 39. Confidential ArCompany A truly customer centric organization requires some changes…
    40. 40. Confidential ArCompany IT Integration Structure Process · Goal: Create a single view of the customer · The value in socialCRM: having a holistic view of the customer beyond transactions · Transform how customer data is collected, analyzed and shared
    41. 41. Confidential ArCompany Creating a Social Culture Process · Walk in the Customer’s shoes · Build relationships based on trust · Build advocacy · Build efficiency · Maximize customer experience at all touch points · Build accountability at the edge
    42. 42. Confidential ArCompany Demands of Data Process · Data validity? · Who has access? · How much data is too much? · Data Vulnerability · Who owns the data? · Regulatory and Privacy impacts
    43. 43. Confidential ArCompany Compliance · What can you say in social? · How do you deal with complaints on forums? · How do you adapt “proper disclosure” on social networks? · Who has the authority to engage on social networks? · Are there policies and practices in place?
    44. 44. Confidential ArCompany · Enable social marketing to the branch/field levels · Reduce silos in social channels and integrate into customer decision journey · Deliver deeper engagement and value · Move from push marketing in social channels to embedding social at all touch points · Creating a single view of the customer Priorities in operationalizing “social”:
    45. 45. Confidential ArCompany Centre of Excellence Enterprise Branch /Field Line of Business/ Region · Where oversight and control emerge in social media · Cascading content, communications and tactics from HQ to Field… and back
    46. 46. Confidential ArCompany Start State Enterprise Line of Business/ Region · Silos · No alignment · Inconsistent messaging · Duplication · Communication gaps · Minimal cross- functional learning · No coordination
    47. 47. Confidential ArCompany Preferred End State Enterprise Line of Business/ Region · Earned media · Lead generation · Increased efficiency · Actionable insight · Coordinated efforts · Familiar and capable · Improved communication flow · Strengthened customer retention
    48. 48. Confidential ArCompany Workflow and Communication Enablers
    49. 49. Confidential ArCompany Enablers – Yammer Enterprise Social Network
    50. 50. Confidential ArCompany The Opportunity: Customers Broadcasting Buying Signs
    51. 51. Confidential ArCompany Hearsay Social Makes Enterprise Social Sales Possible SOLUTION: SOCIAL SIGNALS
    52. 52. Confidential ArCompany Enablers – Kaleo Knowledge Sharing
    53. 53. Confidential ArCompany Hessie Jones 647-999-2348 @hessiejones